Evolution in Styles of Men’s Leather Jackets

Men leather jackets

In the early days leather jackets were only worn by motorcyclists, military men, pilot, police officers, etc. but in the late 20th century it was introduced as a new trend after various Hollywood celebs wore it like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Terminator and Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones film series. At present time men leather jackets are in fashion and give a really “cool” appearance, it can be used to shape character.

History of Men Leather Jackets:

 First half of the 20th century:

Military Men leather jackets

During the World War 1, the air force pilots needed something to keep them sufficiently warm because the aircrafts did not have enclosed cockpit, so the United States Army established a heavy duty jacket with some zip closures and thick warm fur.

Later in the World War 2, sheepskin jackets were designed and manufactured by Leslie Irwin in the United Kingdom. He became the primary supplier of the flying jackets for it was in high demand. As technologies improved the altitude at with the aircraft operated increased making it extreme cold for the pilots, the temperatures where they functioned could reach negative 50 degree Celsius so these thick jackets were crucial.


 Men’s Air Force A-2 Leather Flight Bomber Jacket


U.S. Coast Guard Brown Goatskin G-1 Leather Bomber Jacket

The two of the most authentic Jackets that were used by America were A- 2 and G-1 jacket. The A-2 is still the most recognized American flight jacket which was designed for the air force. Parallel to the A-2, the U.S Navy designed the G-1, which became tremendously famous in addition to this, Hollywood films like Top Gun, boosted the sale of G-1 which made the jacket a symbol of Fashion.

Later Half of the 20th Century:

Jackets Used By Motorcyclist


Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man Leather Motorcycle Jacket


Hot Leathers Classic Motorcycle Jacket

After the world war, Jackets had started to come into fashion when Irving Schott designed the first motorcycle jacket for Harley Davidson. He named the jacket “perfecto” Although the jacket was made to protect the motorcyclist from a road crash it still looks stylish as well. In 1950 Hollywood adopted the motorcycle jacket and portrayed it as a tough guy jacket. Marlon Brando played the role of a bike gang leader in the film “The Wild one” he was the first person to wear the Perfecto in a movie.

Late 20th century:

Indiana Jones


Indiana Jones Leather Jacket

Harrison Ford played the role of Indiana Jones in the movie Raiders of the lost ark. He appeared wearing a leather jacket with a tough guy look. In those days, Jackets were already getting famous, but Indiana Jones took it to another level. After the success of the film, it came into high demand. Since the first appearance of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, he has become one of the most iconic characters. Indiana Jones was ranked by various magazines as greatest film heroes of all time, greatest movie character, all-time coolest heroes in pop culture and many more.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor he is known as the king of pop. He is a global figure in music dance and fashion. Jackson made his debut in 1964 and began his solo career in 1971. During the 80s, he became a dominant figure in pop music; he also popularized the robot and the moonwalk dance technique. Jackson Died on June 25, 2009. Jackson’s death resulted in the global outpouring of grief. Michael Jackson died, but his legacy still continued only in 12 months after his death he sold over 8.2 million albums in the United States and 35 million albums worldwide making him the best selling artist of 2009 Jackson also became the first artist to sell over one million downloads in a week.


Beat It Jacket Michael Jackson

Jackets have always been a part of pop culture with Michael Jackson being one of the pioneers of pop music wore a red leather jacket in his son Beat it. Beat it is the third single from the album “Thriller” which released in 1982. The song received Grammy award for record of the year and best male vocal performance. The music video for Beat it helped Michael Jackson to establish as an international pop icon. Soon after its release Beat It was included in anti-drunk and drive campaign Jackson also collected an award from President Ronald Reagan in the recognition of his support.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947; he is an Austrian-American actor, businessperson, politician and a former professional bodybuilder.

At the age of 15, Arnold started weight training. He went on to become Mr. Universe at the age of 20 and later he won the Mr. Olympia for the seven times. Schwarzenegger has an iconic status in bodybuilding and is considered to be one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He has also written different books and articles related to the sport. Arnold made his breakthrough in the film Conan the Barbarian in 1982 which was a hit in the box-office. He then appeared in James Cameron’s film The Terminator. Arnold has also worked in various other films including Commando, The Running Man, Predator, and much more.

As a senator, he was first elected on October 7, 2003, to replace Governor Gray Davis. Arnold was re-elected on November 7, 2006, to serve a full term as governor.


Terminator 2 Judgment Day Leather Jacket


Terminator 5 Genisys Arnold Jacket


Terminator 3 Leather Jacket

The Terminator is a science fiction film series creates by Gale Anne Hurd and James Cameron. The theme of the movie is the battle between the human race and Skynet for survival. Skynet was a computer system set as a global digital defense network which later became self-aware upon activation the machine considered people as a security threat and planned to wipe out humans. Skynet builds up its computer-based military capability. Which includes, Terminator used against individuals at some point Skynet develops the ability to travel in time and ultimately used it to win wars by altering the past events.

Arnold played the role of T-800 since the first film of the franchise. He was seen wearing a stylish leather jacket Arnold at that time was already a big name her made the jacket a symbol of manhood in other words he showed that jacket can give you a “tough guy” appearance. After the first Terminator, Arnold continued to play the role of T-800 in other installments of the movie.  Different varieties of jackets were seen in every chapter. The first part had a thick leather jacket with a vintage look to it whereas the Terminator 3 had similar to a biker’s jacket with extra zips in front, while the latest Terminator Genisys as the most modern jacket which has a shirt style collar and button tab closing.

Tom Cruise

After starting his career at the age of 19 tom cruise played numerous roles but Cruise became an entirely developed movie star after starring as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the action drama Top Gun, and now he is one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood. Cruise is well known for his role in the mission impossible film series with the latest film being the Mission Impossible: rogue nation released in 2015.


Top Gun Jacket by Tom Cruise

The movie Top Gun increased the sales of Bomber Jackets by 40 percent. Tom Cruise wore this jacket in the film that made the famous bomber jacket even more attractive. The movie released in 1986 and was the highest grossing film of that time.

The latest 21st century Men Leather Jackets:

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert John Downey Jr. made his film debut at the age of five in the movie pound since then he has worked in numerous films he made his breakthrough in 2008 after portraying the role of Marvel superhero Tony Stark/Iron man four of his films as Tony Stark has earned over 1 billion.


Black Iron Man Leather Jackets

Iron Man Is a 2008 superhero film produced by Marvel Studios the plot of the movie is based on a Genius billionaire Tony Stark, who has inherited Stark Industries from his father. Stark is in Afghanistan with his friends to demonstrate a new missile. He was imprisoned in a cave by the terrorist group who offer him freedom in exchange, for building a Jericho missile for them, but Tony knows that they will not keep their worlds.

Stark and fellow captive Yinsen secretly build a powerful generator to power his suit of armor the terrorist group discovers their intentions and the workshop Yinsen sacrifices himself to divert their attention while the suit powers up. The armored Stark finds his way out and finds Yinsen dead.

Robert Downey Jr. wore a black leather jacket in the Ironman film this jacket was made for style, unlike the motorcycle or military jacket which were made for performance.

Vin Diesel

Mark Sinclair is known by his stage name Vin Diesel; he is an actor-director and screenwriter. Vin Diesel is well known for his role of Dominic Toretto in The Fast and the Furious movie series.


Vin Diesel Furious 7 Jacket

Furious 7 or Fast 7 is the seventh installment in the Fast and The Furious franchises starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson. Furious 7 premiered on April 1st, 2015. The plot is based on Owen Shaw’s older brother, Deckard Shaw to plots revenge against the furious team. The film is well known for its action seen and stunts.

The Men Leather Jackets Worn almost 100 years ago were only used for their function and have now transformed into fashion. Jackets are worn casually as well as formally it has changed in both appearance and function as well.  At present times, there are many styles and designs of Jackets. Some people still prefer The Vintage Jackets while others like new Jackets it all a matter of personal preference.

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