Unbelievable Ideas For R2 D2 Costumes & Merchandise


R2 D2 is one of the oldest and most popular characters of the Star Wars franchise. Serving as the droid of Princess Leia and later for Luke Skywalker, R2 D2 has an important place in the movie. Whether it’s men or women, boy or girl, young and old, everyone loves him. That is the reason why the R2 D2 Costume and merchandise are very popular.

So here we bring out some of the exciting collections of R2 D2 Costumes and Merchandise for everyone. Have a look and use it as you want.

For Babies and Kids

R2 D2 Baby Costume

If you want to give your baby a cute R2 D2 look then this R2 D2 Baby Costume outfit is ideal for you. It’s not just a costume for Halloween, but can also be used for your baby’s birthday bash and for other cheerful events and moments that you don’t want to miss.


R2 D2 Baby Suit

This  R2 D2 baby suit is another great option that you can choose for your baby. It is made from cotton fabric which makes it soft and comfortable, so the baby is relaxed while wearing this R2 D2 outfit. It’s an ideal piece of baby merchandise.

For Adults

R2 D2 Sweat Jacket Hoodie

If your boy is a fan of Star Wars, especially of R2 D2 then this R2 D2 Hoodie is a must have gift for him. It’s a perfect sweat-jacket, so your kid will feel more active while doing any sports activity.

R2-D2 Beanie

Now if you are a teenager and want to create your own R2 D2 Style then the first thing you need is this R2-D2 Beanie. It will adjust easily on your head and look perfect on any casual style.


R2 D2 t-shirt

This R2 D2 costume for adult t-shirt is yet another great option that you can add to your wardrobe. It’s a piece of merchandise that is soft, cool and comfortable which makes it ideal for casual use as well as for comic events and for other Star Wars related events.

For Girls

Womens R2 D2 Costume Dress

For all those female fans who are die hard fans of R2 D2, this Womens R2 D2 dress is a must have piece for you. It’s  sleeveless in design and available in a regular fit. So you can don it at parties, clubs, Star Wars themed events and comic cons.

R2 D2 Costume Dress

If you want to add a nerdy yet attractive feature to your look then this Women’s R2 D2 Costume dress is truly made for you. It is ideal for a sci-fi events, Star Wars events and for Halloween.

So here are some outstanding ideas for R2 D2 Costumes and merchandise. It’s not just ideal for Star Wars cons and movie events, but also for comic cons, Halloweens and for other places. Hope you like it and implement it to showcase your love and affection with your favorite character. If you like the post then hit the share button and spread the words. That’s all we have for now, we will be right back with some more costumes ideas. Until then take care and have a nice day!

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