Top 7 Styles of Slim Fit Jacket

slim fit jackets

Leather has been used by humans long before the fashion industries had appeared. From a flight jacket to the modern day slim fit jackets, leather has always made its noticeable impact on the people due to its protection, comfort, and long lasting abilities.

Apart from its stability and supporting properties, leather jackets are also a fashion outfit which was first worn on the main screen by Marlon Brando in “The Wild one” in the 1970’s the punk and metal bands adopted it as their uniform.

Motorcyclists were the second people, after the air force to embrace the leather jackets. All they required at that time was protection from road crash and accidents. But the modern day bikers use the jackets for both protection and to look good as well.

slim fit jacket

Clothes may not speak, but they undoubtedly reflect your personality. The first thing the person you meet notices is the way you’re dressed the slim fit jackets are surely a style statement if worn properly.

Before wearing the slim fit jacket, you also need to know the formality scale for which the jacket is suitable.

The Formality Scale

Business Formal:

Leather jackets are not appropriate for a complete formal environment. If you work at a place where people dress in suits you shouldn’t wear the leather jacket.

Smart Casual:

If you work in a casual environment, the jackets with minimal details are most suitable. These jackets can be matched with various colors of long sleeve shirt which are very much appropriate for working environment


For an everyday use you can wear fancy biker jacket with detailed designs these type of jackets are can be worn with any casual t-shirt and jeans you don’t need to complicate things too much while wearing it.

Styles Of The Slim Fit Jackets

People often confuse slim fit with the term skinny; slim fit does not mean to suffocate yourself with extremely tight clothes slim fit means the materials that are made according to your size which gives definition to your body. There are countless styles of the slim fit jacket, but the top 7 most distinguished ones are mentioned here.

The White Shirt Style:

The classic long sleeve zipper pocket jacket is very stylish and casual you can effortless throw in a white t-shirt with any jeans teamed with black shades and your ready to go. You don’t need to stress too much on style and combination when it comes to this jacket.

The Complete Black Style:



There is nothing cooler than the color black especially when you’re dressed in an entirely black outfit, paired with a slim fit silver zipper jacket. The silver zip creates an excellent contrast with your complete black outfit. It is also present on the two pockets which are located on each side of the chest. With this kind of jacket, you will look like a complete tough guy.

East London Style:


The east London hipsters love leather jackets. They are often seen wearing printed shirts buttoned-up with a slim fit double rider jacket; this Jacket is unique and has a style of its own. The thick lapels look excellent with the printed shirts. Never hesitate to try something new it might make you look distinctive and extraordinary.

Racer Jacket:


This type of jacket is fancy compared to the others it has a dry (non-glossy) texture with a snap fastening collar strap. The jacket also has a strip pattern in the center and a zip closure at the right side. The four front pockets are merely for design purpose, but small stuff like a mobile phone can also be kept in it. While zipped the jacket will give you a better slim fit look it will also display all the patterns and design of the jacket.

The Glossy Brown Slim Fit Jacket:


The smooth brown jacket with a little bit of shine is irreplaceable. There are no additional designs or detail on the jacket. It has only two side pockets which are enough; jackets like these are simple and very stylish it can be worn with a gray t-shirt and blue jeans.

Smart Casual Black Slim Fit Jacket:


Smart casual is a neat yet casual attire. To obtain this elegant look, you need a traditional black jacket with two cross pockets at the side and a dark color inner wear like a shirt or pullover the shirts should be of colors like green or navy to create a smooth, classy blend with the black jacket.

Different Color:


It is not always necessary that your jackets should be of the black or brown color. Never be afraid to try different colors like navy, maroon, green, etc. these colors look equally good if worn correctly with the right trouser and shirt. Jeans of black and gray color go very well with the navy jacket.


The oxblood is another color that is smooth as the Navy. The oxblood jacket is very stylish it looks splendid with the black jeans and white shirt. Keeping the jacket zipped or unzipped is entirely up to you, another great thing about this jacket is the hoodie which you don’t usually get to see with a leather jacket.


The jacket of this color is hard to find but if found you could be very lucky to have it, this shade of green looks exceptionally beautiful with black, you can wear a black jeans and t-shirt along with a pair of green sneakers, and you’ll look marvelous.

Whether you need to go out on a bike ride or need to dress up casually the slim fit leather jacket is very suitable in any condition. The leather is an item of clothing that holds high esteem while wearing anything made of leather you’re going to get compliments and respect for your taste in fashion and style.





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