Captain Phasma Costume: Your Guide For First Order Commander Look


For the fans of the Star Wars, we bring out another exclusive cosplay guide of Captain Phasma.

Here is the complete Captain Phasma costume guide.


Captain Phasma Adult Costume

If you are an adult and want to cosplay like Captain Phasma, then this adult Captain Phasma replica costume is an ideal choice for you. It is made from 100% polyester, it features a foam armor detail and includes a 2-piece helmet, cape, and a belt. It is available in standard and X-large size. You just need to shop it.


Captain Phasma Adult Costume Gloves

This Captain Phasma adult hand gloves and ideally designed both the teenagers and adults, as it’s a one size fit for all. It is crafted in exact pattern and is prepared from complete polyester fabric. So just shop it and complete your cosplay look for the coming star wars cons and comic cons.


Captain Phasma Girls Costume

As we all knows that Captain Phasma’s character was portrayed by the actress Gwendoline Christie. So, it’s a must have costume for all the girls. That is the reason why we put this Captain Phasma costume for girls on our list. It features a bodysuit covered in segments and reflects fine screen art. The mask is made of hard plastic and has see-through mesh eyes and elastic band for support. It’s a complete cosplay piece for you.


Captain Phasma Child Costume

Captain Phasma costume is not only popular amongst the adults or teenagers but also a demanded cosplay piece among the kids. It is made available in an exact pattern just like the adult one. So if your entire family is planning to attend comic con or any other star wars related events, you can use this costume for your kid.


Stormtrooper Blaster

At last to complete your Captain Phasma cosplay look you just to grab this stormtrooper blaster. It’s a lightweight weapon with molded plastic feature. So, this blaster is a must have stuff that you must have to give your Captain Phasma costume a final touch.

Facts About Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma leads the command of the First Order’s legions of the stormtroopers. She doesn’t use any code or title for any identity. Her character is described as “the demonic or negative emanation of the maidenly anima”.

So here is the complete Captain Phasma Star Wars costume guide, we bring out every single stuff in your blog. Hope this will be a good read for you. Spread the words and share this costume idea with your friends and loved ones. We will be right back with some new and incredible ideas. Until then take care!

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