Your Complete Guide To Easy Star Wars Costumes

The entire Star Wars have been hitting the ratings high, and loads of promotions took place as well. Not only that, even the easy Star Wars costume ideas have become of high demand and many such as the real Star Wars fans are following it. Some still love the old trend, which is true that the previous episodes outfits are still remembered, but now Star Wars The Last Jedi Costumes are in as well. Here is a guide that gives you the opportunity to dress like these Star Wars characters from Rogue One and also others from previous episodes as well including The Force Awakens. So first check these easy homemade diy Star Wars Halloween Costumes ideas for adults.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi



Luke Skywalker was better known as the friend of Han Solo and as the twin brother of Princess Leia. Trained under the supervision of the great Jedi Master Yoda, he learned and mastered amazing fighting skills. Later on, he took part in a battle against the evil empire and discovered the truth about his father, Darth Vader. He was admired as a great warrior and fighter. Here is the complete star wars costumes guide of Luke Skywalker.



Known as the princess of the planet Alderaan, Princess Leia is yet another popular character from the Star Wars movie franchise. As a lover of Han Solo and daughter of Dark Vader, she has won millions of hearts and is still remembered as the most beautiful and charming prince. That is the reason why Princess Leia diy costume comes second in the list. Read the complete real star wars costumes guide of Princess Leia here. You can also try different homemade Princess Leia outfits or costumes.



FN-2187 better known as Finn in the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens was trained as Stormtrooper since his birth, but skirmish on Jakku changed his thought and brought him to the new patch that proves to be dangerous. He helped out Poe Dameron in escaping the first order, and later he joins Rey and BB-8 in fighting against the evil force. As a leading part of the Star Wars Episode 7, his appearance captures lots of attention from the fans. For the complete Finn Costume Guide visit here.



As a Jakku survivor, Rey has an amazing ability to survive on a harsh desert planet along with fugitive droid BB-8. She was a gifted mechanic, warrior, and a pilot. Later on, she joins Stormtrooper Finn to awaken the force in fighting against the evil power. Her character was highly praised by the fans and is become of the popular character from episode 7. Not only her acting attracted the audience but her appearance as well. Check out the complete Rey Costume Guide here.



Stormtroopers are the best-skilled warriors of the Empire. They used to wear a white suit that increases the survival chances along with temperature control so that the warriors can fight in any environment. Despite the fact that it’s a warrior suit, but it’s a popular Star Wars diy costume for Halloween as well. Read the complete Stormtrooper costume guide here.



Kylo Ren is the grandson of the Great Darth Vader and is the modern face of Darth Vader. Having the same fighting skills, Kylo Ren has made a great appearance as the Lead evil character and gives the tough fight to his opponents. And yet just like Dark Vader, Kylo’s appearance made a great impact in the audience mind which made his costume a perfect choice for the Halloween. Read the full guide here.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


cassian andor

We would be witnessing a brand new character in the Rogue One movie in the form of Captain Cassian Andor.  He is a Rebel Intelligence Officer who supervises Jyn Erso during the charge to steal the Death Star plans as well as serve as a peacekeeper between their crew. Well, he appears very striking in the movie by his getup, and it’s your chance to be like him. You can find the complete guide to the Rogue One costumes of Captain Cassian here.


Jyn Erso jacket

Fans all around the world are very excited to see Jyn Erso playing the leading role in the new Star Wars film Rogue One.  She is a female soldier who is eager and impulsive to bring out all her skills to the vital mission given to her by Captain Cassian Andor for the Rebel Alliance. She looks remarkable by her attire also. So ladies now you can dress too like the principal female Star Wars characters costumes who are getting more popular among the masses with each day. You can find the full Jyn Erso costume guide here.



With amazing leading power and as a head of Evil Empire Darth Vader will always be remembered as the greatest villains of the Star Wars movie franchise and undoubtedly the real crime father of all times. He was not only recognized for his evil act, but also by his appearance. That is the reason why Dark Vader costume is in the must have costume list for Halloween. Click here to read more.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens



With his amazing fighting sense and attractive, charming look Han Solo has made an everlasting impression in the audience mind and fans. That is the reason why diy Han Solo Costume is one of the popular choices for Halloween. Here is the complete Han Solo diy costume Guide.



Lived for nearly 900 years. Yoda was one of the greatest Jedi Master and the strongest amongst all the force. Having over 800 years of training experience Yoda is the most admirable character for the Star Wars fans. And here is the reason why Yoda Costume is the best choice for your Halloween. Click here for the entire Yoda star wars diy costumes guide.



Known as the Wookiee warrior Chewbacca wins millions of hearts. His short temper, the accuracy with a bowcaster and loyalty with his long time friend Han Solo made him one of the most popular characters of Star Wars movie franchise. Click here for the Chewbacca Costume Guide.

Poe Dameron

Known as the commander in the resistance Starfighter, Poe Dameron is a son of the rebel fighter pilot and rebel commando. He’s an excellent X-wing pilot and he can fly any machine. He also helped Han Solo, Chewbacca, Rey, and Finn in a battle on Takodonna through air support. He then leaves the battle to eliminate the superweapon known as Starkiller Base. Click  here for the Poe Dameron costume guide.

Star Wars – The Force Awakens Hoodie

Well, it’s not a costume, but a little something for the fans of Star Wars. This here is a masterpiece below.

Star Wars Hoodie

Take a look at this cotton and polyester hoodie that has the logo of Star Wars – The Force Awakens movie made on the front. The apparel would not only keep you warm in winters, but you can also don it for an elegant appearance casually. It’s also slim fitting and durable.

Star Wars T-Shirt

Star Wars T-shirt

This Star Wars T-shirt would be best for casual wear as it’s crafted from cotton and has short sleeves. Plus you can get it two exciting colors: grey and blue. The logo is made on the front. Put it on along with your jeans and sneakers, and you are ready for a stylish look.

The Star Wars costumes or outfits ideas guide is completed here. We have covered the getups of different characters from different Star Wars movies that would help you to dress accurately for Halloween and other costume events. The inspirational hoodie, as well as the T-shirt, is also there which you can grab for your winter and casual needs. We hope you have a terrific clothing experience with them.

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