The Best Guide Of Justice League Dark Costume

Did you know, there are two Justice League groups? It should come as a surprise to some of you’ll who isn’t comic readers. Those that have taken out time to watch every DC Comics movie released to date, including the animated ones, will be very familiar with the group called Justice League Dark. If the last word gives anything away, it would be that the team only deals with threats that aren’t regularly faced by the initial Justice League.  With that in mind, here is some uniquely cool and daring Justice League Dark costume. These are the top 3 outfits that you must try at the next Comic Con event.

John Constantine Costume

Constantine Trench Coat / White Dress Shirt / Red Polyester Tie / Black Leather Belt / Flat Front Straight Fit Pant / Cap-Toe Black Shoes

Does the name ‘John Constantine’ ring a bell? If it does, then you aren’t mistaken because, at one time, there was a television series that was aired by the name of Constantine that didn’t get renewed for another season. Nevertheless, he’s the only one who has a detective and more civilian look than the other characters in the Justice League Dark costume. You could be having the items at home as well for the John Constantine costume.

Zatanna Costume

Long Straight Wig / White Corset / Opera Gloves / Choker Necklace / Faux Leather Leggings / Tall Boots

The ultimate shocker was when Zatanna went all out to show her capabilities that nobody saw coming. The super talented magician, or witch, has a very sexy and appealing costume like a stage performer. The corset, long gloves, wig and the signature choker, is featured to give you the most realistic Zatanna costume. Her outfit has always had the black and white color combination to replicate formal attire.

Deadman Costume

Face & Body Paint / Red Lambskin Leather Jacket / Red Superhero Gloves / Sheepskin Leather Sweat Pants / Mens Boot

He is called Deadman for a reason, and his name is enough to justify it. However, this red ghost is a pivotal member of the Justice League. His costume pretty much consists of a jumpsuit with skin as pale as a ghost. We broke it down to give you a matching color combination by providing a red leather jacket, gloves, pants, and boots. Body paint and some black lipstick and eyeshadow will make you look like a ‘dead man.’

These are the top characters and their Justice League Dark costume collection that you can even wear instead of the likes of Superman and Batman that everyone does, every year. Speaking of the Batman, he is also in the movie as well as the original Justice League of America. The remaining costumes of the heroes are featured on our site as well. This ends the Justice League costumes from the latest movie. Stay tuned for more costume updates and blogs regarding your favorite characters.

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