How To Perfect The Look of Daredevil Costume

Marvel Comics have a lot of superheroes and Daredevil is one of them. He was blinded due to an accident in his childhood has a unique power that he can have a vision through sound waves that are created upon striking any object near him. He is now determined to bring to task such people who are involved in criminal activities. He is an attorney by profession but goes out at night to take care of this dirty business of cleaning up the city from evil people after wearing the Daredevil costume to hide his identity.

His character can also be seen in the drama series, Daredevil, that started in the year 2015. The role was played by Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, and since the starting, the show has been a big hit while attracting thousands of fans around the globe, mostly in the United States.

What people like most about the his costume that gives him a striking look as the Daredevil. We have a complete guide for people who want to get themselves dressed just like the heroic character. If you want to wear it in a party, then you can use it as a Daredevil Halloween costume. We can help you become a vigilante, just like the Daredevil.

daredevil costume


To make the character more interesting and entertaining, the costumes of these superheroes must be updated to give them a new look. That includes an introduction of new accessories and could also mean to change the appearance of the outfit. In this costume, we can see that there have been some changes made to the dress and more accessories are available. But you shouldn’t worry about it; we will discuss every item in detail and help you make your Daredevil costumes for your special occasion.

This costume was worn by the daredevil in season 2, let’s have a look at it:


Maroon and Black Jacket

Available on for $129.00

This jacket is a very nice looking jacket that is very carefully crafted to give it a heroic look. As you can see that it is very similar to the one shown in the TV series, it has the same design and a strap around the waist to hold on the jacket tightly. Its red and black color will help you create a massive impression on the people around you.

Marvel Deadpool Burgundy Guys Pajama Pants


Available on Amazon for $10.99

To complete a costume for your party, you will need a pair of pants that will make you look like the Daredevil. This pant is burgundy in color and has a front button closure. It is a simple attire but is very much comfortable and useful for your appearance.



Available on Amazon for $55.49

People comment on our posts asking how to make a daredevil costume mask at home. But it can a bit time consuming, we recommend our readers to buy a new one instead.

The cover is designed just as the character from the series. It covers his head and part of his face, just leaving the space for his eyes so that the people could not see that he is blind. The V-shape design on his forehead and small horns give this mask a real look.


Leather Boots

Available on Amazon for $99.95

Performing tough job requires tight apparel, just like these leather boots that provide ultimate toughness and durability. The rubber sole provides comfort, and the boots are designed to match with the Daredevil costumes you can give a sensation of a superhero. What gives these boots an upper edge over others is that they can also be used casually, and with other costume designs.

All the products mentioned above were from the costume featured in the season 1 of the play. Now we can have a look at the new costume that is shown in the second season.


Gaming Costume

He made its debut in the show’s first season with a very impressive look. His outfit made a very deep impression on its fans that encourages them to buy black costume. If you intend to get it for your special occasion, then this guide will work best for you because we have explained each item individually.


Long Sleeves Shirt

Available on Amazon for $14.99

The deepest impression that any person can make is from his apparel, and superheroes, in particular, have to make a long lasting impression so that the viewers watch the program with broad interest. This shirt is just like the one Daredevil uses in the season two of his series. It is available in black and has red stripes along its corners and arms. This shirt is part of the daredevil black costume.


Black Trouser

Available on Amazon for $23.99

To complete the basic Daredevil outfit, you will need a black pant that looks the same as the Daredevil’s merchandise. You can have this fantastic pair of pants which fully depicts the character from the series and in addition to this, it is neatly stitched to give you comfort and a bold look. These pants have a front button closure with a zipper to help you get it on and of easily. The pockets are also made accordingly to give you assistance and keep your things handy.


Arm Guard

Available on Amazon for $13.46

Safety is also a mandatory requirement for superheroes to enhance their defense against their rivals. Such thing is also worn by the Daredevil, and it is called an arm guard. The arm guard is blue in color and has designs embossed to save it from any sharp or blunt object. You have this guard from for a very economical price.


Head Wraps

Available on Amazon for $5.08

Every accessory makes its impact in its own way. People who are Charlie Cox fans would like to wear this head wrap, just like the character has worn in the series. It is black in color and has straps hanging around to make it more fashionable.

dardevil millitary boot

Black Boots

Available on Amazon for $36.90

Boots are not only essential for casual wear but also for some special occasions. These man made shoes are skillfully crafted to perfection so that you may omit a light of perfection from your outfit. The designs on these boots are unique and stylish. You can wear these for your outfit.



Available on eBay for $7.99

Since he could not see and rely on his special powers that create a vision from sound waves, this accessory is mandatory to depict the character’s appearance. This black baton available on eBay is made up of aluminum that makes it very durable for a longer period.


Black Gloves

Available on Amazon for $16.99

When you are fighting bad guys, your apparel must be in good shape. If you are not careful about your clothing you can make a loss, big time. Daredevil makes sure he has his safety gears while taking on the bad guys. These black gloves that you see above can be used with the Outfit and with any other dress that requires a similar appearance. These gloves can also provide you protection when riding a bike or handling sharp objects. These gloves complete the black costume.


Now, as you have seen how you can make yourself look like the Daredevil in the best possible way, you might have noticed that we assist you while keeping the quality and the price in mind. We would want you to have your costume ready with clothing that could also be used in other clothes in addition to the Daredevil costume.

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