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Joker costume

The crazy clown also known as the Joker is appearing in another movie, “The Suicide Squad.” The movie is yet to release in August 2016 but the fans are very impatient because of the high profile crew starred in this film. This movie has some characters who have thousands and thousands of fans all around the world but what makes this movie, an interesting one is the role of the Joker, along with her apprentice “Harley Quinn”.

From the very beginning, Joker had a unique way of conveying his message and a unique way of making his appearance. Fans of the Joker who would like to be like the crazy clown can be like him with our assistance and guidance. We will show you how the Joker has dressed this time and what accessories he have for his fans.

The Joker, up till now is seen in two costumes which we will discuss one by one. If you want some Joker halloween costume ideas, then you can have a look at these:

Suicide Squad Joker Costume




Joker Coat

Coats are of different types and come in various colors, but this coat that the Joker is seen wearing in the trailers of this movie is one of its kinds. It has a design of a crocodile skin and is seen in purple color, with erect collars giving him a dashy look. This coat can be availed in purple and as well as in black. This jacket is suitable for both casual and special occasion use.

black pant

Joker trousers

To make your heath ledger joker costume outfit, you don’t have to purchase any expensive set of pants. In fact, if you have a black trouser that looks just like this one, you are ready to go. You can have this one if you don’t have one in your closet.


Joker Walking Stick

Walking sticks help people walk properly, but in this case, the Joker has some other plans. He uses this stick for fashion and a little bit of support. Just like all other things of the Joker, which are unique in their style, this stick also has uniqueness, and that is its purple color. You can have this stick to complete your costume.


Jared Leto Suicide Squad Joker Grey Coat

This is coat part of the other costume that Joker can be seen in. The coat has a lapel shawl collar and is grey in color. This coat gives the Joker a new look and with this jacket, you can also be like him for your Joker Halloween costume.


Joker Dress Pant

These brown dress pants are very simple and could be one of them that you wear for your casual use. Joker uses these pants when he is out on the run, creating havoc on the streets. This pant is a part of best Joker cosplay costume which can relate you to the Joker.


Red Shirt

Shirts are apparel that anybody wears to look in a better form, while the Joker wears it for the reason he knows best; because of the reason that he is so unpredictable. Have this red dress shirt for your costume and you will resemble with the Joker in the best possible way.

joker wigSuicide Squad Joker Wig

As we know the Joker has a craziness for uniqueness, now we can see that this craze is for real. He has green hair in his upcoming movie, and if you want to depict his character on this Halloween, you can have this Wig and complete your costume.

The Dark Knight Joker

You all are aware of the famous villain The Joker, as you know he’s one the evil master minded villain the Batman ever encountered. But then ever since Heath Ledger brought in The Joker character in The Dark Knight movie, many fans have found him as an inspiration in terms of his acting skills and the way he dressed. So if you want to be one of those who want to get into the health ledger Joker Costume, especially those who are paying tribute to Heath Ledger, you can check in here and grab these reasonable items to create a new improved version of The Joker.

Joker Wig

Joker Wig

The Joker has always done something that is beyond an average person’s imagination. We can see the Joker in his get up with messy green hair; that is what makes him distinct from other characters. If you also want to look like him, or you are getting yourself dressed for Halloween, then this Wig is a must buy. You can have it for an economical price.

The Joker Shirt

Mens Cosplay Hexagon Shirt Costume

This blue shirt designed with hexagonal shapes resembles with the one joker wears. This is just like a regular dress shirt and collar but will make you dressed as the Joker.

The Joker Tie

Joker TIE Necktie TDK Costume

A unique dress demands a unique tie. Anybody can guess that this yellow, green and black is the Jokers tie, because it omits craziness due to its weird color combination.

The Joker Green Vest

Green Vest Cosplay Costume

Vests are apparel that can depict your class and style as per your personality. Green Joker Vest is a simple vest with no design and has a wide lapel collar. It has one external pocket and a four button from closure. This jacket will make you feel comfortable and also be useful for your Joker outfit. Pair Joker vest and shirt to replicate the look.

The Joker Trouser

Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Unisex Cargo Pant

Joker wears a unique cargo pant that is purple in color and is tightened by elastic by his waist. The cargo pants keep him relaxed, as they are a bit loose and help him move freely. You can get this for your upcoming costume party or Halloween.


The Joker Brown Shoes

Deer Stags Men’s Abbott Oxford

Shoes help people move in a better way and to show fresh styles. If you want to get yourself a costume, then you have come to the right place. These brown shoes are just like the one in the movie and will make you look like the Joker.

Joker Coat

The Dark Knight Heath Ledge Coat

The purple jacket is very skillfully created to give you comfort and fashion. It has viscose lining stitched that absorbs sweat and keeps you comfortable at all times. This purple jacket is a part of diy Joker costume which cannot be completed without this jacket.


The Joker Gloves

The Joker Gloves Adult

Gloves are a crucial apparel if you are handling sharp objects or work at a place that is relatively dangerous than normal circumstances. These purple gloves can give you an essence of the Joker while keeping your hands safe.


The Joker Knife

Joker Purple Knife NEW

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When Joker is in trouble and needs to combat his opponent up close, he uses his purple knife to defend himself. This is a unique purple knife that has the text, “Why so serious” on it. It is a light weight aluminum knife that will complete your outfit as the Joker.

Now, we have seen the Joker costume ideas that complete our joker DIY costume guide and will help you in becoming the joker for real.

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