20 Ways You Can Ask Him/her To Be Your Prom

Think outside the box

Wondering about an idea that will help you in asking your date to go out with you on Prom? For that, you have to think something creative that no one has done before. Here I’m going to give you some examples that will help you to know what you have to do to convince her and to build your own idea. You’ll be requiring some help from your friends, or you can do this all by yourself. Just what you require is to have guts to do anything for her and make sure your timing should be perfect. If you ask her in her off mood or when she/he’s upset then you’re just going to have the answer to NO. So stick around and enjoy this ride that is going to be full of thrill and laugh.

Why Don’t You Use Sidewalk Chalk

Road To Prom

You know where she lives right? So you can do one thing that you can chalk to ask her if she wants to go out with you or no. The sidewalk will be the great place to write this, but it will be something like Cheap so the next one will work for you.

Use Kisses & Simple Letter

kisses chocolate prom

Chocolates have the ingredients and the essence to convince a girl in a very sweet manner, they always work as they are every girl’s favorite. Then what will best if you please her with lots of Kisses and ask her to go on a date with you?

Pizza Prom Asking

Pizza Prom

Yummy!! I’m hungry now… Yeah, so this is a great way that many people has inspired and tried it to ask. I know you’re brave enough to do this so just go for it.

Rejection In Pizza Style

For girls who love to eat out or if you know their special dishes, this can work out very good, but sometimes things can go wrong.

Puzzle Style

puzzle your prom

If you’re good at making a puzzle, then this is the best choice for you. Write you date question on a board, cut into pieces and let your partner put together and let you know your answer. This is an interesting way to ask your girl out.

Cute Prom T-shirt Ideas

Prom 2015 T-Shirt

If you want to make an impression while you ask any girl out on a prom, you can make your Prom T-shirt with the name of your date on it. Write the question you wanna ask and giving her two options to choose; “Yes or No?”

Try To Make Something Special For Her

Bake To Ask For Prom

Girls always get inspired with people who do special things. If you want her to be inspired by you, then you can make her a nice dish that will lighten her mood and will also help you achieve your goal.

Try To Share Something To Her

Share Your Love

There are a lot of items in the market that can help you say out what you need to say. If you want to ask someone to go out with you in a special way, then you can search something that can say why you want to go out with her. You can get something special that will make her go to prom with you.

Decorate Her Garage

garage decoration

Try to do something special for her like this one. Balloons, paper art, and some alphabet are all that it requires. She will be surprised, and her answer will be yes. “Even I have tried this one….”

Decorate Your Car

Car Decoration Idea

Buy sticky notes as much as you can and also make sure that you will find that in the different color then just spend your time with your car if you really want her to come with you.

Simple Prompt On Lighted Stage

simple asking for prom

Sometimes, a little bit of simplicity goes a long way. This is the straightforward and excellent way to ask by just making some Alphabet with cardboard spell out P.R.O.M.?

Ignite Candles

Lamp To Prom

If you both are having romantic relations then just have some lamps or candles and decorate on her driveway in such way that it spells out “PROM?” This brilliant and wonderful idea will definitely work for most of them.

Your Horse Will Be Helpful For You

Horse To Ask For Prom

Girls who like animals, especially horses can be real easy to be convinced. You can also try this Howdy style to ask her and make sure if you go for this idea you should attire yourself in a stylish way.

Offer Coffee If He/she Loves It

Soda way to ask prom

Almost every girl likes coffee. You can write “Prom?” on the container of coffee and just offer her/him to have. She sure will be happy to get asked in such a beautiful way.

Good Morning Balloons

Fly To Prom

Something decorated beautifully can be very charming and will definitely do the job. You can buy lots of balloons and decorate her room in such romantic way that she wouldn’t be able to say NO.

Friends Support Is The Best

Friends to Help for Prom

Friends in need are friends indeed. Romantic ways to ask a girl to prom by bringing something special for her with the help of your buddies. Special things always get a special place in the heart.

Fish Pot Can Be Romantic

fish Lover

Want to be more creative? Write this line for her “Out of all fish in the sea, will you go to Prom with me?” and make sure you write it in a special way that it touches her heart.

Get A Kiss Instead Of Yes

Shirtless Prom

Some girls are of a bolder nature and would be impressed by something crazy. You can try with some shirtless dudes of yours.

Be Romantic And Creative

Pirate way to Ask

Let a message for her having your date question and give her in the bottle full of Sand. This is definitely an unexpected way and will surely surprise your date.

Use Cat To Ask Her About Prom

Cat For Prom

Girls love to have a cute little cat. So you can gift her cute little cat having a note that you want to take her out on prom. With this kind of sweet gift, she won’t be able to resist.

Please Her With A Gift

Prom Bracelet

If one of this plans works for you, then offers her a bracelet or something else that will be great for her. Gift, in the end, will be great to say Thank You.


So here are some of the ideas that will help you to convince for Prom. These are only ideas, if you love to you can do one of this for her or if any other idea has blinked in your mind then don’t hesitate and just go for it. Also, let us know about that too. If you still want to Brainstorm with some different ideas, then check this out.

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