8 Best Men’s Tuxedo Shirts For A Well Dressed Look

Shirts are an essential part to dress with a tuxedo. They come in different styles and colors and give you elegant and refined looks. Of course, they should be tucked into the pants and should be worn properly while going for formal events from black tie to weddings. In this post, we would have a look at the style of different tuxedo shirts and also recommend you the best of them that would go nicely for various occasions.



Pleated Front Shirt 

pleated front tuxedo shirt

This style of shirt has pleats down the shirt’s front. The pleats are made with the shirt’s fabric and would match the rest of the shirt. The pleats vary in numbers in different shirts and range from 1/8 to 1 inch in diameter.

Pique Bib Front Shirt 

pique bib front tuxedo shirt

This style of shirt has a special pique fabric which is sewn on the front. The bib usually goes just below the shirt’s fifth button and is 10 inches wide.

Plain Front Shirt 

plain front tuxedo shirt

This shirt is non-pleated and has a plain front. It represents a modern style and has a clean finish to the front.

There are other variations in shirts such as the type of collar, color, and material. They also come in a slim fit style that is preferred by many. Now let’s look at the best shirts for wearing with tuxedos that you can buy today.


tuxedo shirt with laydown collar

If you prefer wearing cotton clothing, then here is an attire that is crafted fully of cotton fabric and has a laydown collar style. It’s a tuxedo slim fit shirt that would be suitable to be worn by many especially young men. It’s soft, yet breathable material would keep you cool and comfortable. Plus its also has pleats.

wing collar tuxedo shirt

Have a look at the above shirt that is pleated front and wing collar that would be appropriate to be worn with a bow tie. It’s crafted from a cotton blend, and you can also adjust the cuffs with attached buttons and a set of cuffs links.

white tuxedo shirt with bow tie

You can get this tuxedo shirt and bow tie that has the wing tip collar for the shirt that is appropriate to be worn with the included satin bow tie.  The shirt is crafted from cotton and polyester mix and also comes with a pleated front. It is available at a reasonable price.

non pleated tuxedo shirt white

If you are looking for a non-pleated shirt with a plain front, then here is one that you can avail at an economical price. It’s created from high-quality material and has a wing tip collar that is adjustable according to your needs. You can also fasten the clothing’s front with studs.

pique front tuxedo shirt

Opt for this shirt for that is a standard for attending balls. It’s crafted from a mix of cotton and polyester and has a pique front. Plus the attached wing tip collar and French cuffs make it even more convenient to wear. You can get it in particular sizes at a reasonable price.

slim fit tuxedo shirt with bow tie

Here is a product that would give you almost everything in a package. It comes with a black colored bow tie as well as studs and cufflinks that you can fasten. Plus it’s one of the mens slim fit tuxedo shirts that would be suitable to wear for formal events.

pleated black shirt with bow tie

While white colored shirts for tuxedos are the usual choice for many, you can even wear a tuxedo black shirt such as this one with a tuxedo of dark color or shade. This combo would get you many compliments. The shirt comes in a regular fitting with wingtip collar and is easy to care as its wrinkle resistant. Also included are a bow tie and cufflinks.

purple tuxedo shirt

If you have a black tuxedo, you can choose this unique tuxedo purple shirt that you can wear and would give you a distinct appearance from others. This shirt also has pleats and crafted of polyester and cotton. It’s a perfect shirt for any special event, such as prom or wedding.

And that is all we have for this post on mens tuxedo dress shirts. We have covered not only the styles of the shirts but also recommended different products that would be great for formal events. You can click on the images through which you can also purchase them. We hope you have a great and comfortable clothing experience with them. Don’t forget to share this post with others.

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