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Jyn Erso Jacket

A female soldier who can be fought for the Alliance to Restore Republic was only one named as Jyn Erso. She was nominated by Mon Mothma as a leader of Rebel Alliance. Putting behind a checkered past by lending her skills to a greater cause, Jyn Erso is impulsive, defiant, and keen to bring the battle to the Empire. She was a beautiful lady with short brown hairs, green eyes, and light skin.  Do you want to get an appealing look like Jyn Erso, if yes then you guys will love to follow this fantastic Jyn Erso costume guide and turn your personality into an elegant look. So beautiful ladies what are you waiting for come and see the costume guide of your favorite character.


erso pant

The women jean is made from the quality material that will make you feel more comfortable. Jyn wros wear this pant with her costume in the film because it is more comfortable than leather jean pant. You can wear casually to the work-place or to the outings which is suitable outfit for the women.


grey scarf

The soft, lightweight scarf is made up of polyester. This scarf is essential in the Jyn Erso costume as it is the part of her attire in film series. It is very soft and comfortable for the wearer, to control the cold or to get a stylish look same as the character. Wear a scarf double looped, long or over your head, depends on you that which styles suits you most.


jyn erso blaster

This is the toy blaster of one of the female soldier Jyn Erso. She is from the Star Wars Rogue One with this motorized blaster that fires glow in the dark darts and it also includes laser blast sound effects. This blaster can be carried with you in the costume party or Halloween with the full costume of the character. It is best for the adult and kids that give a great look of the character.


jyn erso vest


This 2016 brings Star Wars Rogue One in which this vest is worn by the character in the new movie of series. The vest is made from the cotton fabrics and has viscose lining inside. It is in brown color, has front pockets to keep your things safe and buckle closure at the waist. The vest is same as in the movie specially made for the followers of the Jyn Erso. You can wear it to the costume party to get a smart look.


The character’s jacket is made from the quality cotton and also has viscose lining inside. The jacket is in gray color which is complete resembled to the real one. This full costume is made from the finest quality can be worn as a dress or as casually. Fans who are waiting for the character costume then this is the first thing that make your outfit same as the Jyn Erso.


star wars gloves

These gloves are taken from the one of famous movie Star Wars Rogue One worn by the character Jyn Erso. The gloves are made up of premium quality leather. The fingerless gloves have a belt closure at the wrist. The perfect product for the fans of the character and it will wear to get a classic look of Jyn. The gloves can be worn with a full outfit at the costume party.


black shoes

The women shoes are made from the synthetic sole. This is very comfortable military style ankle boots. The character, Jyn Erso worn this shoe in the movie Star Wars Rogue One. Boots includes lace up closure, side zip fastening, and pull tab on the back and front round toe. This is a fantastic shoe can be worn while hiking or in the cold area. You can also wear it to the costume party to get a perfect look of a character.

So this is the complete Jyn Erso costume guide. From the head to toe all the items are available in this blog. The quality of all the products is best that can be use long-lasting. I hope you will be satisfied with this costume guide.

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