A Cosplay’s Guide Of Gambit Costume

Many X-Men fans may still be confused with the fact that Gambit is a key member of the group but nobody knows how he got there in the first place. When that happens, and you know that there is a separate franchise that is releasing movie after movie after gaps of years, you immediately turn to these films for some origin. However, not only did the franchise get the back story wrong but they came up with a very less cool Marvel heroes Gambit movie costumes as well.

So, to get things right from our side, this guide will show you the items that you need to dress up like one of the underrated heroes of Marvel and the X-Men. The mutant has featured alongside the team on countless occasions in the animated series and as even gone against them too in the comics. Gambit may seem harmless but his ability has certainly been kept into consideration and made him a vital asset of any team he was on. Here is the guide to the Gambit costume.

Dark Brown Wig

This here is an optional item. If you have naturally brown hair and are of medium length, you don’t really need to buy this. The options you have are to dye your hair darker if it’s light brown, straighten your hair a bit or purchase the wig. Regardless of what you pick, at the end of the day, you need to have dark brown hair to perfect the character.

Gambit Cosplay Costume

The second item that you will certainly need is the suit. Now, in this bundle, you are getting easy access to the head gear, the inner suit, pants, boots, gloves, and the long coat. The Gambit costume is available at a decent price where half of your cosplay look is complete.

Playing Cards

What is Gambit without his cards? Of course, the unfortunate fact is that these cards don’t light up as Gambit would utilize his ability to do but having a deck of cards with you is mandatory. The cards and the next item are essential items that Gambit uses as his weapons.

Padded Staff (4-Feet)

As stated above, the cards and this item are necessarily needed to be carried by you like the weapons for the Gambit costume. He also uses his staff, which is the most often used weapon, as his arsenal. This is a staff that is available in various lengths to compliment your costume.

This was the adult Gambit costume guide, and you don’t even need to hit the weights to get that perfectly toned body. The detailing and pattern of the front area do the work. Now that you know where and how much to spend on a costume like this one, it inevitably will become easier for you to look cool and surprise your loved ones with one of the iconic names situated with the X-Men team. Gambit has become a new hit sensation ever since his standalone movie was announced and Channing Tatum was cast to play him. Nothing has been confirmed concerning the other details, but this costume is enough to encourage you that looking like Gambit can be easy.

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