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Comic Con

The first Comic Con international began on March 21, 1970, when a group of comic and science fiction fans named Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger and Mike Towry came together putting up the first ever comic book convention in southern California. In the beginning the Comic-con International: San Diego was a one-day “mini-con”  the first mini-con included two special guests,  Mike Royer, and Forrest J Ackerman, it drew about 145 attendees, the purpose was to raise fund and generate interest for a greater convention. The success of the mini-con resulted in a larger three-day event known as the San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Con, which was held in U.S Grant Hotel from 1st to 3rd August 1970. The guests of the event were Ray Bradbury, A.E. van Vogt and Jack Kirby the attendance also increased which was about 300 packed into the hotel’s basement the event featured programs, panels, film screenings and much more.

From The beginning, the founders did not only include their favorite comic books- but also other forms of popular arts that they felt needed more recognition like films and science fiction literature. In 1973 the show went through another name change which was San Diego Comic- Con which was the fourth annual event. The show is currently known as Comic-con International: San Diego or only Comic-con.

Comic-Con 2015 Attendancecomic-con-exhibitor-hall-floor

In the recent years, the attendance of the comic-con has topped over 130,000. The event has grown at significant levels it now includes satellite locations, hotels, and outdoor parks. The most recent event features anime and games as well. The comic con film festival and award takes place outside of the Convention Center in downtown San Diego.

Alternative Events

The Comic-Con International: San Diego puts up WonderCon, and it was also in charge of the “Alternative Press Expo” from 1995 to 2014.

The Alternative Press Expo:

APE (2014)ape2014_2013photo_bb

The Alternative Press Expo was established in 1994 by Dan Vado. The expo focused on independent comics; Vado wanted to create an event that would provide a platform for small publishing companies, self-publishers, and artists working on the independent side of the comic industry. The show also enabled significant interaction between the creator and attendees.

The Com-Con involved with the APE from 1994 and ran it until 2014; the show had maintained its basic concept that Dan Vado had created. In 2014 the event featured over 5,500 attendants and over 350 exhibitors which included some of the leading independent creators and publishers. The show was returned to Dan Vado at the end of the 2014 edition.


Wonder-con 2015 Cosplaytoucan_wca14_dccosplay_kg

Wondercon is also known as “The Wonderful World of Comics Convention.” Started in 1987 in Oakland, California it was created by John Barrett. The convention was officially called Wondercon. The show includes features liked an exhibition hall with anime screening, games, and dealers selling old and new comic books. In 2001 the co-owners of the show contacted Comic-con hoping they would add Wondercon to their comic-con family as they were unable to devote enough time to maintain the quality of the show.

The show was taken over by the Comic-con International in 2002 and was moved to San Francisco in 2003. Due to construction at its San Francisco headquarters, the show was forced to move to Anaheim in 2012 the event is now called WonderCon Anaheim and is being held at California Anaheim Convention Center.

The event has developed a lot over the years. It can be called the younger brother of the Comic-Con as it is based on the same concept of comics, movies, TV, and animation.

Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards:

The 2015 Comic Industry Award Group Photo000_awards_eisners2015_group_ta

The Will Eisner Comic Industry Award is like the comic book version of the Oscars. The Award was named after Will Eisner, who is known as the father of modern novel. For the first two decades of the award, Eisner himself presented the awards to the recipients. The Eisner Awards are given out every year at the Comic-con gala event. The award features dozens of categories covering the best comic book publishers and creators of the preceding year. Nominees are selected from thousands of authors and publisher who are then voted by the members of the industry.

Will Eisner Spirits of Comics Retailer Awards:

Comic-con International also runs the Will Eisner Spirits of Comics Retailer Award. This Event allows fans to nominate their favorite comic book retailer. The award is given to the retailers who have done an excellent job in promoting the comic medium. Stores from all around the world have won this award including countries like Canada, Holland, Spain, and Australia.

Comic-Con International Independent Film FestivalP1070219_t800 (1)

The Independent Film Festival is a four day event which highlights multiple genre of both long and short film making. It features action, science fiction, animation, horror, comedy and many other films. The receivers of the Prizes and trophies are decided by a panel of judges.

Comic-Con Guide for First-Timers

If you’re going for the first time to the comic-con you might be nervous, there’s no doubt that it takes a couple of visits to get the hang of it, but you do not need to worry following are the steps to follow if you are attending the event for the first time.

How The Panel Rooms Work:

While visiting a panel follow the first come first serve rule. You can’t just visit the panel an hour before the end and expect to get in. Comic-con does not empty the room once people get in which means once you get in not one will tell you to leave and if you’re outside your chances to get in is dependent on how many people exit the panel. Therefore, it is better for you to show up earlier.

Stay Committed to the Line:

While waiting in line, you should stay committed; it might take hours, but everything is worth it. Another thing to remember is that you don’t need to get bored you can entertain yourself by chatting with your friend or even making new friends, in this way you will have a better experience waiting in line.

Make Sure you’re waiting in The Correct Line:

While waiting in line make sure you’re standing in the correct line, you don’t want to wait hours for the thing you’re not interested in most of the lines on the exhibitors’ floor cross each other and can bend around the corners which might lead you in the wrong way.

Carry Healthy Food and Lots of Water:

To enjoy the event to the absolute, you need to spend hours at the comic-con. Therefore it is important for you to carry an adequate amount of water with healthy food; the foods sold there are mostly junk food and are highly priced.

Question Rules:

Most of the big panels hold a Q&A session in which they allow the fans to ask questions. Most people don’t have a relevant question to ask which makes them look silly among the crowd. If you want to talk to the famous person, you admire. Make sure you back it up with a decent question and not something like: you’re beautiful or hot these are compliments and not a question.

Respect Every Fan:

When visiting a comic-con, you will find all sorts of people who have different likings e.g. one may like the Marvell universe and you might not but you still have to give respect to his opinion.

Do not buy un-necessary stuff:

There are lots of stuff available for sale at the comic con which you might find very attractive, but it is better to buy the things that you need like a rear comic that might complete your collection or an action figure you were searching for a long time. Spending money on the things that are available for sale at a lower price is not worth it.

Comic Con 2016 Schedule

With only a couple of weeks left for the 2016 Comic-con, the schedules of the screenings, panels, and different events are being announced on a per-day basis, however, the schedule of the events for day 1 and day 2 have been finalized.

Comic-Con, Thursday July 21 Schedule (day 1):

The first day of the Comic-Con will have some comic books, TV, and movie-related fun, but there is no doubt that the organizers are saving the best for the weekend. The Schedule will also provide a spotlight to comic book creators like Jim Lee and Grant Morrison.

Here is a brief highlight of the Thursday, July 21st schedule

Captain America 75 heroic years438716

Captain America has been saving the world for 75 years he was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Captain America meant to be a Super soldier who would fight the Axis powers during World War 2. He appeared in numerous amount of comic and movies from Captain America Comics #1 to Civil War giving him a very decent 75 years.

Jim Simon (Son of Joe Simon) and Allen Bellman will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the iconic character a 13-foot tall bronze statue will be displayed to the people later on during the event.

If you want to celebrate the incredible 75 years of Captain America, there is nothing better than dressing up like him; a good looking costume jacket will do the job.


Captain America Civil War Costume Jacket

Marvel’s X-Men Panel


The feud begins between the X-Men and Inhuman with the launch of the new Marvel series this fall. The Death of X series will be fascinating to watch from many different perspectives. The people fearing the X-Men’s death will finally get a good or bad news during the brief story arc. However, it is not confirmed whether the ‘death’ in the title refers to one person or an entire comic book Legacy.


Cyclops X Men Apocalypse Jacket

The X-Men panel will provide an exclusive look at the new series Death of X along with the latest news on X-Men and In-humans. Editor Axel Alonso and talent scout Rickey Purdin, as well as Cullen Bunn and James Asmus, will be present at the panel Therefore the panel will be an exciting one to visit.

Marvel’s Luke Cage


Netflix is presenting the Marvel’s Luke Cage series. The cast will be making their first ever appearance they will be answering questions and will also be giving an exclusive footage from the series make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.

Star Trek: 50th Anniversary

Star Trek has been an inspiration for different generations’ right from 1966 to 2016, and it still continues to increase its quality and viewership. The Show will be completing its golden anniversary later this year. Eugene Roddenberry and Trevor Roth will be showing a special five-minute celebration and releasing some exclusive materials; you don’t want to miss this one.


Star Trek Beyond Captain Kirk Jacket

Captain Kirk is no doubt a fantastic character to dress up as for the comic con. Trying a Captain Kirk Star Trek jacket is a can be a good choice.

The Walking Dead Comic

The Waling Dead is an ongoing comic book series created by Robert Kirkman. The series tells the story of years after the zombie apocalypse. Rick Grimes directs a group of survivors in search of a safe and secure place.

Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard (Artist of the walking dead) will discuss everything about The Walking Dead and the latest news regarding the 160th issue of the comic series.


Justice League Television Series


The Justice League is back in action with the latest quarter-hour animated series. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman will be leading the DC superheroes against the foes. Whether facing invaders or protecting earth the Justice League is up for any challenge. The animated series will be full of action and thrills.

Producer Butch Lukic and Alan Burnett along with the voice cast will present an exclusive Q&A session regarding the highly anticipated new series.

The Story of DC Comic’s Joker


The Joker has been a menace for Batman for over 70 years since his first appearance in 1940. He appeared hundreds of times in comic, films and television series. Being one of the most powerful antagonists in the entire comic book history, the character is fascinating to children and adults. Both Batman and Joker have a Point to prove to the citizens of Gotham City which will be discussed by a plenty of experts at the comic con.

Comic-Con, Friday July 22nd Schedule (day 2):

The day one of the comic con is packed with exciting schedule and events but the second day is one step ahead. Plenty of TV show casts will meet with fans. The day two will also feature the premiere of the animated film, “Batman: The Killing Joke.”

Here is a brief highlight of the Friday, July 21st schedule.

Marvel’s Civil War 2Civil-War-2-Trailer

Civil War 2 is a comic crossover published my Marvel Comics, which debuted in 2016. It is the sequel to ‘Civil War’ which was published in 2016. The plot revolves around Ulysses, a student who was exposed to Terrigen Mists and turned inhuman. When Ulysses emerges, he visualizes a dystopian future.

Learn more about what’s to come in the future with Editor Axel Alonso, Character development Sana Amanat and the talent scout of Marvel, who will be present at the event.

Fear the Walking Dead


Fear the Walking Dead is a horror television series based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman. In this panel there will be some executive producers and experts will discuss what to look ahead to when the show picks up in August. A Q&A session will also be held along with an official preview of the second half of season 2.

Star Wars Publishingquesada_variant_11a0648c306bc364b9a2dd8953d7dc8d

Through this panel, you can get the latest info regarding the new books and comics based on the star wars series authors, and artists will be available to discuss their upcoming stories about the future of the star wars publishing.

Marvel’s Divided We Stand57757e4d50ffd

The aftermath of the civil war will create some scars across the Marvel Universe, which is only the beginning. Marvel now returns with a new tagline called “Divided We Stand” to find out what’s kept in store for the future with Editor Axel Alonso, director Sana Amanat, and others.

DC Rebirth: Superman


Superman has been the most recognized superhero since decades; Thanks to DC rebirth that we will see Superman once again set to achieve new feats and learn what make him the hero that he is. At this panel, you will get to meet writers and artists like Pat Gleason, Tyler Kirkham, Peter Tomasi and others.

Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones has concluded its sixth season in June and will begin filming its seventh season this year. The series is produced by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The story is arranged on continents of Westeros and Essos where summer and winters can last for years. Game of Thrones has attracted a vast amount of viewers on HBO and has a very active international fan base.

In the panel, you will find the cast of John Brady, Liam Cunningham, Nathalie Emmanuel, Conleth Hill, Faye Marsay, Hannah Murray and many others. Visiting this panel will be like a dream come true for the Game of Throne fans.

Batman: The Killing Jokethekillingjokebatman

Batman: The Killing Joke is a future animated film directed by Bruce Timm and Sam Liu. The plot revolves around Batman, who tries to reveal the mysteries behind the joker’s history latest actions and former allies. The film has a cast of Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Tara Strong and Ray Wise.

The premiere of the Killing Joke will be held during the 2016 Comic Con hosted by Warner Bros home entertainment. The film is said to be released on July 26, 2016.

Both the first and second day have an impressive lineup it is not something you would want to miss.


To conclude we can say that the Comic Con International: San Diego is undoubtedly the greatest entertainment platform in this you will find animation, games, premieres, TV series, premiers, comics and much more. No one ever knew that a small event created by a group of science fiction fans could accomplish such feats and obtain the attendance of over 160,000.

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