The Crazy Costume Guide To Become Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn costume

It’s not new when we know that there are quite a lot of followers who admire the character of DC’s crazy villain Harley Quinn, and different Harley Quinn costumes or outfits that have been used in the past.

They also considered her outfits to look sassy, which are best to work for at any costume occasion you tend to wear. People constantly inbox us asking how to do makeup like Harley Quinn? or how to dress like Harley Quinn? how to make homemade Harley Quinn costume?. So Here we present to you an easy DIY guide on How to make your Harley Quinn costume.

Let’s Start

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume

Harley Suicide

Harley Quinn’s first appearance on the big screen named Suicide Squad, played by Margot Robbie and Maaan!! She wears a lot!! Check it out:

harley quinn t-shirt


Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Shirt

Celebrity T-shirts are of high demand and especially if the character is very well known among the public. The fans always want to be like their favorite character, so they opt to buy the merchandise which is very close to the character in appearance.

Harley Quinn costume shirt design which is shown above can be used to prepare your Harley Quinn costumes. It is colored in red from shoulders to arms, and the rest is left white, with the text “Daddy’s Little Monster” written on the front. You can get it from Angel Jackets.

harley quinn jacket angeljackets

Harley Quinn Margot Robbie Jacket

Celebrity’s outfit makes them what they look like. This Margot Robbie bomber jacket is unique due to its two colors, and the text “Property of Joker” at the back. This jacket has a front closure and can be used for your Halloween costume.

red and blue shorts

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Shorts

Harley Quinn shorts are very much revealing, and it also makes the person look bold and stylish. The shorts are in two colors, red and blue. The right side is red, and the other half is blue in color. If you are going to make Harley Quinn’s costume your costume this Halloween, then you can get these shorts from They sure will make you look like Harley Quinn.

harley quinn boots

Cosplay Shoes Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Boots

Harley Quinn’s apparel is always unique and stunning. Just like these long boots colored in black and white that have the same design as the Harley Quinn boots in the upcoming movie. The red heel in the boots makes it distinct from others. These are available on if you are considering them for your Harley Quinn outfit.


Harley Quinn GLOVES Biker Suicide Squad Costume glove

Gloves are the attire for regular use for people who handle sharp objects or need some safety for their hands. These Harley Quinn fingerless gloves are also very useful while riding a motorcycle. They are originally worn by Harley Quinn in her upcoming movie, “The Suicide Squad.” These red gloves have a blue strip just as the character has worn in the film. They can help you complete your DIY Harley Quinn costume for Halloween.



Gold Studs Spike Stretch Wrap Bracelet

Bracelets are made to show fashion and nothing else. They are widely worn by a large number of people, each of them screening a different fashion for the viewers. Same goes for the celebrity merchandise, such as this gold bracelet which is one just like the Harley Quinn’s bracelet in Suicide Squad. These bracelets are a stretch wrap and studded with spikes.

harley quinn puddin necklace

Harley Quinn Choker

Chokers are used for fashion and can be of different types. Some superstars also wear a choker, just like Harley Quinn. Chokers change how a person looks because they are very much prominent on the neck. This choker has the word “PUDDIN” written over it in gold color.

harley quinn belt

Gold Pyramid Studded Belt

Fashionable belts are a mandatory requirement for celebrities, just like any other apparel they wear. This belt has the same look as Harley Quinn’s belt in the upcoming movie “Suicide Squad.” It has golden pyramid studs designed to depict a shiny look.


Louisville Slugger 125 Ash Softball Bat

Bats are used for sport, but in the fashion and movie industry, they can be used as a tool or for showing off fashion. These types of accessories play a vital role in depicting the actual part of the character, just like Harley Quinn. She is a hardcore criminal, and the bat shows her criminal character in the best possible way. You can get this bat from

Harley Quinn Batman Animated Series Costume

Harley Quinn Animated

This is the costume, which Harley Quinn first appeared (Thanks to The Joker) in Batman Animated Series. Got It “Puddin”?

Harley Quinn Animated Series Costume

Harley Quinn Costume

Since its inception, Harley Quinn can be seen changing many costumes and get-ups on different platforms. This costume which we have presented before you is from the Batman Animated series and will assist you in getting this costume for your Halloween party or comic con.

This Harley Quinn dress costume is a one piece jumpsuit with other accessories like gloves, boot covers, collar, and headset available with it. The Harley Quinn animated series cosplay costume is made in two colors only, i.e., black and red. It is specially designed to look like the animated character that has diamonds created in different parts of the body.

The color of the boot cover of the right side is red, while the left boot cover is black in color. This combination is also same for the gloves that show complete craziness. The mask that comes with the costume is black in color, and the headset which looks as of a clown is also in red and black color.

This costume is a complete set which has everything you need to get dressed as the animated series Harley Quinn. This Harley Quinn apparel will surely make your Halloween memorable.

The boots are also available separately.

Hot Movie Character Quinn Shoes Unique Cool Shoes for Cosplay A

Harley Quinn Animated Series Boots

These boots come in two colors: black and red. They are made from high-quality PU leather and will complete your attire of Harley Quinn as she featured in the Batman Animated series.  Wear them to have an appealing Cosplay of the fictional character.

Harley Quinn Arkham City Costume

Harley Arkham Asylum

If you dig the game look of Harley Quinn’s Costume from Batman: Arkham City, then you sure going to love this one too. Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum cosplay costume or outfit is for sale on our store, do check it out.

harley quinn arkham city corset

Boned Overbust Corset

Animated characters have to be shown in a bit revealing and astonishing dress to attract viewership.Harley Quinn costume dress corset is an over-bust corset colored in red and black stripes. The one which we recommend as part of your Halloween costume has the same look and has metal designs stitched over it, to give it a breathtaking look. This corset would make an integral part when preparing Harley Quinn costumes.


Tight Stretch Leggings

Skinny leggings show the lower body physique. These red and black leggings are stretchable and have four diamonds made on the black side.

Hot Movie Character Quinn Shoes High Quality Unique Cool Shoes for Cosplay G

Harley Quinn Red and Black Boots Arkham City Cosplay

Harley Quinn wears fashionable apparel in her unique way. These Harley Quinn Arkham City long boots which are fastened by laces are made of leather to give comfort and safety, while the distinct color in each foot shows great fashion.


Harley Quinn Inflatable Mallet

Harley Quinn has some serious accessories to counter her rivals, such as this mallet. This mallet is black and red in color and will give you the same sensation as your favorite character, Harley Quinn. The mallet we have for you is inflatable and will not cause damage in any way but will surely give you the same look like the original character.


Superheroes Harley Quinn Gauntlets

Gauntlets are intended to be used for armor and safety, but Harley Quinn has everything unique. She wears them for fashion, and they also look best on her when she is making an impact on her enemies. These fashionable gauntlets will be required to complete your Harley Quinn costumes.

Wait!! Another from the game.

Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum Costume

Harley Arkham Asylum

For the Harley Quinn in you to look more cute and crazy, then check this Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum Costume. Inspired by Batman- Arkham Asylum.



Batman: Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn Dress Costume

This Harley Quinn nurse costume is inspired from the game Arkham Asylum in which Harley Quinn can be seen wearing this outstanding dress. This dress is different from others due to its color theme, which is a combination of red, purple, and white. It consists of an over-bust vest, skirt, mask, gloves, and a headset. The skirt and the vest are quite short which makes this dress much revealing. This costume is a must buy if you intend to look like this Harley Quinn on Halloween.

We looked at the dress costume while the plastic syringe and boots are available separately.

plastic syringe

Harley Quinn Plastic Syringe

The fictional character can be seen portraying her qualities as a nurse to treat Joker. Now as a symbol get this plastic syringe and carry it during Halloween and other dressing parties to look like the stylish nurse of Harley Quinn. It is required to dress like Harley Quinn as in Arkham Asylum game.


Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum Boots

To further enhance your looks of the character these boots are perfect to put on this Halloween. Made up of faux leather, they have lace up design that adds appeal to your costume. Their shiny black color is sure to move you and your colleagues during different dressing parties. Walking and running is ultra-comfortable with them.

Harley Quinn Injustice Costume 

harley quinn injustice 2

Harley can be seen as a playable character in the Injustice game, and here we can see she looks equally sexy and attractive. The attire has inspired many women, and you can also wear for Halloween and other costume events.

harley quinn injustice 2 costume

Harley Quinn Injustice Dress Costume  

Take a look at the Harley Quinn leather costume above that is similar to as worn by the supervillain in the game Injustice 2. It includes almost the full costume including the corset, pants, belt and more. It’s made of PU leather and is perfect for Cosplay purposes.

harley quinn injustice boots

Harley Quinn Injustice Boots 

The last thing you need to complete the Harley Quinn Injustice cosplay costume are these boots that you can wear with the above costume. They are also made of high-quality PU leather and has the same colors as the costume.

Harley Quinn Gods Among Us Costume 

harley quinn gods among us

There is another version of Injustice game, and that is Gods Among Us. Harley Quinn is a playable character in the game also. Though not popular as the other Injustice version, this attire would also make you look attractive.


harley quinn gods among us dress

 Gods Among Us Costume Dress

This attire is the complete costume of Harley Quinn as she can be seen in the game. The dress is made of polyester and would be ideal for Cosplay purposes.

harley quinn gods among us boots

Women’s Cowboy Boots

These Cowboy Women’s boots would nicely go with your Gods Among Us costume. You can also don this in regular life when you are done with the Cosplay, and it would also make you appear sexy when Cosplaying.


You can use the Bat or Mallet, mentioned above.
This is it ladies, the Harley Quinn Costumes accessories that you can choose wisely. All you need to do for your side is to apply those Eyeliners (Real Thick and Dark), Color your hair, make Pigtails and paint your face white.

Do Share this Harley Quinn DIY costume with others and leave a Comment if you have some suggestions from your side about these collections.


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