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Everybody’s favorite, none other than the “Merc With The Mouth”, Deadpool. The D-Pool got his fans crazy up when heard about the movie and also the  Deadpool costume with weapons that everybody would put their hands on.Well you can for Halloween and it’s easy. That’s right you can now become Deadpool by following these guides given below. These will help you create your version of Deadpool halloween Costume.

So let’s get starteddeadpool-mask

Deadpool Halloween Mask Headwear

Deadpool can be seen hiding his face in the blockbuster movie with one of the closely resembling masks. Having the bright red and black colors and mesh on eyes, this mask is sure to drive everyone’s attention during different Cosplay events. Wear it to have spectacular looks of the superhero. See the world of Comic-Con wearing this unique mask. It also perfectly suits all those wrestlers out there who want an eye-catching mask.

Deadpool Jacket

Even when you are not used to wearing jackets, then consider wearing this during Cosplay. It is made to attract everyone’s attention. It has the same colors as the mask and a crafting of high-quality PU leather with a YKK front zipper. It is must-have apparel for all the Deadpool fans. You can also wear it on special occasions such as parties or dates to look unique.


F&H Men’s Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Pants

These pants carry the same colors as the jacket and are an essential part of halloween Deadpool costume. It is crafted of premium synthetic leather and also includes knee pads for added comfort. So wear these pants to have a confident look as Deadpool had in the movie.

Rothco Forced Entry Deployment Boot

Deadpool Boots are very vital part of a costume as they add to the overall looks. Ryan Reynolds can be seen wearing these closely resembling combat jungle boots which helped him to be in action. Now get this one and showcase your Deadpool attire. These are lightweight, black colored and crafted mostly from leather. Additionally, its rubber sole helps you to walk and run comfortably not just during Cosplay but in everyday situations.

deadpool-glovesSWAT Tactical Leather Gloves

These gloves are made of leather and polyethylene foam which makes it perfect for tactical purposes. Deadpool can be seen wearing these closely resembling gloves which gave him the added grip to be in action in the film. These black colored gloves will represent you just like Deadpool.

deadpool belt
New Deadpool Belt

Belts are an essential part of clothing to support the pants. The type of belt you can wear to showcase your “Merc With The Mouth” costume features a buckle in the form of Deadpool logo. Additionally, six pouches are provided in which you keep small items during Halloween, Comic Con Convention, and other events. The belt is sure to give you sensational looks during these dressing parties.

Don’t forget your Weapons for Un-aliving (Not Literally)


Twin Ninja Katana Sword Set with Double Back Scabbard

We saw the clothing part of the costume. Now equally important is the weapon part which you can showcase as part of your Cosplay. Deadpool can be seen battling with his Katana swords in the movie. They were slim and had quick and easy movements. Now get your hands that closely resembles as seen in the film. These two swords come in a set and are made from stainless steel. They also include a scabbard for their protection. Apart from Cosplay, all those martial art lovers can use them to perfect their skills.


Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Holster

This tactical holster completes your Deadpool costume weapon and resembles closely what the hero had in the film. It is ideal to keep dummy deadpool gun holsters to display during Comic-Con Convention and other dressing parties. Hanging around the thigh, this tactical holster features two straps that easily fastens. Its automatic locking system secures your dummy guns when holstered.

Deadpool Style Hoodies

We covered the whole Deadpool costume, but there are hoodies inspired from the famous character that you can wear in casual situations to look superb and to stay warm.


Deadpool Black Hoodie

Now get your hands on this black hoodie which features the Deadpool logo on the front and is crafted from a mix of cotton and polyester. You can wear it casually and even it would help you to protect yourself from cold weather. The sleeves have rib knit cuffs which further enhances its looks. You can wear the hoodie with blue or black jeans to look stylish and elegant.


 Deadpool Red Hoodie

This hoodie is a must-have apparel for all the Deadpool fans which can be worn casually to look smart. Crafted from a cotton and polyester mix, this hoodie is in the form of Deadpool mask ultimately turned into an outfit.  It is red colored and features the Deadpool eyes in the center of the chest. You can wear it with jeans or pants of any color while going to outings with friends and family and stay warm during the cold season.

Now avail them all and “Bring the Noise”. Get annoying and trick many people as much as you can. Become the new Deadpool and shock them all.  Also, do check out our section dedicated to Deadpool suits, where you can find everything you need to have related to the fictional character or DIY easy Deadpool Costume at your home. Leave a comment and share with others.

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