Light it Up and Fly High with Poe Dameron Costume Guide


As a skilled X-wing fighter pilot, Poe Dameron is one of the leading characters of the Star Wars movie franchise. That is the reason why he’s also get featured in the latest edition of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

Known as the most trusted member of General Leia Organa, his character is also popular and recognized one amongst the fans. That is the reason why we have decided to give our audience a complete DIY about Poe Dameron Costume Guide.

Let’s get started!


X-Wing Fighter Collectible Helmet

As mentioned above in the blog that Poe Dameron X-flighter pilot and commander, and as a pilot, he needs to suit up himself with a complete uniform and the first thing comes in the list that you need to have is this Poe Dameron helmet replica. So just put this in your cart to get the look.


Poe Dameron Complete Costume

Now after wearing the helmet the next stuff that you need to don is the boys Poe Dameron costume. It’s a complete piece and is made from the cotton fabric and includes a jumpsuit along with Poe Dameron vest and braces. It’s a perfect cosplay piece that you can wear in comic cons and in other Star Wars Cons.


Mens Henley T-shirts with Short Sleeve

Now after the costume, there is one more article that Poe used to wear in the movie before he give to Finn and that’s the jacket. But wearing that piece without a t-shirt is not a good idea. So we bring out this slim fit design green color tee which will look perfect on that article which we will discuss in the next part.


Poe Dameron Brown Jacket

The next stuff that comes in the list is the Poe Dameron Jacket that is also famous from the name Finn. Poe gave this attire to Finn when he was a stormtrooper and then code him with that name. So, it’s a must have piece for the those who wants to cosplay themselves like Poe Dameron.


Mens Canvas Tactical Pant

To give that jacket a dashing look you need to pick such style that fits well with your look, keeping this in mind we put this tactical style pant. It’s a poly/cotton made piece with a stretch waistband. It will never shrink and is wrinkle resistant.


Top Grain Leather Reversible Belt

Now it’s time to pick a belt that adds compliments in your overall gesture, and this black reversible belt is somehow the best available piece that you love to wear with this pant for sure.


Trent Work Boot For Men

Last but not the least, to compliment your Poe Dameron look, you need to wear this classic leather men’s work boot. It will not only fulfill cosplay look but can be used for casual and daily use purposes.


Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Finally, there is only one stuff that is the most demanded gadget and it is none other than Star Wars BB-8 Droid. It’s a tiny robot that captures videos. You can use your BB-8 with the help of your smartphone or a tablet. So, here the one last stuff that you need to need to shop.

Amazing Facts about Poe Dameron

Known as the commander in the resistance Starfighter, Poe Dameron is a son of the rebel fighter pilot and rebel commando. He’s an excellent X-wing pilot and he can fly any machine. He also helped Han Solo, Chewbacca, Rey, and Finn in a battle on Takodonna through air support. He then leaves the battle to eliminate the superweapon known as Starkiller Base.

So here is the complete Poe Dameron Costume guide, hope you like to read it and follow it as well to create your own DIY look. Share it on facebook and twitter with your friends and family members.  Till then goodbye and have a nice day!!

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