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DC Comics showed two very famous teams in the form of Suicide Squad and Justice League. Marvel did it first through the Avengers, and it looks like they are going to unveil their second team that goes by the name of X-Force. It features the team of anti-heroes that are entirely badass, and you have seen a few of them already on the big screen. So, in the guide here, the X Force costume that you will come across of the characters are a concept creation that will still perfect your appearance.

The X-Force movie has been talked about on and off since the middle of last year. The X-Force is a team that has taken after the X-Men. It featured the likes of Deadpool, Cable, Warpath, Psylocke, Domino and many other mutants. According to the news, Deadpool and Cable are ready to feature as well as Domino, who is rumored. So without any further delay, here are the X Force costume guides that are made of the highly-possible characters to appear.

Cable Costume

Blue T-Shirt / Bucky Arm / Tactical Chest Rig / Tactical Pant / Jungle Boot

Cable has now become the most trending anti-hero at the moment because of the news coming out that they found an actor to play him. Cable has a deep history with the X-Men and Bucky isn’t the only one with the metal arm. Cable costume is more of an army and combat type, hence the boots and the vest. To complete the look perfectly, you would need makeup to either paint half of your face to look like a cyborg or just the cuts on the eye.

Psylocke Costume

Psylocke Cosplay / Samurai Katana Sword / Go-Go Boot

Psylocke made her appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past when she became one of the four Horsemen of Apocalypse. The purple assassin has one of the sexiest costumes and wearing it with the boots while carrying your swords; you will look exactly like her. However, you need long, jet black hair as the hairstyle of the character. Other than that, she is the latest member of the X-Force.

Domino Costume

Short Wig / Domino Cosplay / Pin Badge / Leather Riding Boot

When the X-Force was mentioned in the list of upcoming Marvel movies, the fans and readers immediately got excited about the fact that Domino could be part of it. She and Cable are the characters that have been heavily mentioned in the context of the X-Force team. The Domino costume that you have here features a wig (that’s if you aren’t ready to cut or color your hair), a full suit, the X-Men cable costume badge that needs to be pinned on the left side of the chest and the boots.

Deadpool X Force Costume

Deadpool Cosplay / Dual Ninja Swords / Work Boot

Last, and certainly never the least, it’s the X Force Deadpool costume. Fortunately, his costume never changes, and it’s one of the things fans appreciate. Deadpool is already confirmed to appear in the X-Force movie. His list features the standard cosplay suit, swords, and the combat boots. X Force Deadpool costume mask is also available, and it comes with the red and black attire. By the looks of it, he’s more eager to feature alongside Cable than anyone else.

So there you have it. These are the characters that have the highest possibility of featuring in the new X-Force movie. Moreover, you got the costumes to wear even if some of them don’t show up in the film. With the X Force costume guide ended, keep in mind that there are plenty of other characters that could appear. For now, you can lay your bets on these guys.

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