Conquer Superhuman Strength with The Vulture Costume Guide


The Vulture is one of the most clever supervillains that spiderman has faced after the Chameleon. With an incredible superhuman skill, he’s one of the toughest supervillains of the Marvel cinematic universe. 

Keeping this in mind, we have brought out the exclusive costume guide of Vulture which you can try this fall in comic cons and in other events.

Here it begins!


Crow Skull Adult Latex Mask

So to join the Vulture cosplay ride the first thing you require is this crow skull vulture mask. It is made from the rubber latex fabric which made it an easy to wear a mask. It features eyes opening feature which gives it a real look when you choose to wear it. You can use it in costume party as well as in Halloween and in other superhero events.


Green Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The second stuff you need to cosplay like a vulture is this green body fit sports shirt. It is made from the soft fabric, so it will keep you comfortable when you wear it. Plus its softness in the inside base, keep this outerwear breathable when you choose to wear it as a costume and even as a sportswear


Professional Tights Kelly Green

The next stuff that helps you in completing the Vulture costume is this green tight pant. Well, you can use to complete your supervillain look. You can also use it on another costume look. Please note, it’s just a pant there is no shirt available with it, that’s why both the attires are added in the list separately.


Adult Angel Wing

Now you have to get one step closer to complete the Vulture costume look and to make it possible this angel wings is a perfect pick for you. You can give it green color to enhance the precise look. It is ideal for costume parties as well as for theme events. So it’s not just for single use, you can put it for multiple appearances.


Military Cosplay Boots

In the end, the only stuff required is this PU leather long boots for men. It has no zipper, the closing is made through buckle straps. Moreover, it has one and a half flat heel. So you can feel the ease and comfort when you wear it with a costume or with any other attire.

Other Stuff:


Vulture Jacket

This vulture leather jacket is an addition stuff that was seen in Spiderman Homecoming movie. Michael Keaton used to wear this attire as a supervillain in the film, so we put this masterpiece on our list as well. The structure and outlook of this fashion piece highlight the reflection of his character quite well. So here is another masterpiece that you can try it for sure.

So here we go, this Vulture costume guide includes all the essential items. So just follow the steps and create your own Vulture cosplay with perfection. Hope you like it and will share it on social media sites with your friends.

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