Aquaman Costume Ideas You Can Easily Adapt From The Movie


Justice League will be release on Nov.17, 2017, but the craze for cosplaying your favorite superhero is at its peak. Especially, if that superhero is your favorite and you have been waiting to see that character on the big screen. I am talking about none other than the mighty powerful superhero of DC Comics Aquaman.

As a child, Arthur Curry (Aquaman) was raised up on land and considered himself as an average human. But when he was matured enough, Atlantis made his return and made Aquaman King of the sea. As a superhuman, he’s a protector of the entire globe. He can breathe under the deep sea, swim with an incredible speed and has amazing sea life communication skills. His impenetrable skin made it a powerful superhero like Superman and Wonder Woman. The continual difference and conflict between land and sea made him a citizen of both the respective part. His excellent decision and bravery made him a true descendant of Atlantis’ throne.

However, there is one more reason why this superhero is popular, and it’s the costume. Keeping this mind, we have made an exclusive post about Aquaman costume guide that you will love to read and try for sure.

For Adults


Aquaman Costume

The updated edition of Aquaman Costume is electrifying and appealing as compared to the typical style comic costume. The artistic work applied on this masterpiece explains his persona quite well and highlights the boldness, power, and supremacy of this character quite well.  What’s new in this piece is the impenetrable skin pattern that can be seen on the front which reflects his bold see world powers. Well, this Aquaman cosplay costume is an ideal piece that you can try this Halloween or at any superhero event.


Adult Aquaman Beard and Wig Set

Having the Aquaman costume is not just good enough for you. For a complete look, you need to have long hairs and beard look. If you have both, then you are lucky, but if you don’t have, then you don’t need to worry at all, as we have the solution for it in the shape of this Aquaman beard and wig set. Both the items are readily available at most of the online marketplace, especially on Amazon. So here is the set of both the wig and beard, just put it on and portray the outlook of your favorite superhero.

For Kids


Aquaman Deluxe Child Costume

Aquaman is only popular amongst the adults, but also in kids. Especially if he’s a DC comic book, then he will try to cosplay as him. This Aquaman costume for kids offers all the exact features that are highlighted in the adult one. It has 3D print on the chest and attached bandolier which made it look as original as the real one. So, if you and your kid both are Aquaman fans then this Aquaman costume suit is a must buy piece for you.


Aquaman Beard and Wig Child Set

Aquaman atlantis costume beard and wig is also available for kids, so you don’t to buy both the things separately from different stores or shops. You can easily get that set and dress up your kid completely like him. It’s an ideal pick for children with 4+ years.


Aquaman Trident

Now you have the complete costume along with all the necessary stuff that you need to get that look, but if you miss this Aquaman costume trident, then you are incomplete. This trident represents Aquaman’s legacy quiet well. It’s an ideal pick for the Halloween and superhero costume party or events. If you are going to attend San Diego Comic-con this year, then this Neptune trident is a must have for you.

Aquaman DIY Costume 1st Combination


Baywatch Lifeguard Costume

If you want to create your DIY Aquaman atlantis costume ideas, then you need a body builder suit like this one. You can create a costume print or design to highlight Arthur Curry’s persona in your gesture. It is a lightweight attire and made from the soft fabric, so it will keep it you relaxed in summers and avoided overheating hazards. You can also use it in a carnival and theme parties.


Flat-Front Casual Green Pant

Aquaman’s overall costume gesture reflects a color that is very close to the nature that is green. That is the reason why you need to put this casual fit green pant to get a complete and defining look. It has a smart fit look and will look awesome with the bodybuilder suit.


Shoulder Armor Set

This shoulder armor set highlights a typical warrior look, but you can use it to create your own DIY costume. It has steel gauge that weighs 20 gram and is made available in adult size. It has adjustable leather straps so you can adjust it with ease. It’s not only for costume purpose but can also be used to portray a warrior look.


Silver Armour

If you want to add more bold look in your gesture, then add this armor on your list. It can be don at the elbow end or below the elbow. It is also made from the comfortable material, so it will keep cozy and relaxed when you wear it. Plus, you can also use this piece with any other costume.


Trident of Aquaman

As mentioned above trident is a must have weapon for Aquaman, and if you miss that, then it will ruin your entire look. You don’t need to go hard and fast for this special stuff as you can shop it from amazon.  So you just need to order it at one click.


Cosplay Costume Golden PU Boots

This men’s golden superhero cosplay boots work best as Aquaman boots. Simply put this boots on your costume and just showcase your power and heroicness with this incredible masterpiece.

For Aquaman Comic Costume Look


Adult Aquaman Costume For Men

The comic costume of Aquaman is quite different as compared with the new one. It has fishskin design throughout the front, and both the armors and pant is in sea green color. This superhero costume is also available at both online and offlines shops in different prices, but this particular piece is pretty much similar and convenient enough in price.

For DIY Comic 2nd Combination


Fit Performance Shirt

To portray a perfect DIY look you need to pick those apparels that fit well and give a strong enough look live Aquaman, and this long sleeves performance shirt is a perfect match. It is made to perform sports activities, but you can use it as a cosplay in comic cons, superhero costume events, and theme parties. It’s an ideal pick for you.


Athletic Pant

This green fitted sports pant for men is a great option that you can use for Aquaman cosplay. It is made from the high-performance fabric which made it an ideal wear for both the cold and hot season. It has an excellent flexibility that keeps your skin irritation free if you wear it for a long time. So far it’s the best fit for you.


Canvas Web Belt with Silver Roller Buckle

To portray the same Aquaman comic-book look you need to pick those accessories that highlight the character quite well.  That is the reason why we put this yellow canvas web belt with silver roller buckle. For your DIY look, this belt is a must have.


Adult Gloves For Men

This green adult glove is highly recommended for those individuals who are cosplaying themselves like Aquaman as well as Robin. It is made from the PU leather with 100% vinyl used in this piece. It’s a one size fit for all. It’s a perfect choice for the costume parties.


Hero 100 Engineer Boot

Nothing defines better than having this 16″ long green hero boot for your Aquaman look. It’s a man-made piece that is crafted to perfection and reflects great finishing. Soft synthetic sole keeps your feet comfortable and breathable at the same time.


King Neptune Trident

Last but not the least all you need is this King Neptune trident. It features a black handle and golden tab which made it a typical style comic book trident. All you need is to buy it, and you are ready to rock.]

For Mera Costume you need:


Mera Crown

The first thing you need to cosplay like Mera is her crown, as a wife of Aquaman, Mera is a queen of Atlantis and that is the reason why this Queen crown is a must have stuff for your costume.


Mera Wig

Now next you need a wig that fits well in Mera costume theme and this smooky red wig is a perfect choice for you. Just put it on your head and get the look of your favorite superhero.


Mera Suit

Now the most important item you need to complete your look is the Mera Costume or suit and this gorgeous style Mera fish skin suit is an ideal piece that you must add in your list for Comic Cons, Halloweens and for other costume parties.


Cosplay Boots

Finally, you just need a perfect boot that compliments your entire look and this amazing green cosplay boots gives you a final touch for sure.


So here we are at the end of the blog. Hope you like this costume guide. Don’t forget to share this idea with your friends and with cosplay lovers. All you have to read this blog and showcase yourself as a pure devotee of your favorite superhero. Thank you very much for reading the post.

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