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Cassain andor jacket

Captain Cassian Andor was one of the characters who have served as the male captain and intelligence officers In the Alliance to Restore, branch of republic’s intelligence. A network of contacts through the galaxy was maintained by him, this had kept him up to date on the Galactic Empire activities. Andor has encountered the security droid and then reprogrammed him sleeve to serve the Alliance. He has brown hairs with brown eyes and light skin. He was a dedicated person towards his work. Here we are going to discuss the Captain Cassian Andor costume, by following this  guide you will get not only an elegant look but also you will amaze everyone around you. Through your appealing dressing every mouth opens. So guys don’t miss this golden chance and see the guide of the favorite character.


rogue one

Star Wars Rogue one jacket is made up of cotton. The above jacket is same as in the movie worn by the character Captain Cassian. This is famous because of its simplicity and attractive look. Most of you buy this jacket because it has totally resembled as the character and to get the same look of him. It includes the erect collar that gives you a heroic look and front zip closure that make you satisfy and comfortable. The jacket is best for both casual and events.


Cassian gloves

The character gloves are made from excellent quality. Captain Cassian Andor wore these gloves in his movie. These are very comfortable for the wearer that will make you relaxed and soft. These gloves can be worn to the Christmas because of its quality and safe you from the heat or any hazards. For the costumer’s satisfaction these are made from the durable quality.


cargo pant

The men’s pant is made up of cotton. This pant matches the Captain Cassian Andor costume pant which is the very comfortable outfit. The feature includes zip closure and several pockets to keep your valuable things safe. The color of the jean is perfectly matched, and you can wear it to the costume party of the Captain Cassian to get a same look of the character.  The simple and decent jean is also best for casual use or the sports.


beige belt

Captain Cassian Andor wore the beige color belt in his film series Rogue One. The above belt is almost same as the character. This is made from the quality leather with perforated tip and keeper and nickel buckle. It can be worn casually to keep you fit all the day. You can also wash this belt by hand if you feel the dust on it.


waterproof boots

If you are looking for the shoes same as the Captain Cassian, then check these shoes. These are made from the high-quality leather and have the upper lace up with front metal eyelets. The leather shoes are very comfortable for casual use or a party use. The inside sole makes you feel good while wearing it. The best thing is that the leather is water proof so that you can also wash these shoes to make it new.



The blaster is one of the parts of the Captain Cassian Andor costume. For the kids and adult, this is a fantastic product which includes first load single shoot, glow strike technology for light effects and glow in the dark darts. This item can be carried with the full outfit of the character to the costume parties to get a perfect look.


airsoft pistol kit

The rifle and pistol kit is made from the highest quality components. The product is same as in the movie Star Wars Rogue One hold by the captain Cassian. You can take it to get a perfect look of the character in the costume parties. It also includes the belt holster for the pistol. Consider having this rifle and pistol for your dress collection.


pistol holder

If you want to hold handgun or pistol, then this holster pouch holder is the best product for you. This is the side pouch for storage convenience. It has the adjustable wrap-around design for new fit, Velcro straps, and immediate buckle release. This can be attached to wrist belt and fasten to the leg. The holder is taken from the Star Wars Rogue One movie Captain Cassian Andor carried this with his costume. You can also wear it with the full costume and get a perfect look of the character.



Here are fully sealed eye protection goggles. The frame is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and lens is made from polycarbonate to create a strong pair of goggles. This goggle was worn by the Captain Cassian Andor in his movie for eye protection. You can wear it for protection or for the perfect look of the character. The goggle is very comfortable and has the adjustable headband to make you feel satisfied.



Binocular is made from superior quality. It includes adjustable eyecups can be twisted up and down for comfortable viewing. This is one of the products carried by Captain Cassian in his movie and it is also one of the parts of the Captain costume. The product is useful for everyone you can buy it for personal use or carried to get a look of the character in the costume parties.



Here is another jacket of the Captain Cassian from the movie Rogue One. This blue jacket is made up of nylon. It has viscose lining inside that will give you comfort and has inner pockets that will help you to keep your valuable things in it. The jacket includes shearling fur that is best for the winter season. The followers of the character can be worn this jacket to the costume parties to get compliments from a viewer.

This is the complete captain cassian andor costume guide of the Star Wars Rogue One. The quality of all these products is best that will never make you hurt. If you want a same look of the character, then this guide will help you to buy products.

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