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The Flash Costume's

Who doesn’t love the Flash costume? The witty, speedy superhero who has appeared in so many forms that we have almost lost count. First, he was Barry Allen, and then the well-known Wally West became the Flash and finally came Barry Allen, who we all are familiar with. The Flash has appeared in dozens of comics, movies and TV series since his origin in 1940 but it has rarely been the case that he was the main protagonist in a series or movie. The TV industry took that opportunity and then began work an all new series dedicated just to Flash titled, of course, The Flash.

With the start of such a series we were about to witness one of the fastest TV show ever which included The Flash himself, Hunter Zolomon as Zoom,  Eobard Thawne as Reverse-Flash, etc.  The series was mainly action based filled with enthralling and engrossing fight scenes. But what also came under the radar are the attractive costumes of all these characters whose names we mentioned earlier. The Flash was seen in his traditional red themed costume, Zoom in a black one and Reverse-Flash also donned the classic yellow-black look. We at AngelJackets felt that these costumes were marvelously done, and a costume guide that would guide fans of the series on how to impersonate these characters is critical. Therefore, here it is, the very best costume guide of Flash, Reverse Flash, and Zoom.


The Flash Guide


Red Flash Helmet

This Flash Helmet is made of PVC plastic. It is comfortable and unbreakable and probably the best item for Halloween or birthday gift. It is available in three different colors.


Red Flash Jacket

A jacket is a vital piece of a costume. With this red leather jacket, you can make a complete costume of the Flash. This jacket has zipped front closure.

flash gloves

Red Flash Gloves

Gloves are a necessary item of any costume. These red gloves are lightweight and made of real leather. They are safe and have a good grip while biking.

Flash Pants

The Flash Pant

The second most important item required to complete a costume is a matching pant. This red pant is manufactured with an excellent quality of cotton.

flash boots

The Flash Shoes

Make a full costume by wearing these red knee high boots. The golden colored strip matches with the flash logo. These flash boots are the perfect match for your outfit.

The Reverse Flash Guide

reverse flash helmet

Reverse Flash helmet

The Reverse Flash helmet is made of PVC plastic. It is unbreakable and comfortable. It is available in two different colors, black and yellow.

Reverse Flash Jacket

Reverse Flash Jacket

This is another leather jacket from the show The Flash. The jacket belongs to the villain of the TV series. This jacket has the combination of yellow and black color and the Flash logo over the chest.


Reverse Flash Gloves

These black gloves are manufactured with the premium quality of leather. These are flexible and have a perfect grip to hold or catch things.


Reverse Flash Costume Pants

The Reverse Flash Costume is not completely black and yellow; it is a combination of both colors. This black pant is very comfortable which helps to make a quick move.


Reverse Flash Shoes

Almost every costume includes long boots as this costume. These long boots provide a charming look and give you perfect Halloween look.

Zoom Costume Guide


Zoom Flash Helmet

Zoom mask helmet is very difficult to find. It fully covers your face and very popular for Halloween. It is made of latex.


Zoom Flash Jacket

This black jacket has The Flash logo featured over the chest. It has linings over shoulder and arms. It is designed beautifully. It is made of PU Leather.


Zoom Flash Gloves

These gloves have an attractive layout. These gloves are very simple but fascinating. It completely fixes in hand for its strap opening. It is made of excellent quality of leather.

black flash trouser

Zoom Flash Pant

These skinny jeans fit very well on the legs and hips. It is narrow bottom jeans, and it is made of faux leather. This pant gives you an attractive look.


Zoom Flash Shoes

Long boots are always very stylish and give you a stylish look. These shoes are soft very easy to walk with. These shoes are made of a synthetic sole and are best for your costume.

The Justice League Flash Guide

Justice League Flash Costume

If you are expecting one more suit of the Scarlet Speedster, that one suit that everyone is waiting for when it comes to the DCEU, you don’t have to wait anymore longer. Behold, the latest and complete costume of The Flash from the Justice League.

That brings an end to our riveting guide on how to become just like the Flash, Reverse Flash or Zoom. We really love making this guide for you, and we hope that you enjoyed reading it. No need to wait any longer, just pick up any of these guides and follow them to become a superhero with super-speed. If you don’t then who knows? Maybe it might be too late, and your friends would be the one zooming past you in these fancy costumes. If you do complete whichever of these flash costumes then do not forget to share with us, we would love to see how it looks! If you have any suggestions or comments, leave them in the comment box below. Lastly, share it with all of your other friends who are enthusiasts of The Flash series. It can be wear as Flash Halloween Costume  Below is the infograph of how to make the flash costume which you can share it with your loved ones.


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