Get A Badass Superhero Look With This Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Cosplay Guide


The second edition of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is more thrilling, exciting and funny at the same time. Not only because of its plot and action-packed features but also for its characters that are exceptional and famous. 

Keeping this in mind, we have bought out the complete guardians of the galaxy costumes guide that you will love to cosplay for sure.

So, let’s begin!

Star-Lord Costume

Star-Lord is the lead character and that is the reason why he’s the character of attraction for every single fan. Here is the complete Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy 2 costume guide.


Chris Pratt GOTG Vol.2 t-shirt

You can match and layer any jacket with Star Lord tee.

motorcycle-over-pantsMens Omni Air Mesh Motorcycle Over Pants

Motorcycle pants reduces the chances of an injury in case of an accident. However you can still wear motorcycle pants as a casual clothing piece.


Funtasma Men’s Gotham-110 Engineer Boot

Engineer boots are useful if you live in a city/town with heavy snowfall. You can easily walk on thick snow with these boots plus it provides you warmth.

Calvin Klein Men’s Feather-Edge Reversible Belt

Two belts in the price of one. Reversible belt is time and money. You can switch colors (brown, black) with just turning the belt strap on the other side.

Star Lord GOTG Vol.2 Jacket

Black is a classic color for leather jackets. But who said you can’t experiment with other colors? This garment gives the traditional leather jacket a new and fresh look.


Star Lord GOTG Vol.2 Coat

Star Lord coat makes you look masculine and sexy. Punisher movie is right around the corner and this coat matches with his his costume perfectly.

Men’s Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Star-Lord Mask

Star Lord mask isn’t heavy like other superhero masks. It’s very easy to move around with and fits perfectly too.

Marvel Star-Lord Element Blaster From GOTG 2

Most of the characters from star wars franchise use blaster guns like Skywalker and Han Solo. If you want you can pair Star Lord blaster gun with Star Wars costumes to get the best bang for your buck.

Gamora Costume

Gamora is the second lead character in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. As an important member of the team, she possesses incredible superhuman skills and has a killing look that grabs all the attention on her for sure. Here is the complete gamora costume diy guide that you need to follow step by step to give yourself an appealing look like her.

So, here we go!

Gamora Cosplay Wig

The first stuff you need is a wig that is available in purple ombre hot pink color. It’s a one size average gamora wig that fits well in all size, and it’s prepared from environment-friendly stuff, so there is no harmful substance. It is 100% heat friendly wig with resistant temperature capacity of 150 c/302 f, so there is no need to worry. Just grab it and reflect that hotness.


Gamora Makeup Kit

To give yourself a look like Gamora you need a makeup kit that gives you a green look like her. That is the reason why we put this Gamora Makeup Kit on our list for you. It’s a perfect costume make-up kit that is a must have accessory to get a sexy superhuman look like her.

Gamora Vest

Now after putting up the wig and the make-up kit, the next stuff that comes on the list is this Gamora Vest which Zoe Saldana used to wear as Gamora in the film. And this piece makes her look simply gorgeous and I am sure you definitely don’t want to lose fashion piece for sure. However, there is no need to worry at all, as this superhero outfit is just one click away from you.

GOTG Vol.2 Gamora Coat

The second edition of the movie brings out lots of surprise for the female fans of Gamora, the character was seen in different styling articles and this Gamora Long Coat was among those apparels. The outfit is made from PU leather material, so it will keep you relaxed. Plus the open front design gives you a bold look. So it’s a must have piece for you.


Gamora GOTG Vol.2 Jacket

This Gamora red costume is another edition which Zoe Saldana used to wear in the second edition of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It’s a compact style attire it will definitely give you an appealing gesture in comic cons, cosplay events, and in other costume parties.


Cosplay Armor

There is one more important stuff which Gamora used to wear and it’s the Armor cuff. Well, there is no hard and fast rule to buy the smart style armor. You can pick any armor like this one which is a perfect choice for any cosplay costume.


Womens Motorcycle Pants

Now it’s time to pick the right pant that fits well on your look. And keeping this in mind we put this attractive design women’s motorbike pant is the best available choice for you. It’s not only for costume fashion but can be used as a bike riding attire.


Gamora Cosplay Shoes

To complete the Gamora look you need to choose the right shoes that compliment your overall gesture. This Gamora cosplay shoe is made available in the same style. It is comfortable and easy to wear. It’s an ideal choice for all the cosplayers as well as for the fans of Gamora.


Gamora MCU Costume

If you are girl who wants to wear Gamora’s signature look costume then this Marvel’s Gamora women’s costume is a must buy for you. The outfit includes jumpsuit, gloves, and belt. So you don’t to search every single stuff separately as it has all of the useful things you want for sure.


Gamora Sword

Last but not the least, to give your Gamora cosplay look a final touch you just need to grab this gamora sword replica. It is designed in an exact manner and gives you an edge for sure. So just grab this sword and complete your look.

Drax Costume


Guardians of the Galaxy Drax Adult Mask

Drax is well known as the Destroyer and has incredible powers. So the first thing you need to pick is the mask. This drax cosplay mask is a synthetic made and is soft and breathable. Gear it with your complete drax outfit and get that muscular look.


Drax Destroyer Costume

This Drax costume is a complete piece that is designed in precise style just like the one seen in the movie. It features a fiber filled muscle chest jumpsuit and a mask, plus it’s an officially licensed product. So here you go, just click it and make it yours.


Guardian of The Galaxy Vol 2 Drax Pant

It’s not easy to find out the pant that Drax used to wear in the second edition of the movie. But we find out this piece and bring out for you. It is as similar as the real one. Now there is no need to worry at all.


Drax The Destroyer Dagger

Now it’s time to weaponize yourself with the key weapon and it is none other than the authentic collection of drax the destroyer knife. It is designed in exact pattern and looks exactly as similar as the real one. The stuff is made from plastic so it will not harm you. However, it is advised to keep it away from children’s reach.


Mens Boots

To grab the look of Drax the destroyer, you need to wear this compact style men’s buckle boots. You can easily put your drax knives replica in this boot, just like the way Drax did in the movie. So, this tactical boot is a perfect pick for you.


Professional Knee Pads

If you want to add a sporty warrior look in your cosplay look then you can put this men’s knee pads in the pant. It’s not just for costume use but can be used for other outdoor and sports activities.

Rocket Costume


Rocket Racoon Cosplay Mask

For Rocket Racoon cosplay looks the first thing you need is the rocket raccoon action mask. Well, thankfully it is now available online and here is the stuff that you are looking for.


Rocket Raccoon GOTG Vol 2 Vest

The second most important thing to complete your rocket raccoon costume DIY look is this Rocket Racoon Vest which is an updated apparel from the second edition of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. So just grab it and get the latest cosplay look of your favorite comic character.

Rocket Raccoon Gloves

The Raccoon Fur Gloves come second in the list because having a mask and a vest is not good enough to get the complete touch, you need to put this gloves in your hands to get that wild look.


Fur Fox Tail

So the last part that you need to add to give your Rocket Racoon Costume DIY look is this fox fur tail. It’s a cosplay stuff so you can use it in Halloween parties and in other theme parties.


Rocket Raccoon Blaster

Last but not the least, the only stuff that you need to cart is this nerf guardians of the galaxy rocket power blaster. Inspired by the comic edition this rocket raccoon gun replica is all you need to have in your list.

Baby Groot Costume 


Baby Groot Mask

Baby groot is the new member of the GOTG family and it’s getting more attention that is the reason why we also put spotlights on this character, and we started with the mask. It also features innocent big eyes and a tree color in the mouth. So, here is your first stuff that you need to put in your cosplay list.


Baby Groot GOTG Vol 2 Jacket

This Baby Groot Jacket from the second volume of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and is made as cute as it looks on him. It is a must have piece for all the baby groot fans.

For Adults


Adult Groot Costume

Now those of you who saw the first edition of the GOTG film knew Groot quite well and for them, we bring this Groot costume menswear. It includes the top and foam half mask. You just need to wear and cosplay like him.


Groot Costume Hands

If you want to cosplay yourself as Adult Groot, then you need to add this Groot Hands on your list for sure. It is made from the comfortable fabric, so it will keep your hands relaxed with you don this piece at any superhero or in costume party event.

For Kids


Groot Kids Costume

If your entire family is planning to cosplay like the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, then this kids groot costume is the best choice for your junior. The package includes Groot jumpsuit and the mask. It’s a complete package for your kid.

Yondu Udonta Costume


Washable Body Face Paint

For a perfect Yondu cosplay look, the first thing you need is a body face paint because without a full body paint you outlook is incomplete. Well, it’s a washable paint so you can use it with ease.

Throwing Knife Set

This throwing knife set can be used as a weapon when you put you put all the useful stuff together to dress like Yonda. So add this stuff to complete your style.


Yondu Udonta Michael Rooker Coat

Yonda Udonta portrays an exceptional supervillain look and to highlight that persona in your gesture you need this Yonda Udonta Coat. You carry this coat as a cosplay and even as a comic costume.


Waistband Operator Pant

This waistband operator pant is an ideal piece that you can don with the coat. It is made from the polyester and cotton rip stop fabric which keeps you relaxed for sure.

engineer-boot-mensLong Engineer Boot For Men

This long style men’s engineer boot is a complimentary accessory, DIY galaxy boots that will put a five-star look in your gesture for sure. It’s a manmade piece and is crafted with perfection so as far the quality is a concern, this will be a class apart article for your wardrobe.

Nebula Costume


Head Cap Costume Accessory

For a perfect nebula costume diy look, the first thing you need is the latex bald head cap that is one size fit for all. It’s a pull over head, so just put it over your head and then paint it.


Blue Person Character Makeup Kit

Nebula is better known for its robotic human look and to give yourself that touch all you need is a blue color make up kit. Just follow the instruction and get the blue look.


Nebula GOTG Vol 2 Jacket

This Nebula Jacket from the second part of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is all new edition. You just need to pick this masterpiece to make your gesture bold and exceptional.


Nebula Boots

And at last, all you need is to have this Nebula deluxe boots. It is a perfect choice for your cosplay look as well as for another party look.

Mantis Costume


Black Antenna Headband

For Guardians of the Galaxy Mantis, the first thing you need is a Black Headband. It’s a perfect piece for the children as well as for adults.


Green Arm Sleeves

This green arm sleeve is another great option that you can use to portray yourself as Mantis. She used sleeves arm to compliment her look. So you can also try this stuff.


Mantis GOTG Jacket

This Mantis sleeveless jacket is a must have a piece that you need to wear to complete your gesture. It is made from the authentic material and is breathable at the same time. Just wear it and get the look of your favorite comic character.


Athletic Pants Costume Party Tights

Now to compliment your Mantis cosplay look just add this black costume tight pant. It will add beauty and perfection in your appearance.


Green Knee Sleeve

This green knee sleeve fashion piece is an optional accessory that you can use by your look or requirement. Use it at superhero or comic con events and even in other sports related events.


KadiMaya Women Boots

And in last, you just need to put this long style attractive black boots that will not only add exposure in your gesture and will grab all the attention on you for sure.

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