Get the Vibro Smasher Power with The Shocker Costume Guide


Spiderman Homecoming is going to be one of the most anticipated movies for the Marvel cinematic universe. With Tom Holland on board and a brand new plot, fans will get to see lots of twist and turn. Especially, the addition of two supervillains Vulture and Shocker is going to be a tough timer for Spiderman. Keeping this in mind, we have put something interested for the fans.    

Here in this post, we bring the Shocker costume guide that you can try as a supervillain.

So here you go!


Collared Down Jacket

The first thing you need to get the perfect shocker costume look is a yellow collared down jacket which seems to be more like a fashion attire, but you can use it to portray your favorite supervillain look.


Warrior Tactical Vest

For a close enough shocker cosplay look, you need a military style vest that fits well for sure. So here all you need is to put this tactical vest in your list. It will give you a dominant supervillain touch. Simply put it over the jacket and get the evil look.


Full Face Ninja Mask

Now you need a warrior ninja mask. If you have seen the updates about the movie on different movie news sites, you have definitely noticed out a mask that covers glasses as well. So keeping this in mind, we put this ninja warrior mask on our list just for you.


Military Goggles

Shocker fighting skills defined as a lethal weapon because he uses the most advanced tactical weapon to give tough time to his opponent Spiderman. And for a compatible like him, this military tactical glass is a perfect match for you. Just wear it and complete your Shocker costume look.


Arm Armor Cuff

Well, Shocker used to wear a highly advanced tactical weapon armor which is hard to find at the moment. However, we got this leather arm armor with buckle belted fashion. You just have to put it and cosplay your look with a bold gesture.


Men Military Airsoft Hunting Pants

Now to get a closer cosplay look of Shocker, you need to wear a tactical pant that fits well for your cosplay look. That’s why we put this military pant in the list. Made from the polyester and cotton fabric, this men’s pant is tough and casual in look and portray you physique with perfection.


Classic Military Leather Jungle Boots

In the last, all you need is a perfect men’s leather boots that complete your look, like this one. It’s a tough style wear that can be worn for a hiking purpose and also for outdoor activities. So, it’s not just complete your shocker costume look, but also a valuable stuff for other places.

So, here we are at the end of the blog, hope you like it and found it helpful for you and for your friends. If you enjoy the post then don’t forget to share it on a social media sites.

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