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DC comics have often shown its fictional character Deadshot as a hired assassin who kill people for money. The fictional character can be seen wearing the new Deadshot Costumes in the movie Suicide Squad. In the comics, he was introduced as a crime fighter but later became an enemy of the Batman. He went to the wrong side of the law and was jailed because of his evil plot to become the king of Gotham city’s underworld was exposed by the Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Deadshot used many types of firearms when committing crimes but mostly used silenced small arms for his dirty work.

Deadshot has no superpowers like other superheroes but is very well known for his ultimate precision when firing his guns. As a matter of fact, he never misses his target except for one time when he was shooting Batman, and he missed. He is also known for his toughness while combating hand to hand with his opponent.

Deadshot has been featured in Television series, movies, and also in games but what we will discuss here is how to make a  Deadshot costume from his upcoming film, “The Suicide Squad.” Fans of DC Comics and Deadshot have very much liked the new get up that is shown in the trailers up till now, and the increase in demand for its merchandise can be seen very clearly. Fans around the world want to get in the suit as the Deadshot, so we have created a costume guide to make you look like your favorite character.

Suicide Squad Deadshot Costume


Deadshot Maroon Coat

Available on Angeljackets for $199

Coats add elegance to one’s personality, may it be a superhero or an ordinary person. In the upcoming movie “The Suicide Squad”, Will Smith can be seen wearing a Deadshot coat while playing the part of Deadshot. In the upcoming film, he will be wearing a long leather coat which is a part of his costume. This long coat has a very impressive look as it has a wide peak collar and is double breasted style wit ten buttons at the front. The jacket is maroon in color and can be obtained very easily from Angel Jackets.


Deadshot Black Leather Pants 

Available on Amazon for $83.99

Sometimes, selecting the right type of pant can be a tough job especially when it comes to a superhero outfit. Not everybody knows what would be the best choice for a character that is only seen on the big screen. To make costume easier for you, we have these black leather pants for you which can help you completing your costume. The Deadshot wore a simple trouser that can also be worn while riding a bike or for your Halloween party with another costume.


Deadshot Golden buckle belt 

Available on Amazon for $11.99

What holds a trouser in its place is a belt. It is an important attire, not only due to its role in keeping the trousers in place but also to increase the fashion in an outfit. Deadshot has a comparable belt to the one shown above. If you are looking to get dressed as Deadshot, then you can have this belt for your costume.

sdgfsgh                           Black Motorcycle Boots               Leather Fingerless Gloves 

                         Available on Amazon for $74.67            Available on amazon for $19.99

Shoes and gloves are usually classed as a normal attire, but they sure give costumes a fantastic look. Just like Deadshot’s costume which is incomplete without his shoes and gloves. The shoes that we recommend for your Halloween party are very stylish and tough. They have a front closure and are fastened with laces and a strap. These boots will also help you remain comfortable while cruising on your bike.

Fingerless leather gloves are always useful in daily routine life, not only for an average person but also for stars on the big screen. Deadshot used black gloves when he was out to perform massacre and damage to people. You can have these gloves for a very nominal price, and they will help you in transforming into Deadshot.



  Deadshot Men’s Wool Fedora Hat                  Cross Pendant Necklace

                   Available on Amazon for $31.16                    Available on Amazon for $14.49

Hats give fashion to a costume while a cross pendant helps people remember their faith. Fashion is very much important for superheroes so that they can attract some of their viewers who have an interest in them because of their clothing. Such as children, who are mostly attracted due to the outfit of their favorite character. This Wool Fedora hat is just like the one which is worn by Will Smith in his upcoming movie. You can have this hat and pendant for your costume.


Other Items


Mask for Costume 

Available on etsy for $135.00

Masks are worn by different people, for different purposes. This can include superheroes and ordinary people both. Superheroes wear a mask to hide their identity and also to show fashion at the same time. Deadshot is a criminal and carries out illegal activities, so he has to hide himself from the rest of the world. We have a mask that you can use for your Halloween and as well as for Deadshot costumes. It is made up of rigid rubber that will keep you comfortable from inside. It also has a back closure that will assist you in wearing it on. You can use it as a Deadshot mask.

deadshot red and black costume jacket

Will Smith Red And Black Jacket

Available on for $179.00

This fantastic look of Deadpool is depicting a hardcore criminal that is ready to spread chaos with his deadly rifle. The critical look is more due to the jacket that the character is wearing. The jacket we have for you is a red and black one, which looks just like the one in the upcoming movie and transformed so that you can use it in your casual wear as well. It has an erect collar to show a bold look and is made up of PU leather with a zip front closure.

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