The Destructable Guide To Bane Costume

Bane Costume

An escaped convict to now the first villain to break Batman’s Back has made a huge role on becoming the inspiration to all DC fans. Here you can become The Dark Knight Rises’ version Bane, by grabbing these items which will turn you to an all new era of bane costume. Readers were frequently commenting on your posts asking where to buy Bane mask from? or How to make a Bane costume or cosplay suit? All you need is Mask, Vest, Coat, Trouser, Hand Brace, Boots and BOOM!!


Tom Hardy Brown Distressed Leather Jacket

This coat will add a dominating effect to Bane Costumes for Halloween. The Bane coat is a brown-colored trench coat that can be worn over the vest. It features a remarkable shearling inside the coat that will provide you with warmth during the chilly season. It also has front buttons for closure and two waist pockets. This coat is sure to make you stand apart from others during parties.


Bane Vest

This vest has a unique design and externally it is made of PU leather. Internally there is a viscose lining. There is also an adjustment of a double belt. These entire features make it an essential part of Cosplay to depict your Bane Outfit this Halloween.

Bald Head Wig Cap Natural One Size

Bane Bald Cap

Showcase your appearance during Halloween this season with this bald cap. This cap has a crafting of latex and a color identical to human skin. Its size matches to that of an adult head and is perfect for Cosplay. It is suitable and much-needed apparel for all those men who would like to dress up like Bane.


Bane Mask

He was witnessed wearing the striking mask in the film. This mask is available now and is a prime component to dress like Bane during dressing parties all year around. It fits on an average adult head and consists of breathing holes so that you can breathe with ease when wearing it.

Glove Tdkr Wrist Protector

Bane Brace

These Bane Wrist Guards are an ideal Halloween accessory. When worn they also act as wrist guard to protect the wrist from strain and injury. They would fit most of the adult’s hand and wrists. He wore these closely resembling gloves and now it’s your turn to dress like the villain.

Tom Hardy Tactical Pants

Bane New Trouser

To further boost your costumes appeal, these Bane Pants are perfect. They are made of cotton and feature knee pads which help you to protect your knees from injury. Two front and two back cargo pockets are provided to keep your valuables. You can also wear them in casual situations apart from your Cosplay.

Black GI Style Combat Boot

Bane Boots

Made from high-grade leather these Bane or Tom Hardy Boots add style to your Bane costume. They have a tactical design and can be tied with laces. They have an appearance of being army-type boots which further makes them impressive. Walking and running will be very smooth and comfortable with them.

Note: Now all you need to do is practice your voice to scare and don’t forget the signature standing position, which is putting hands on the collar.

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