The Incredible Costume Guide To Become Batman

Batman Costume

DC character Batman, known to Gotham City as The Dark Knight, is one of those who would do anything to save his city. A true detective, with perfect combat skills and mind, would sure inspire the Batman Fans everywhere. So if you’re one of them, and want to outfit yourself just like him, then these items here will sure help you to create a perfect Batman costume.  Follow these items like the Batman Adult Full Mask, Batman Utility Belt, Batman Cape, Batman Gloves, Black Biker Leather Trouser, Black Boots and the Batman Leather Jacket. With this DIY Batman Dark Knight Costume you’ll look more like a New Bad Ass version of The Dark Knight.


Batman Mask
Adult Batman Full Mask

Mask is the trademark of any superhero, and this mask of batman is very unique. Have this mask for your Batman outfit from for just $29.74

Batman Adult Jacket

Good leather jackets are hard to find, and when it comes to superheroes, they need to be perfect. Just like the this jacket which is similar to the original costume.

Batman GlovesMen’s Arkham City Batman Deluxe Gloves

Batman gloves are very important part of his outfit. These black gloves will also help you in multiple situations. You can get them at for $26.99



Batman The Dark Knight Batman Belt Adult

You will need Batman belt to complete your costume and make it perfect. You can have it for $11.04 from

Batman Trouser

PU Slim Motorcycle Trouser

This motorcycle Baman Pants can be used as part of Batman suit because it is very similar to the outfit. Have this from for a very economical price of $22.96


batman boot
Black Biker Boots

These boots can have multiple uses, you can also wear them while riding your motorcycle. They are available on for $52.76

Batman Cape

Seasons Trading 48″ Black Cape

You can buy this wonderful Batman Leather Cape and use it for your costume parties or for any other special occasion. You can have this cape from Amazon for $11.88

Also Includes

For the Bat-Kids maybe, this you might want to try this Batman outfit:

Batman Kids Costume
Child’s Deluxe Muscle Chest costume with Mask/Headpiece and Cape – Small 

You can use this as your Batman Halloween costume. It is available on Amazon for $28.82



Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham knight is an exciting game that gamers love to play and they will definitely would love to try out the costume of batman. In the above mentioned items, you can use every item to prepare your Arkham Knight costume except for the jacket.


Batman Arkham Knight Jacket

Along with other items, you can use this outstanding jacket that is very similar to the Arkham Knight game. You can get this high class jacket from for a nominal price of $119.00


Batman Arkham Knight Mask

See the world of Halloween with this exclusive Batman Arkham Knight mask. Made of high-quality latex, this mask fits with ease on your head due to its free fitting size. Wear them to depict your Batman Arkham Knight costume. The mask has holes for seeing and also in the area of the mouth. It is perfect to be worn as part of your Cosplay.


Batman Arkham Knight Gloves.

These gloves are actually in the form of gauntlets. With a black color as well as jagged spikes, these gloves are sure to give you the looks of Batman as witnessed in the Arkham Knight game. Wear them during Halloween and other dressing parties.


   Batman Arkham Knights Pants

When worn with the Batman Arkham Knight Jacket, you will look stunning and have the look and feel of Batman as in the game. Crafted wholly from PU leather, they have various pockets on the front and back to keep your valuables. Also, they are available in various sizes as per your needs. You can also put them on while biking or in casual situations.


Batman Arkham Knight Boots

Have the look and feel of Batman while walking and running with these spectacular boots. They have rounded toes and tall shafts which all adds to their comfort levels when worn. They are specially designed for Halloween, and you can use them to depict your Batman Arkham Knight costume.

So what you think of these diy batman costumes? Let everyone know and leave a comment if you want to share your ideas too.


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