A Fantastic Guide For Wonder Woman Costume And Merchandise


The most known female hero in DC history is none other than Wonder Woman, who is very much admired by the viewers for her appearance due to the bold Wonder Woman Outfit. She looks very beautiful and energetic in her dress. As many, especially the ladies are following her footstep to become like her someday. So here is an amazing guide that you can use in making your own new wonder woman costumes.

First let’s start with the one that we all know from the past.

The most famous female superhero in DC comics’ history is none other than Wonder Woman. She is also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira. The character is shown as a demigoddess and a warrior princess of the Amazons. As we have noticed in the past, the ladies who are a great fan of this amazing fighter follow her footsteps to look like her in the best possible way. So, here is a complete guide that will give you complete wonder woman accessories ideas.

Here they are as follows:


Justice League Wonder Woman Diana Prince Costume

Wonder Woman Diana Prince Costume

Wonder Woman is also known as Princess Diana in her fictional homeland. Wonder Woman can be seen in a very old fashioned dress, possibly from the old age times when the world had not seen much technology. The dress had a couple of apparels that complete her outfit and we will look at them individually to give you closer look so that you may get it for your Halloween or a costume party.

As we all know that the Wonder Woman was a princess, she wore a beautiful tiara. The golden tiara she wore had a reverse pyramid designed at the front and contain a star designed on it.

Wonder Woman vest top is of red color with black stripes stitched very neatly that created a design. The Wonder Woman logo is designed in a very creative manner to depict the super character. The vest has a back closure that is tightened with threads.

Her belt symbolizes her name and is of the color of her logo. The unique belt is a result of creative art and its design distinguishes it from others. The skirt is very skillfully crafted to depict an old age look. It is blue in color and designed as per the standards of a princess. In Addition to her costume, she wears a brown belt that goes around the left shoulder and waist.

To complete the modern Wonder Woman cosplay costume , you need to add these wonder woman boots, sword and shield.


Wonder Woman Diana Prince Boots Cosplay Shoes

These red  are specially designed for Cosplay and will serve the purpose well. They have the same colors as the dress. All the ladies wearing it will greatly get a boost to depict their outfit of the character this Halloween.


Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Sword

In different iterations, Wonder Woman had excellent fighting skills. In the movie Dawn of Justice , she used her sword very effectively to counter all her enemies. This closely resembling sword is as inspired from the character and can be utilized by all the ladies who would dress up like Wonder Women as in the Dawn of Justice movie. It is made wholly of plastic and an excellent accessory to carry around Costume parties.


Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Shield

This shield is a necessary accessory as part of your wonder woman cosplay. It is made completely of plastic and serves the purpose well. It is durable and won’t break even after a long time. The fictional superhero used it as a protective armor and now you can use it to enhance the looks of your costume further.

wonder woman red for death costume

Sometimes, superheroes lack their superpowers but still they still are superheroes, just like the Wonder Woman in her 70’s. The comic from the year 1970 shows how bravely the Wonder Woman, who is the Queen of her homeland, is gallantly fighting against her rivals. Her bravery makes her a real superhero. In this comic, we can see her in a simple white costume while using a heavy machine gun with her bare hands.

wonder woman red for death jacket

Stretch Junior Fit Taskwear Topper Scrub Jacket

Her costume has a white jacket that has a front closure and is fastened by buttons. The jacket thoroughly covers the upper part of her body that gives her an elegant look. The jacket also has to outer pockets to keep things within reach.

wonder woman red for death Trouser

Ladies Linen Cropped 3/4 (Three Quarter) Length Trousers

The white matching pants are a bit short and revealing her ankles and some part of her legs. It is fastened by elastic, and thread to make it a secure fit.

wonder woman red for death shoes

Womens Faux Suede Loafer Smoking Shoes

The flat shoes that she wears are black in color and help her stay relaxed and comfortable. These shoes also give a good grip while running in the battlefield. These shoes are easy to get on and off; that makes it the best choice for the outfit.


Wonder Woman- Lynda Carter Costume

Wonder Woman Lynda

Probably you might know Lynda Carter; she is an American actress, singer, and songwriter who was crowned Miss World America in the year 1972. She was the first woman to cast Wonder Woman in the TV series from 1975 to 1979.

The outfit she wore was a classy one and a most popular outfit inspired from your favorite superhero. You can also use this one amongst other Wonder Woman Halloween Costumes.

wonder woman overbust corsetwonder woman shorts

Wonder Woman Overbust Corset with Shorts Costume

This is a costume that every bold Wonder Woman fan would like to wear. Either on Halloween or any other costume party, this dress would never let you down and will depict the character in full. The Wonder Woman plus size corset has state of the art design just like the fictional character, colored in red and gold. Threads fasten it at the back that will ensure perfect fitting. The Wonder Woman costume shorts included are of blue color and filled with stars all over and they complete this Wonder Woman attire. These shorts can also be worn under wonder woman skirt.

wonder woman shoes

Women’s Halloween GOGO-305

The Wonder Woman Shoes or boots are made of a synthetic sole and colored in red and white to give you a staggering look. The boots complete this adult wonder woman costume which you can prepare very quickly for your Halloween or any other costume party.

Not only that, you got to check this out too.

Wonder Woman- Adrianne Palicki Costume

Wonder Woman Adrianne

Just like Lynda Carter, Adrianne Lee Palicki is an American actress best known for her bold roles in many television series. She is well-known throughout the country for her successful acting career. The show that cast this beautiful actress could not make it on air due to some reasons, but its costume made it out in the market and was one of the best sellers. What she had to wear in this sexy wonder woman costume for women and is an upgraded type of apparel which are elaborated as under:

wonder woman corset


wonder woman lace corset

Wonder Woman Lace-Up Bustier Corset

This fantastic Wonder Woman Bustier Corset is very fashionable and stylish. It has a shiny golden design that is made in similarity with the Wonder Woman logo. The red fabric has three golden stripes that make it more fashionable. The corset has a back closure and is fastened by threads for better fitting.


wonder woman shoes, trouser, belt

Fashion Jegging with Rhinestones

These skin fit trousers will give you all the comfort you need, including the looks to be like the Wonder Woman. These blue Wonder Woman costume pants will show how much you are willing to be like your favorite character.

COMET Womens boots

Wonder Woman shoes are an essential part of a costume that gives the personality an immense boost. These high heels long boots are made of synthetic and is colored in red with white strip stitched neatly to show the art of a skilled craftsman.

Womens Metal Stretch Belt to Add Definition with Bling

Wonder Woman boots are an essential part of a costume that gives the personality an immense boost. These high heels long boots are made of synthetic and is colored in red with white strip stitched neatly to show the art of a skilled craftsman.

Don’t forget these. The essential items, which without them is incomplete.

Wonder Woman Items

Wonder Woman Misc

Gold Wonder Woman Tiara Crown

Elope Cuff With Star Costume

Gold Shiny  String Rope



Wonder Woman Modern Age Costume

Modern era needs modern designs to cope with the current standards and lifestyle. Superheroes must also do the same to be in their form and attract viewership. Like every other outfit that depicts ultimate strength and muscle, this outfit is also a masterpiece in showing off its glamour in a much better way than before. What we have for you is modern age adult costume for women which you can use for your costume parties and also for Halloween.


Wonder Woman Modern Age Corset

To look fantastic like your favorite superhero, this Wonder Woman Corset is an essential part of the costume. It has the dual “W” logo on the chest area and is glittering red in color with yellow lining. The corset is made from the polyester fabric and is an incredible apparel which you can wear in costume parties, halloween and in comic cons.


Wonder Woman Modern Tiara

Wear this superb tiara to look breathtaking this Halloween as part of your costume. The crown is golden-colored and has a red star embossed on it. It is easy to wear and remove and is made up of fabric. Its fits rightly on an adult-size head and also have a shining effect. Wonder Woman can be seen wearing the closely resembling one and now ladies it’s your turn.


Wonder Woman Modern Era Leggings

These leggings form an essential part of your costume. Having a bright blue color as well as a crafting of mostly of polyester and a star print on the side, it also has the logo of the character imprinted on it. It is an essential part of the costume for ladies who would like to dress like the superhero.


Wonder Woman Gauntlets

These gauntlets fit comfortably on hands and wrists and sure to give you appealing looks as part of your costume of the superhero. They are crafted mostly of polyester and have a glittery golden color also with a star logo like the crown. Put them on for your Wonder Woman Cosplay!


Wonder Woman Belt

This sleek golden-colored belt is sure to captivate other’s attention during Halloween. Made up of metal alloy and ideal to fit on the waist of women and girls, they form an essential part of the costume of the modern era. Wear them along with the corset and leggings to look stylish as the character of Wonder Woman.



Wonder Woman Officially Licensed Boots

These red and white colored boots further boost your Wonder Woman Halloween costume. They are available in various sizes as per your needs and made of faux leather. A zipper closure is also provided in the boots for easy on and off as they go up to the height of knees. Wear them to looks even brighter with the colors as in the costume as part of your Wonder Woman looks.


Wonder Woman Rope

Wonder Woman can be seen carrying this golden rope to as a fictional weapon. This rope is made from polyester, and it has a beautiful gold color to it as can be seen in other apparels.

Others Items


Wonder Woman Leather Jacket

This Wonder Woman jacket is uniquely designed to depict the heroic personality of the Wonder Woman and is part of the wonder woman outfit. The jacket has a front closure and is a slim fit. It has the Wonder Woman logo on its chest that will remind the people around you of this fantastic character. The jacket is colored in red, blue and yellow, while the stars on the arms are made in white. The erect collar makes this jacket more fashionable.




Wonder Woman Red Gold Foil Striped Tee

This golden foil striped wonder woman t shirt is a fantastic masterpiece for all those girls who loves wonder woman and want to style up themselves like their favorite superhero. It is made from the cotton fabric. It’s a perfect casual wear and can be worn as a costume.


Wonder Woman Black Tee

This attractive black tee is yet another classic wonder woman shirt that is made from the spung ring cotton fabric that gives you superior softness. And it’s an ideal choice for all those teenage girls who wants to add swagy outlook in their casual style.


Wonder Woman Red Tee

This Red wonder woman t shirt is yet another edition that every single DC fan-girl must try. It will give you a perfect modern fit with great comfort. It’s a perfect superhero fashion merchandise for your wardrobe.

Plus Size Wonder Woman Costumes


Wonder Woman Plus Size Costume

If you are looking for an ideal plus size costume then you need to try this one. It is prepared from the best available material and is imported. It can be wash by hands. It’s a perfect fit for the sizes from 16 to 22, 42 to 44” bust and from 35 to 38 waist length. So you don’t to worry.


Wonder Woman Plus Size Adult Costume

If you have a normal plus size body then you can attire this plus size wonder woman costume that is ideally designed for 14 to 16 sizes. Plus it includes all the accessories like wonder woman cape, boot tops, gauntlets, and headpiece.



New 52 Wonder Woman Headband

The all new 52 Wonder Woman Headband is a must have piece for your costume. It’s a handmade item that features repo 40 resin and candy red paint that is applied on the star to make it look original. This headband creates a strong association between you and your favorite superhero.


Wonder Woman Tiara Headband

If you want to cosplay yourself like a classic wonder woman then this tiara wonder woman headband will complete your look for sure. It is made from the comfortable fabric with a star inclusion and it’s a handmade accessory of wonder woman.



Converse All Star Hi Wonder Woman Sneaker

This wonder woman converse is a must buy piece for all the nerd and die heart fans of Wonder Woman. It’s a cool and comfy style converse that can be worn casually and in the party, and in friends gathering.


Mens Sneaker Dc Comics Wonder Woman

This swagy yet electrifying wonder woman converse is an ideal choice for all the teenage boys who loves Wonder Woman. It’s a perfect edition to your teenage fashion. It’s a hi style converse that you can wear at any casual events and places.



Wonder Woman Superhero Pajama Set

This superhero theme pajama is a perfect choice for all those young girls and women who are looking for a comfortable wonder woman pajamas. It’s a two piece set collection and is prepared from cotton. Plus it’s down string closing feature keeps you relax.


One Piece Pajama wonder Woman

This loose style pajama is another edition to wonder woman pajamas that you can try with ease. It is made from polyester and is extra soft and easy to care outer. It’s a machine wash.



Wonder Woman 2pk Socks

These wonder woman socks are made from 70% of cotton fabric. And it’s one pair offers wonder woman action figure design. You don’t any reasons to wear this socks, as you can wear any wear your want.


Wonder Woman Logo Adult Slipper Socks

It’s a classy design wonder woman socks that offers one size fit and is comfort to carry and breathable.

Tank Top


Wonder Woman Logo Tank Vest

If you are looking for a tank vest that includes a theme of your favorite superhero theme then this red wonder woman tank top is a must-have attire for you. Made from 100% cotton jersey, this women’s tank top is cool, comfy and easy to carry outer for you.


Wonder Woman Lasso Racer Tank Top

The all new lasso racer wonder woman tank top is an ideal choice for you. It can be don in picnics and in casual gatherings and parties and also as a costume in a superhero events.



Wonder Woman Swimsuit Cape Suit

This attractive wonder woman swimsuit is yet another superhero-inspired edition which you can own for sure. It is prepared from 80% polyester and 20% nylon fabric. It’s a regular size fit and is available from extra small to medium. It’s an ideal swimsuit for you.


Wonder Woman One Piece Swimsuit

This modern style wonder woman swimsuit is an ideal collection that can be wear as a bathing suit. It has 80% nylon and 20% spandex. It’s a perfect swimsuit for you.



Wonder Woman Temporary Tattoos

If you want to add a tattoo on your body along with all the women woman clothings then you need this Wonder Woman Tattoo that includes the logo in a different design. It’s a temporary tattoo, so you don’t need to worry as it will not made any permanent effects.

Now you can follow the above-mentioned guides and along with wonder woman accessories and become the next Wonder Woman in front of others. Go for it and share it with others. If you have any suggestions, you can leave your comments too.

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