The Sexiest Dark Phoenix Costume Collection For X-Men Fans

A mutant has always had sides to choose for them to follow a path that will either lead them to save the world or destroy it. To convince a fellow mutant to join the good side is a tougher task than convincing them to accede to the dark side. It’s a fundamental norm as well, so you will know how hard it is to showsomeone their real potential and use it for the good things. However, having a good person turn bad under the most desperate situations is never a good sight, and X-Men fans will know how it feels when they saw Jean Grey become Phoenix. In this guide, we will reveal the transformations that Jean Grey has faced through this Dark Phoenix costume collection.

As you know through the last X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, Jean Grey brings out a side of her that she prefers to stay hidden for the better just to defeat Apocalypse. That side is known as Phoenix, a side of her that she has controlled yet but is more threatening to her as much as it is to her X-Men team. What you have before you are a couple of suits of the Dark Phoenix costume that have been displayed in various movies where Jean Grey became the Phoenix.

Jean Grey Apocalypse Costume

Phoenix Wig / Costume Suit For X-Men Apocalypse / Harper Boot

First and foremost, the suit here was worn by all the members of the X-Men to fight Apocalypse and his Horsemen. While wearing this very suit, Jean Grey unleashed her full mutant power to take the strongest ever mutant down. To replicate the look from the X-Men: Apocalypse movie, you will need this long wig with straight hair, the battle suit and these comfy boots. X-Men Jean Grey Phoenix costume jackets are for sale on our store, do check them out.

Jean Grey The Last Stand Costume

Heat Resistant Fiber Wig / X-Men Phoenix Cosplay / PU Leather Boots

In X-Men: The Last Stand, Jean Grey was considered dead after she sacrificed her life to allow the X-Men to escape the flood. However, they learn that she isn’t only alive, but she has also changed drastically. While wearing the costume that is presented above, she shows exactly who the most powerful telepathic mutant is. This getup needs a wavy wig, a stunning red dress with brown boots.

Jean Grey Phoenix Costume

Wavy Curly Cosplay Wig / Dark Phoenix Catsuit

Now for those who are huge comic fans and want the original and authentic comic book’s look, behold your ideal wear. In the X-Men comics, Jean Grey sports this gold and red Dark Phoenix costume. Here, the wig and the catsuit is all you need to portray the character. It keeps the original color and the logo in check, making you a real life adaptation of the mutant.

These are the three Jean Grey costumes that will give you the appearance of the Dark Phoenix. They don’t need any extra accessories because whatever you require is here. All that is left to do is that you need to pick and wear whichever version of the Dark Phoenix costume you want. And, stun everyone at the next costume function.

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