How To Style Up Yourself In A Leather Vest


In the early days, motorcycle riders wore varsity jackets and sweater as an overall protection while riding their bike. Only a few clubs had their names stitched on the back part of their jackets which later evolved into a leather biker vest.

After motorcycles started to become more potent and fast the use of the war jacket like b-10 and a-2 became very popular among the riders. But later on, a new drastic change takes a place and it was counted as a totally unique leather article that is without sleeves or you can say a sleeveless jacket or a vest.

During the 50’s a significant force of rebellion was ignited among the motorcycle clubs known as the Hollister riot. This revolution and the need for functionality caused the bikers to cut off the sleeves of their jackets which are now known as “cuts”. The cuts were a trend and a style statement at that time.

In the 70’s and 80’s the cuts evolved into a leather motorcycle vest which took the spotlight and became a symbol of motorcycle rebellion. These were also adopted by sub-genres of music like pop, punk, and metal. From the late 2000’s till date the vintage 70’s style vest has been revived along with some adaptation regarding custom color and design. They also represent adventure and bond among the group of motorcyclists hence it is the most persisting icon in the motorcycle history.

The vest is a style statement in the modern era. It has all the qualities of a leather jacket without the extra bulk weight of the sleeves. One of the most popular attire is brown leather vest mens clothing that gives you a classy biker look with a bold touch. They can be worn over a shirt alone during spring and summer or under a jacket for additional layer during colder days.

Before buying a vest, there are certain factors you may need to consider.

Choosing The Right Vest

Factors like color, size, and style are crucial, but the selection standards might vary from person to person some might choose their vest on the basis of color and the others on the basis of style.


The color brown and black are two of the most popular colors when it comes to clothing. You can never go wrong if you choose to buy any one of these. Black is more versatile whereas brown is more casual, apart from this you can also try bright colors like blue or red to get a different look.

Style and occasion:

Tailored western vest and motorcycle vest

Ribbet collage

Choosing the type of vest also depend on the style and occasion, a tailored fit western vest looks good for formal occasions while the motorcycle vest is suitable for casual events and daily use.


When buying a motorcycle leather vests, you need to choose the correct size. It should fit well across the torso and shoulder. The vest shouldn’t be too big, neither too small there should be just enough space for the shirt to fit in it should also be comfortable and allow plenty of space for movement.

Which Vest Style Is Perfect For You

It can be styled according to your taste or the kind of occasion.

Casual wear:


Motorcycle vests are best for casual wear because of their fancy design. Long sleeve t-shirt and jumpers of colors like Gray, white, dark blue and red look very attractive when combined with the black vest.

Formal wear:


The western vest is not completely formal but is quiet formal compared to the casual motorcycle vest. To get a more formal look you can wear a long sleeve formal shirt with any matching trouser of your choice.

For spring season:


You can wear a black faux leather cut vest for men with a short sleeve t-shirt on a moderately cold day it won’t make you feel hot and uncomfortable like the leather jacket. T-shirts of different colors like red, blue, yellow, white and green in contrast with navy or light blue jeans will look marvelous with the vest.

During winters:Men-Classic-Cow-leather-Vest

You can wear your mens leather vest with a pullover or sweater during winter to create added warmth. It acts as an extra layer of fabric covering your torso keeping you warm and making you look stylish simultaneously.

Which Vest Style Is Best For Her

This womens leather motorcycle vest looks pretty much similar to men’s vest, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for women. It will make you look exceptionally beautiful while wearing this amazing womens leather vest.


The leather riding vest is a bit uncommon among women so there are chances you might be the only one wearing it on an event, which is a good thing. The style and beauty of this biker leather vest womens article can instantly get you the spotlight.

In the beginning, this fashion article was used for its convenience and safety in replacement of the leather jacket, but no one knew that it would evolve into such a huge symbol of style in the modern era. With so many designs, and styles you can get the one that suits your personality. After buying it, you should also know how to take care of the product making it last long and still look new.

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