Star Lord Costume Guide: Here’s How To Dress Like Star Lord


You will 100% support this when we all thought that Guardians of the Galaxy would be making good for months due to the astonishing star lord costume. Now that Its second edition is making its way to the big screen, what can be more interesting and entertaining than wearing a costume that we have noticed in Guardians Of The Galaxy movie?

Yes, the outfit of Chris Pratt when he wore in character of Star Lord. By noticing every detail on the costume that covers the look of the last movie edition as well as from the latest one, we can say that this will totally work for everyone. So a guide has been presented that can help you become like Star Lord, using these following items will create a perfect superhero costume.

So let’s get started.

Star Lord GOTG Vol.2 Costume


Chris Pratt GOTG Vol.2 t-shirt

As mentioned earlier that we will highlight some of the updated apparel with Chris Pratt used to wear as Star Lord. Keeping this in mind, we put this Star Lord t-shirt at the top of the list. Made from the cotton fabric, this exclusive shirt has kylon logo on the front and is available in cool gray color. So, for an updated look you need this casual fashion piece.


Mens Omni Air Mesh Motorcycle Over Pants

Now it’s time to pick a pant that looks quite similar with the one worn by the actor. And this particular moto style pant is an ideal match in this case. it is made from the best available fabrics and material which made it water resistance. It will give you a dashing look when you wear it with the t-shirt and with other attire.


Funtasma Men’s Gotham-110 Engineer Boot

To portray a tough superhero look you need pick the right accessory at the right time and here this men’s long engineer boot in brown color fulfills your requirement for sure. It has rubber sole inside and prepared from the imported material which made it a perfect footwear that you can use to complete your Star Lord cosplay look.

Calvin Klein Men’s Feather-Edge Reversible Belt

This black leather belt comes next in the list. It will not only give you a dashing look but also gives you an amazing adjustment to your style. Plus it has dual color option brown and black so you can reverse it accordance with your outcome.

Star Lord GOTG Vol.2 Jacket

This Star Lord Jacket from the GOTG volume no.2 is a recently added leather article that looks more awesome, stylish and attractive as compared with the last one. What makes this piece unique is its distressed look and the appealing maroon color which made it look compatible and stylish at the same time. This will give you a dashing persona in the comic cons and in other superhero theme party and events.


Star Lord GOTG Vol.2 Coat

In the second edition of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Chris Pratt as Peter Quill showcased his dashing look with a help of this dashing star lord costume. The new style Star Lord Coat highlights an appealing look that is made possible with the help of fine stitching and open front design which gives it a bold touch. If you are a die hard fan of Star Lord then you definitely want to have this masterpiece in your wardrobe.

Men’s Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Star-Lord Mask

Now you have both the jacket and coat, the next stuff you need to buy is this Star lord cosplay mask that is made available in exact style and is officially licensed as well. It’s an ideal choice for adults as well as for the teenagers. All you need is to grab this mask and get the warrior look like your favorite superhero.

Marvel Star-Lord Element Blaster From GOTG 2

Last but not the least to upgrade your look with the latest Star Lord style, the only stuff you need to add is this Star Lord elementary blaster that is available as a play set. So if you and your friend are planning to cosplay like Peter Quill then this blaster is a perfect choice for you.

Star Lord GOTG Costume


Slim Fit Casual Tee Round Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

If you are kind of a guy who wants to portray Star Lord’s old look, the first thing you need in this manner is a white slim fit casual tee with short sleeves. It will fit quite well on your slim fit and smart body. That is the reason why this white casual tee in short sleeve is an ideal choice for you.


Star Lord GOTG Jacket

Inspired by the very first look of Chris Pratt Star Lord, this leather piece is designed in an exact manner and has a pretty much similar style just like the real one. With such attractive superhero attire, you will definitely get lots of compliments in any convention and in cosplay events.


Star Lord Movie Trench Coat

This Star Lord Chris Pratt Coat reflects a bold look that can be seen in the shape of appealing embossed embroidery applied in the front. Moreover, the style leather patching applied on the piece made it a bold style apparel that you can don as a costume in movie events, at cosplay events and in parties.


Mens Black Armored Cowhide Leather Racing Pants

Well to give the jacket or coat a dashing touch you need to choose such amazing piece that compliments your gesture for sure. And this men’s black armored cowhide leather racing pant is the best option in this regard. It is made from the high quality and appealing gesture. Use it with your costume and as a biker outfit.


GOTG Star-Lord Blaster

This blaster is all you need to have to complete your look. Well, it’s a child blaster but you can also use it as an adult or a teenager.


Star Lord Cosplay Lord Mask

This black Star Lord Mask will fit good while dress up yourself like an old Peter Quill. It’s a perfect replica that is made from the PVC so it will keep you at ease and breathable.


Rockland-Hooper Slip Resistant Slip-On Shoe

Last but not the least, this black leather sporty style slip on shoe is all you need to wear to complete your cosplay or superhero look for the superhero theme party or for other events. This piece is a symbol of class and attraction for you.



And BEHOLD!! Here is your complete cosplay guide. You can use it to complete your star lord movie look. The jacket can be used regularly to style with a pair of jeans. While the coat has a more costume feel to it. So, go ahead make it your next costume for Halloween. Do share it with all, and if any suggestions, feel free to comment. This is the simplest and most complete costume guide you will ever find.

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