Valuable Fantastic Beasts Merchandise and Costume

You must have seen and read about Harry Potter films and novels. It’s all full of magic and wizards but what if we take you into a story seventy years before Harry Potter was reading his books at school. It is what Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, is all about. The film revolves around a writer and his adventures into a secret group of wizard and witches. Set in New York city you can see a lot of magic, but not only this, the costume of the lead role, Newt Scamander, and others is attracting the masses. Here you can find all of the Fantastic Beasts merchandise and costume related to the film that surely would blow you away.


Newt Scamander Wand

Get this wand that closely resembles of that of Newt Scamander and also comes in a beautiful collector’s box. It’s an authentic replica of the wand that can be seen in the movie. It is a mandatory item for all your Cosplay needs.

Fantastic Beasts

Newt Scamander Coat

Next, in line, there is the blue trench coat that is crafted from wool and has a single button closure to it. It has a beautiful wide lapel collar that and is as worn by Newt Scamander in the movie. Not only this would do good for you attend dressing parties such as Halloween and Comic Con but you can also wear it in the winter season to stay protected.


Grey Suit

Newt Scamander can be seen wearing this closely resembling suit under the above coat that makes him looks glorious. Now it’s your turn to clothing like him with this superb woolen suit that includes pants and jacket. The jacket has two buttons on the front while the pants are slim fitting. This suit would also be excellent to show your gentleman style during special events and occasions. It is also suitable for a formal wear apart from Cosplay.


Brown Vest

You can also wear this fantastic brown vest along with the above suit to further boost your Fantastic Beasts costume. It is crafted fully of cotton and also includes two welt pockets.  Its button closure would be convenient for you to open or close them as per your needs.


White Shirt

A white shirt is essential to be worn under the suit, and this one is crafted mostly of cotton. It has long sleeves and includes classic collar as well as buttoned cuffs. You can wear this shirt as part of normal clothing apart from Cosplay.



If you don’t want to settle out for the golden bow tie as described above, then try this dark brown one that closely matches to that of the leading character. It is great also for special occasions such as parties and weddings apart from Cosplay.



And these vintage style shoes would do good to complete your Fantastic Beasts merchandise as inspired form the character of Newt Scamander. Walking and running would be very comfortable with them during Cosplay.


Not only we covered the costume, but there is also merchandise inspired from the upcoming movie.beasts


This T-shirt is made fully of cotton and impressive graphics imprinted on the front. It forms a great Fantastic Beasts merchandise.


Men’s T-Shirt

Another black T-shirt which men can wear is this one which has the title of the film imprinted on the front and is also made of 100 percent cotton.


Girls T-shirt

This spectacular T-shirt is great to be worn by all the young girls and teenagers.  It is crafted fully of cotton and features the cover of the book of Fantastic Beasts imprinted on the front. It is great to be worn casually.


Women’s T-shirt

Women would love to wear this shirt to show their love for the movie. It has the film’s title imprinted on the front as well as it is lightweight that gives a soft feeling when worn. Summers would go perfectly with it.


Red Hoodie

Now there’s a hoodie for women which they would love to wear. It also has superb graphics along with a crafting wholly of cotton. It is available, and you can wear it on casual occasions or as per your needs.

grey hoodie


This movie inspired hoodie would do good for all women to be dressed casually. It is black colored and has excellent graphics imprinted on the front.


 Necklace Set

Now you can wear the necklace that is inspired by the movie both on casual and special occasions to look adorable and give a boost to your attire. This necklace set includes six charms and comes with an extendable chain. So wear the charm whatever you like and add a magical feeling to your personality.



Now all the girls can rejoice as a movie inspired bracelet is available that add elegance to their attire.  It is made of leather and comes with a metal clasp. It is available and is a great Fantastic Beasts merchandise.



Protect yourself from the sunshine with this incredible cap that has a snap closure to it and made of high-quality acrylic and wool. It also has a beautiful embroidery as inspired from the film and it’s perfect to be worn on casual occasions.



Keep this keychain with you as it’s a great Fantastic Beast merchandise. You can get this at a nominal price and plus it’s in the form of MACUSA inspired from the movie. Its durable metal crafting makes it a must have item.


Owl Face Earrings

Another merchandise which is made for women are these earrings which take the form of owl face with a crafting of metal alloy. They would look attractive in it when worn on special occasions such as parties.



Carry your keys and ID cards with this superb movie lanyard that includes a rubber charm highly inspired from the character of Newt Scamander. Working professional would especially like to have this one. Get it as it’s reasonably priced.



Drink coffee or tea with this ceramic mug that features the images of the main character of the movie. Plus it comes in a beautiful box.  It’s a must have item for daily use which all the fans would like.

And that is it for this blog on Fantastic Beasts. We covered the costume of the film’s leading character and have also included Fantastic Beasts merchandise in the form of different items. They include not only shirts and hoodies but also everyday items that would be useful in your lives.

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