The Potential Bloodshot Costume Of The Upcoming Movie

There is a lot of buzz being created by former Power Rangers actor, Jason David Frank, in regards to the character known as Bloodshot. He isn’t from Marvel nor is he from DC Comics. Bloodshot is a comic book hero that appears in Valiant Comics. This guy’s platinum edition is considered to be one of the rarest publications.  Just by looking at the 1992 character, you will immediately admit that he is one total badass. This guy is all about brute force and heavy duty ammunition. Moreover, the Bloodshot costume isn’t tough to get when you have this guide to help you out. So have a look at the simple items below.

White Body Paint

This tube and the one under it are mandatory. Bloodshot has a pale skin and getting that to perfection will be only possible if you use this body paint. It’s completely harmless and comes in a tube of 3.4 ounces. Remember, you are looking for an exact white color on your body. That means you should get two to three tubes at least.

Red Body Paint

Bloodshot is easily recognized with the help of the large red circle in the middle of his chest. To get that for yourself, you will need just one tube of the red paint. This has a dark red color, similar to that of blood. The circle can be made large enough to cover the chest area. Furthermore, you can add a bleeding effect as well.

DryBlend Black T-Shirt

Jason David Frank’s portrayal of Bloodshot features a black t-shirt. The red paint will be made on the shirt. The shirt that is highly preferable is black. According to the comics, Bloodshot has worn a black shirt with short sleeves and had the signature red circle made in the middle of the chest. If you already have a black shirt, you can use that too.

Load Bearing Harness

Also, in the newly leaked image of the character, this brace was what caught the attention of the fans. Bloodshot has this harness with him that will be attached to the belt. You will need both, the harness and the tactical belt, to give you the real appearance of JDF’s Bloodshot.

Black Tactical Belt

The next item that you will need is the army belt. It’s 2 inches wide and is conveniently adjustable. Since he is a guy that depends heavily on firepower, this belt can come to great use. It also adds an effect to the Bloodshot costume. The black color of the belt, that includes pouches, will go well with the pant below.

Black Work Pant

A superhero looks classy and needs to move around swiftly. For that, you can buy these work pants. This pair is in black and will go well with the tactical belt. It has the traditional peculiarities and is more durable. With nothing but the body paint, the pant ends up becoming a crucial part of the Bloodshot costume.

Multifunctional Combat Boots

As a combat and soldier-like appearance, these boots would work the best. These are highly preferred because they look like something a tough guy would wear. With the ankle’s height being higher than usual, it allows you to tuck your pants into it so that you look a bit different than the hero in the comics. It’s not necessary how you choose to wear the pant with it, but it could be an excellent outlook.

And, with the combat boots, the Bloodshot costume collection comes to an end. The superhero from Valliant Comics has now been given the spotlight, and you can wear it to any Comic Con event this year to shine. There are tons of ways that Bloodshot is portrayed and, by the looks of it, there will be a movie that will be released that will feature the character. An actor hasn’t been assigned, but in due time they will unveil the name. Till then, have a great time in dressing up as Bloodshot.

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