Suicide Squad T-Shirt and Hoodie Collection

Suicide Squad Hoodie and T-shirts

DC Comics characters have always been dominant in the comics industry, although they have great competition still they have managed to be at the top. This blog contains a list of Suicide Squad hoodie and t-shirts. The characters also appear in movies and are a great source of inspiration for fans around the globe. The movie seems very entertaining, and the early reviews have shown that it may perform well. The movie is scheduled to be out in this August, and people are waiting for it to be in theaters more desperately.

The fictional character “Amanda Waller” which is played by Viola Davis in the movie is leading a government intelligence agency that forms a unique team named ‘Task Force X’. The team comprises of dangerous super villains and is responsible for executing underground dangerous missions.

All the characters featured in the movie are a master in their business. The cast includes; Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Jai Country, Cara Delevingne, and many more. The movie characters can be seen in staggering outfits, and now people are keen to have their apparel. Every fan wants to have a film inspired T-shirt or hoodie as their clothing.

For decades hoodie and T-shirts are in fashion, but the movie affiliations take them to a whole new level. The movie fans are waiting for the movie to be released, and they have started to wear T-shirts and hoodie that are featured with the characters. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Suicide Squad Hoodie and T-shirts



This hoodie is black in color and has a fancy text stating “Suicide Squad” on the front. The hoodie is splendid for people who are inspired by the upcoming movie and its characters. It is available on for a reasonable price of $20.99

VEBLEN Men's Suicide Squad Long Sleeve Cotton T Shirt


This full sleeves T-shirt has the movie poster featured over it. It is a fan T-shirt and is made of an exceptional quality of 100% cotton. This shirt is available for $ 26.99 on


Harley Quinn Hoodie

DC Comic character, Harley Quinn is appearing on the big screen for the very first time. As her character is kind of interesting and impressive, her fans are rushing to the market for her apparel. Just like this Harley Quinn Hoodie that features “Property of the Joker” at the back is available on for a quite suitable price of $39.00


Harley Quinn Property of Joker Logo T-shirt

Harley Quinn has gained a very fine popularity among people of all ages and genders, which is the reason why people want to have her Harley Quinn Tshirt or any accessory in clothing as casual wear. This female short sleeves T-shirt is made up of cotton and is available for just $ 18.90 on store.


Supervillain Deadshot Hoodie

The DC Comics character, Deadshot is known for his super-villainous roles in the comics, due to which he has attracted a huge number of fans. This black hoodie is inspired by the upcoming movie in which the character is played by Will Smith. This hoodie is finely stitched and is composed of 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester. It is available on for $36.95


Deadshot T-shirt

Early reviews have shown that there has been a major increase in the number of fans of Deadshot because of his outstanding appearance in the upcoming movie. Since the character is gaining fame, his merchandise has become a must buy for his fans. This unique black and white T-shirt is made of 100% cotton and is beautifully designed to give you a fresh and stylish look. You can get it from for a very reasonable price of $25.59


Joker Hoodie

Jared Leto is featured in the movie Suicide Squad as ‘Joker’. It is one of the leading role with Margot Bobbie; The Harley Quinn. His new look is loved by all his fans around the globe. So here is his photo featured Joker hoodie that will show your support for the Joker in his upcoming movie. You can buy it for an economical price of $36.95 on Amazon store.


Joker T-shirt

Along with the other Comic characters, The Joker is also very famous due to the fact that it is a very old and exciting character. He has been featured in many comics, series, and movies of Batman. For the fans of Joker, we have this electrifying black Joker Tshirt, which is made of 100% cotton and has Joker’s photo. It is available for $9.90 on


Captain Boomerang Logo Hoodie

The famous DC Comic character Captain Boomerang needs no introduction. He is well known for his appearance in American comic books. For the fans of Captain Boomerang who want to wear a movie inspired hoodie can have this one. It is made up of 100% cotton and it is available in black and white colors on for $21.00


Captain Boomerang T-shirt

With the rest of the team, Captain Boomerang is fitted well in the movie. He is a very fine actor and works beautifully in every situation. His logo and featured white T-shirt is simple but will boost your personality among other people. It is made of pure cotton and can be yours in just for $18.88 from

The above items mentioned can be used casually and are related to the movie “Suicide Squad”. This will help the fans get the best items for their daily routine and casual wear.

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