The Patriot Costume Collection Guide To Become Captain America

Captain America Costume Guide

Captain America has been known as the First Avenger and who woke up from the ice after being in it for 70 years. He has been nothing more than the inspirational Super Soldier for the fans, but he is very much admired due to the Captain America Costume. Chris Evan was able to depict the role of Capt. Steve Rogers in more than two solo movies, which soon he will show up again as the same character in Captain America: Civil War.  Readers were asking us frequently on where to buy the Captain America Costume from? or How to make a DIY homemade Captain America Costume? That’s why a guide has been presented for you to become a Captain America of your own. These items that are given below will help you for sure.

Captain America Winter Soldier Costume

Captain America Winter Soldier

This is the one inspired by Captain America The Winter Soldier Outfit. This is one of the half a dozen costumes he has worn till now. This is a more ‘secretive’ suit that was made by an organization he used to work for. Secretive in a sense, that it was built for undercover missions that were not designated by the Avengers. Here’s the guide if you wish to grab the Captain America Winter Soldier Costume for Cosplay..

Captain America Winter Solider Collection First

Captain America Winter Collection Second
America Favorite Captain Jacket

This Captain America Winter Soldier Stealth Suit is an updated version of Captain America. So, if you want to cosplay the new look of your favorite superhero then this attire is a must have for you.

Relaxed Fit Casual Work Cargo Pant

The casual style relaxed fit casual work cargo pant is a perfect match that fits well with your outerwear. It’s cool, relaxing and flexible.

Pleaser Men’s Riot-20 Buckle Boot

To make your superhero look more attractive, this Riot-20 Buckle Boot for Men is an ideal choice that gives you a classic tactical look.

The Winter Soldier Stealth Suit Costume Gloves

Captain America used to wear gloves to make his grip strong while holding up the shield and this Captain America stealth suit costume gloves fulfills that need.


Modeled up in style, this Captain America mask is only required stuff that gives a final touch.

Captain America Age of Ultron Costume

Captain America Age Of Ultron

Now this is one from Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and that kind of looks more like the advanced version of the previous Captain America costumes. This was made by his co-leader, Iron Man so that he can get a suit that gels well with today’s technology driven world. Check out the full Captain America age of ultron suit below.

Captain America Age Of Utron Collection

Captain Age Set Down

Avengers Age Of Ultron Captain America Leather Jacket

If you want to cosplay Captain America’s style from the movie Avengers Age of Ultron then this Age of Ultron Jacket is what you need to add to your list.

Men’s Outdoor Hiking & Climbing Softshell Cargo Pant

This softshell cargo pant will fit you well. It’s wind resistance and offers you elastic comfort. So, it will keep you relaxed and comfortable while performing stunts like Captain America.

Funtasma Men’s Gotham-110 Engineer Boot

Well, to make your appearance you need to wear a classic high sole boot that boosts up your gesture. And here this men’s gotham-110 engineer boot fulfills your need.

Men’s Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Adult Captain America Gloves

The next thing you need to add to complete your costume is this Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America Gloves.

Men’s Avengers 2 Adult Captain America Full Latex Mask

Well, this Captain America Avengers 2 Mask is made in exact style and it will give you a complete warrior look.

Here are another few items that complete the entire Captain America Avengers costume.

Captain America Items

If you are Captain America, and you have nothing on you to use as a weapon, there will obviously b problems. Now, every soldier needs to have a weapon. Captain America doesn’t use guns like an ordinary soldier, but a shield. If you are going to be the Super Soldier this Halloween, then you will need his red, white, and blue color shield. You can order it below along with a military belt.

captain america shield and belt

Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Captain America 24-Inch Shield

Captain America is incomplete with his shield. This 24-Inch Shield captures all the exact features, it’s a plastic made so you don’t need to pretend to pick something heavy.
Cartridge Ammo Tool Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Belt

Last but not the least this ultimate arms gear tactical cotton canvas belt is the final stuff that completes your Captain America suit. Offers an outclass combat specs, you can easily defeat your enemy in any superhero events.

Here’s all Captain America Costumes, and easily you can become Captain America. If you want to less it down, you can minus the Helmet. Chris Evan mostly in the mostly doesn’t use his helmet much, and yet he still have that character. Once you check and follow them, you’ll get the perfect adult Captain America Costume. Share and Comment.

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