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Assassins Creed is one of the most popular game that most of the game lovers love to play. With millions of fan following, this action adventure game revolves around the story of two groups who are struggling for their position. The first group is of Assassins who fights for peace by their own will. And the other one is Templars who wants to give peace through control. Well, the best part is that now we saw it all happening in the movie. It released on December 21, 2016, and Michael Fassbender who is known for his exceptional character of Magneto portrayed the lead role. Here in this blog, we bring out the complete collections of assassins creed costume tutorial inspired from your favorite gaming characters and from the movie which you might love to cosplay. Assassins Creed costumes are difficult to find so that this blog will help you out.

 Jacob Frye Gaming Coat


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Assassin’s Creed syndicate is not only popular for it’s exceptional graphic and fighting but also for its cosplay. That is the reason why Jacob Frye assassin’s creed coat is amongst the most demanded collection that the gaming lovers love to don in any gaming events and comic cons.

 Ezio Gaming Costume


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Authentic assassins creed Ezio costume is yet another popular character from the game. He was introduced in the 8th edition and gain lots of attention and wins the heart of all the die heart game lovers. This costume is an eight piece costume that features every single element of the original piece and gives it a complete look. It includes assassins creed jackets which you can use for assassin creed Halloween costume.

Assassin’s Creed Maria Costume


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In a game where most of the leading characters are male dominant, it’s not easy to consider a female character as Assassin. But the character of Maria did it quite exceptional. And she gives all the assassins creed female cosplay and game lovers a new hope. Thank goodness most of the online stores and online marketplace sites are new selling this costume. And I am sure no female game lover wants to miss this opportunity for assassins creed Halloween costume.

AC 5 Connor Deluxe Costume


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AC gaming franchise brings up lots of changes in its plots and characters. Not only by its killing skills but also by its appearance. And this AC 5 Connor gaming outfit is the best example of it. So, you can also cosplay yourself like this one. It has one of the best jackets and will complete your Connor assassin’s creed costume.

Jacob Frye Costume


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Where we saw lots of costumes variation, it also gives us eighteenth-century fashion like this one which Jacob Frye use to wear in the gaming series. That is the reason why modern gamers also love to dress up themselves in an elegance yet classy old style.

Aveline Costume


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As mentioned above, introducing a female character as Assassin is a kind of deal. And that is what this Aveline outfit is all about. Representing a sailor style. This sparkling womens assassins creed costume says it all. So if you are a female game lover and want to spark your style, then you need to grab this female assassins creed costume for sure.

Other Items

After assassin creed jackets, here are some amazing style assassins creed hoodie collections that you can try this winter season.


Assassins Creed Logo Hoodie

This stylish and smart style heather grey assassin creed hoodie is an inspired edition that is elegantly design using fine quality fabric. It’s not only an ideal choice for the fans of Assassins Creed but also for those fashion conscious guys who loves to wear hoodies.


Black assassins creed hoodie

If you are a die heart fan of Assassins Creed Syndicate game and want to pay tribute to your favorite gaming character, then this black assassins creed hoodie is a perfect buy for you. It is made from 100% cotton with no fleece inside. The lined hood feature with drawcord style made it look more attractive. There is no kangaroo pocket on front.


Assassins Creed Black Hoodie

If you want to highlight a sporty gaming outlook in your casual fashion approach, then you need grab hoodie for sure. The style and class of this men’s fashion attire is different from another assassins creed hoodies. It’s a classy fashion piece for all the Assassins Creed game lovers. If you don’t want to go for assassins creed costumes, even then you can use this also.


Assassin’s Creed Unity Phantom Blade

As seen in the game as well as in the coming movie, this assassin’s creed hidden blade is a must have part of assassin creed costume. It is made in an exact manner, just like in the game. It has an original blade and is rated 17+. So don’t give it to the children.


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gauntlet with Hidden Blade

This assassin’s creed hidden blade kit is another edition that is inspired from Assassins Creed Syndicate game. It is a replica of the original one. It includes a real blade and is also rated 17+. So if you are going to attend a gaming cosplay event, then this gaming accessory will complete your assassin creed costume.

assassin's creed necklace

Assassin’s Creed Logo Necklace

This Assassins Creed logo necklace is an ideal collection that completes your assassins creed costume for sure. It’s silver in color and a great collectible as well as a perfect gift for the fans of assassins creed.

So, here we go. This blog post will give you the complete cosplay idea for assassins creed. Hope you love this blog. If you want to share your thoughts, then please let us know. Until then good bye and good night.

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