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In this blog, we will discuss the Katana costume from the movie, Suicide Squad. When it comes to superheroes, men and women are all alike. Some possess powers, while others have remarkable skills that not only does damage to the opponent but also provide ultimate defense. Similarly, we can say that Katana, who is a fictional superhero created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo, although being a woman is a lethal fighter. She swings her sword swiftly and quickly to counter her opponents.

The role of Katana is played by Karen Fukuhara, in the upcoming movie, “The Suicide Squad.” In this film, Katana can be seen in her bold dress with her sword and ready to take on whatever coming. The film released in August 2016 and was a big hit.

Katana Costume

For all the Katana fans out there, we have created a complete guide on how you can be like this thrilling and dangerous woman. Her apparel includes many items which can be classified individually for your help in making it your DIY Kitana costume.


Katana Leather Mask

A mask is very necessary to hide one’s identity and can also be used as a trademark for certain people. Just like Katana, who wears a mask that covers the upper part of her face, leaving the space necessary for her eyes to see through. It is of white color, and its design includes a large red disc placed on the forehead. This attractive white mask is a great way to mask your face. This mask is a great apparel to wear in parties or to look more like Katana in real. You can have this mask for your outfit and get a thrilling sensation like Katana.


Katana Jacket

Katana looked great in this jacket, and now you can also look like her.  It is black in color and possesses ancient Japanese writings.  It is made up of PU leather and has viscose lining stitched which absorbs extra sweat, and keeps you comfortable. This jacket also has red and golden stripes which add style to your personality and makes this attire perfect for casual use.

Jackets always provide fresh looks to an individual and a superhero as well. Many superheroes take the support of jackets to make their outfit more appealing. Katana fans can now get their hands on the jacket that will get them look just like her. You can have this jacket to make your Katana costume.


Crop Tank Top

The white crank top adds elegance to this outfit. This simple sleeveless top has a back closure and does not have any design or embossing present on it. You can wear this apparel for your casual routine and as well as for a costume party in which you desire to be like the Warrior Katana.

women's skinny pants

Leather 5 Pockets Jeans

Trousers are a critical attire that needs to be in perfect shape and size for a comfortable fitting and as well as to look good on a special occasion. Katana wears a black leather trouser that gives her the confidence and energetic feel to counter bad guys. This leather trouser is made of PU leather and has a front zip and button closure that assists an individual to get it on easily. It possesses a glossy look that helps in depicting a heroic character. This leather trouser includes five pockets to help you keep your things within reach. You can wear this trouser in both, routine and parties.


Karate Belt

The thing that holds pants in its place is the belt, but when talking about a Japanese belt, they are a symbol of human capability and potential. This red karate belt that looks just like the one used by Katana and will show your personality as of a warrior and fighter. The belt also puts you in high confidence when worn. It can also be used for various other purposes such as in martial arts or as a part of party clothing.

katana gloves

Katana Gloves

Katana wears fingerless gloves to get a firm grip on her sword. The sword she holds need to be swung here and there with sudden movements so the grip must be very tight. These black leather gloves will represent you just like Katana. They are long lasting, durable and made from finest quality leather. They can also be used while riding a motorcycle or bicycle or while driving a car in your daily routine. They also give women a ladylike appearance in their hands.


Lagos Combat Boots

The above-mentioned combat boots are very tight for a regular day routine and also useful to wear with any outfit. The boots have a front opening and are fastened with laces.  They are made up of synthetic leather and can go as high as ankles. Their elegant design makes them a must buy.  They can also be used for Katana costume as they are very similar to the character’s apparel. They are ultra-comfortable in walking and running just like one can see Katana in the movie.


Katana Sword

Since the ancient times, Katana has been used by Japanese samurais. They used this sword because of its slim design so that it can be moved quickly and easily. This unsharpened carbon steel sword is about 41 inches long. It will make you feel like no less than a samurai and will help you in completing your outfit as Suicide Squad’s Katana. It is especially suited for all those martial arts enthusiasts out there.

The items above mentioned will help you create your katana suicide squad costume that you can wear at your party or the Halloween. Now you can grab everyone’s attention by having stylish looks as the Katana.

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