Baby Driver Costume Guide Turn On The ride

For the events like Halloween and costume parties, everyone around the world wanted to be in the spotlight and grab everybody’s attention. Just for change go for something casual and cool, instead of dressing as a ghost or other characters dressed commonly.

Why not dress like a getaway driver to roll on the roads with some blaring music on a super exotic hypercar. You can put one of a kind and become a crazy driver in baby driver costume. Ansel Elgort plays Baby who has hero like powers in the driver’s seat, yet just as long as his iPod is working properly.

Elgort gives Baby an unapproachable quality, which functions admirably to differentiate the apparently unflappable dynamic of run of typical car chase movie heroes. It likewise makes him less demanding to cheer for.

The guide here will help you in getting the cool and handsome attire of the crazy character.

  How to dress like a Baby Driver

Black and White Varsity jacket


To become a baby driver, you will need this varsity jacket. It is not the same but somehow resembles the one worn by Ansel Elgort in the movie. The jacket is made with a combination of cotton and polyester. The Black and White Varsity Jacket would give your identity smooth looks and be a wellspring of style.


Zip Down Hoodie

In some particular scenes of the movie, the character has been seen wearing this zip-down hoodie. It is also the combination of cotton polyester. It’s soft and breathable. Best for outings and casual wear. Accessible in numerous sizes and thus would fit you easily. Grab the one to complete your baby driver costume.

       Denim Jean

Get your hands on this characters jeans made up of high-quality material and had a zipper closure. The slim fit gasp is ideal for casual wear, and you can likewise wear to the simple occasion to get a beguiling look. Perfect for you to Cosplay for the character and will easily match with any of your outfits.

Baby Driver Accessories
    Ansel Elgort Sunglasses


Ansel Elgort wears sunglasses for an attractive look and to protect his eyes. Wear it to the occasions for an enchanting identity. It is a basic embellishment for baby driver costume.

         All Star Low Top Sneakers

Complete the costume with these classy sneakers. Designed with simplicity and style.

This is a complete guide to baby driver costume. The movie was a great success. One of the best, most original action movie of the summer.

Hurry up! grab the look of the handsome but crazy hero before it’s too late.

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