10 Mens Tuxedo Shoes To Complete Your Attire

Footwear is an integral and not to be ignored part of dressing in tuxedos whether for proms, wedding or any black tie events. You have the tuxedo to dress, but if you don’t wear your footwear as per the needs, then your whole appearance would look strange and out of place. There are some choices which you can opt for which would not only match your dressing, but you can also look smart and have a complete gentlemanly look. We would all tell you in this post.


mens oxford tuxedo lace up shoes

These mens tuxedo shoes would suit you for black tie events and would go well with black tuxedos. They have a faux patent leather design and a squared front toe. Its shiny effect would certainly go well along with your whole attire.

lace up patent leather oxford shoes

These shoes are specially made to be worn for weddings and other special events. They also have a design of faux patent leather and comes with a rubber sole that would make you comfortable while walking.

tuxedo slip on loafers

If you are not used to wearing lace up shoes, these shoes for tuxedo will suit you. They have a tuxedo slip on shoes and a patent leather design which would certainly make your whole dressing elegant and attractive.

brown pointed tuxedo shoesHere is a pair of mens tuxedo shoes that have a pointed toe and a stylish buckle with metal. It would suit you when you are wearing a brown tuxedo and would give a matching look. Plus you can get it a reasonable price.

velvet strap mens tuxedo shoes

Another choice is here in the form of mens velvet tuxedo shoes that makes it distinguished from other shoes with a velvet strap. They have a pointed toe and slip on style that makes wearing them easy. You can get them in various sizes. Its black color and shiny effect would add elegance to your clothing.

tuxedo loafers

You can even opt for this black colored tuxedo loafers that have a stylish design and a synthetic sole. Its cushioned insole would help in easy fitting and a comfortable experience while walking around during prom, weddings and other special events.

mens tuxedo shoes with wingtip design

Are you look for shoes to wear with tuxedo for a unique appearance? Then have a look at this footwear that has a classical wing tip design and is crafted from premium material. Plus it is available in different colors and sizes to choose from as per your needs.

black and white shoes for tuxedo

Another new trend in shoes is in the form of these black and white tuxedo shoes. It would perfectly match with the white shirt and black jacket and trouser which you can wear for formal occasions. It’s perforated, and wing tip detailing adds elegance to the entire attire. These shoes for tuxedo are available at a reasonable price.

golden tuxedo shoes

Want to make a style statement with a glorious golden colored mens tuxedo shoes? Here is one that you can wear especially with white tuxedos, and that would give you an absorbing appearance. It has a patent design with satin with gold striped satin that would catch the attention of others.

red tuxedo shoes

Red colored shoes are gaining popularity among men to wear especially with red tuxedo blazers. With a patent leather design, rubber sole and cushioned footbed, they would give be a source of comfortable walking during proms and weddings. You can get them in multiple colors apart from the red color as shown.

That all we have on this post on mens tuxedo shoes. Just make sure you select your shoes keeping in mind the events as well as the color of the tuxedo you would be wearing. It should also be noted that only patent leather is used for them and not any other type of leather. You can click on the images which would redirect you to the product if you want to purchase it. Hope you will like this blog and would find it fruitful. You can visit our blog for more fashion ideas.

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