El Diablo Costume Guide

El Diablo Costume

DC Comics has numerous superhero characters that have made their name in not only the comic industry, but also on other platforms such as games, TV series, and the big screen i.e. Hollywood movies.

El Diablo is one of the characters from the DC Comics Universe that has roots from the 1970’s, and this blog goes out to people who want El Diablo costume and make themselves look like this fictional character. It was created by Robert Kanigher and Gray Morrow after which the character made its debut in the All-Star Western #2 cover, dated Oct 1970.

El Diablo initially came by the name of Lazarus Lane and was revised two more times as Rafael Sandoval and Chato Santana. El Diablo as Chato Santana has Pyrokinesis powers that allow him to generate, manipulate, or absorb heat. His latest appearance can be seen for the first time on the big screen in the movie Suicide Squad. El Diablo is part of a team consisting of hardcore criminals who are working alongside the government for a reduction in their prison sentences. The costumes of most of the characters have been upgraded for better attraction and to increase the viewership. The most viral and admired costume is found to be of Harley Quinn who is also the most admired character in the squad.

El Diablo also has a decent and attractive outfit in which his letterman jacket is the most viral product of all. Rest of the products are also very much admired by people, but the fans have shown greater interest in the jacket due to its ability for multiple usages. Let’s have a look at his overall costume so that it may be of assistance in preparing your Cosplay costume for Halloween or any other costume party.

Halloween El Diablo Costume


As we can see the skully tattoo on the face of El Diablo in the movie, this is a very prominent and the most important attire in the Diablo costume. To make your appearance as accurate as the film, you have got to have a tattoo like this. There are various types of tattoos out in the market, but for making a striking appearance, you need to have what’s best.



Letterman jacket that the fictional character El Diablo can be seen in looks very attractive and decent. Although the jacket is simple and has the text “Diablo” written on the upper left chest, it has made fans of the fictional character go crazy. The jacket that can be used for Cosplay has a dark blue body with front buttons closure, and arms being of a lighter color to make them distinct from the body and portray an appealing look. Another reason for this jacket to be viral is because of its ability to be worn in the winter season. El Diablo can now fight cold weather with this astonishing jacket.

tank top

Tank Top

Tank Tops are widely used by people of all ages. It is the most commonly used inner wear. Even celebrities on the big screen can be seen wearing such type of tank tops. El Diablo has used it to make his costume look astonishing. This white top under a blue letterman jacket gives an overwhelming casual look. This top is sleeveless that will allow you to wear it in hot summer season, and wear underneath in cold weather. To make yourself look exactly like El Diablo from Suicide Squad, you have to get a tank top like this one that can also be used for multiple purposes.



Trousers are very common attire that is being used casually and also for formal meetings and gatherings. There are various kinds of pants available in the market nowadays. Some are made in accordance with the formal style that could be used in formal meetings, such as a dress pant while others are crafted to fulfill the daily casual requirements, such as a cargo trouser. The one El Diablo has used in the movie is similar to this cargo trouser which is grey in color. This trouser is a bit roomy so that it can depict a casual style and can be of use for multiple purposes.



Shoes not only secure the feet but also provide assistance in moving around comfortably. The fictional character can be seen wearing white sneakers in the movie Suicide Squad. As the picture depicts, seems like the shoes worn by El Diablo in the movie are secured by laces from the front. The laces provide extra comfort due to the laces adjustments available. The shoes that can be seen in the film are in white color, and they match with the tank top that can be seen when the jacket is open from the front. You can use these shoes for either El Diablo costume or any other purpose.

For most of the Cosplayers, making a screen accurate appearance matters the most. If you are also a Cosplayer and need to depict the character of El Diablo from the movie Suicide Squad, then following this El Diablo Costume Guide from Suicide Squad will assist you in making your appearance as accurate as seen on the big screen.

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