Tips To Purchase Best Quality Mens Dress Shirts

In modern times we want to make our every penny worth. When we are out in the market to buy an outfit we aren’t only for trend and style but a quality and lasting too. Local retailers often fool us by selling an inferior quality on the price of a high-quality shirt.
Professionals or regular buyers don’t make these kinds of mistakes. They can recognize between low and high quality in seconds because they know the small details required to determine product’s quality.
Today we are going to help you pick best quality mens shirts.

The first thing we are going to start from is the collar. High-quality dress shirts have a symmetrical look, evenly sits on your neck. If the collar is fused, the edges should be sharp and flexible.

Split Yoke:
A pro knows how to pick best quality mens dress shirts by only examining his split yoke. A yoke is two fabrics stitched together that run across the shoulder and at the back of the shirt.  A good quality mens shirt will have finished or nicely stitched yoke.

Collar Stays:
Business collar shirts require removable collar stays. Collar stays are small plastic or cardboard pieces inserted inside the collar’s edges, for a sharp and straight collar. Best quality mens dress shirts have a removable collar. Already inserted collar stays or no collar stays are mostly poor quality shirts. Different shirts have different collar styles, so this is not a constant parameter of judging.

Pearl Buttons:
Small and minor details can sometimes give us a useful sense of quality. When it comes to picking up mens best quality dress shirt, buttons experts mostly prefer “mother of pearls” buttons due to their quality and shine, thicker or fuller buttons indicates a high-quality shirt. But it’s difficult to judge on these criteria.

Best quality mens dress shirts will have nicely finished buttonholes any sign of losing threads is a low-quality shirt. High-quality shirts have even openings on every buttonhole without any signs of fraying.

Hand Sewn Cuffs:
Same thing we discussed, fused collar and unfazed collars. We are talking about every type of cuff because the technique and skill required for a premium quality shirt are same. The fused collar is for a professional business look. While unfazed is found in casual attire.

Pattern Matching:
This technique will be useful if you are going to buy a patterned or striped dress shirt. Examine how different pieces of fabric are coming together. If the yoke of the shirt has uneven pattern, it could be of low quality. Best quality mens dress shirts are finely cut and stitched.  Irregular patterns on the yolk will also affect the front of the shirt.

Clean Tight Stitching:
The overall stitching of the shirt, mainly the curves, should be well finished. Best quality mens shirts have a minimum 18 stitches per inch. Casual shirts with thicker threads can have fewer stitches per inch.

Single Needle Side Seam Stitching:
If you want to pick the best quality, mens dress shirts look for the single needle seam stitching on the sides of the shirt. Only a single thread will be visible on the outside of the shirt. To check this examines the stitching on the side seam stiching of the shirt.

Here are some of our premium quality mens dress shirts.

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