What To Wear With a Varsity Jacket

varsity jacket

The word varsity is the alteration of the term university. Varsity jacket is also known as a Letterman jacket and is worn by college and high school students. The jacket represents team pride and displays personal awards won in sports activities.

The varsity jackets are available for sale in school shop; they can be purchased even by those who have not earned it.

The body of the Jacket is usually made up of boiled wool and the sleeves of leather with a banded waist and wrist. They usually have a hood for women and banded collar for men. The jacket is made according to the school color the body is produced in the schools primary color whereas the sleeves are of the secondary color. The students can customize the jacket color to a certain extent but not to the extent that it changes completely.

The mens varsity jacket fashion consists of a chenille patch on the left side of the chest, which is the initial of the high school it belongs to. The initial can be customized into a particular sport or team symbol. The name of the owner similar to the font of the initial is embroidered on the jacket.


From sports to fashion

Letterman Jackets have now become a part of fashion for the youngsters. The industry offers custom varsity jackets to new customers in the market. These jackets are now offering plenty of room for customization and designers are working very well with the colors and material to create it for all. They are quickly becoming a fascination among common people.

What to wear with a varsity jacket?

Styling your jacket totally depends on your preference, you can choose anywhere between classic and fashioned looks.

Fashion designers and models have adopted the season’s favorite form of outwear. To keeps your looks high fashioned these are the tips on which jacket to choose and what to wear it.

The classic style:


Varsity Men Wool Jackets

When trying to acquire a classic look, colors like maroon, brown and beige are most suitable. You can pair your brown university or high-school jacket with a plain casual shirt, jeans and decent shoes after your done you will look completely dignified and sober.


Men’s Short Sleeve Canvas Shirt

A casual shirt like this will go very well with, the brown jacket.  Shirts like this are cool, comfortable and have a pleasant appearance. Never wear flashy colors with the brown jacket it will create a poor combination making you look poorly dressed your primary motive should be to dress simple and look classy at the same time.


Men’s Classic Regular-Fit Jean

Light blue jeans compliments both the brown jacket and the shirt above, But make sure your pants are not too baggy or slim fit the regular fit jeans will do a perfect job.


Casual Vintage Leather Belt


 Men’s Leather Oxford Shoe

Now that you have a shirt and jeans of a lighter color your belt and shoes should match the jacket. The shoes and belt will play a highlighted role in you outfit the blend of the brown jacket, belt and shoes along with the light color shirt and jeans will give to an entirely classic look of what you aimed.

The relaxed style:

Imagine a situation where you’re late for class, need to meet up a friend or simply need to go out for a short trip, your clothes are scattered around, and you don’t have enough time to plan an outfit luckily you have the letterman jacket. The Letterman jackets are perfect to throw in, to complete you casual outfit. Here are the variations you can try with your casual looking varsity jackets.


Letterman Red and Black Jacket

For a casual look, there are no color restrictions you can try any of your favorite colors like red, black, yellow, blue, etc.  The jacket in the picture is a great example for a casual look, the red and black is a very nice combination and a majority of the people like it.


Short-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt

Gray is a versatile color which means it can match almost any color, but there is something different about gray and black the two colors create a perfect blend you can also wear a white or blue t-shirt, but a gray is a preferred option.


Slim-Fit Jean

A slim fit jean like this is superb for a casual wear it goes very well with the dark jacket and gray T-shirt.


Fashion Sneaker

Sneakers are very comfortable while walking you can run, play, jump or do anything you want with them. White sneakers look good with any outfit especially with the black and red Letterman jacket.

The preppy style:

The varsity jackets are for casual wear, but you can also dress it up a little bit. In the past, the Letterman jackets were a symbol of success and pride. To spice it up a little bit you can try this combination.

College jacket

Black Jacket

When it comes to styling up there is no comparison the black color, the black color jacket with the white stripes is perfect if you want to take your jackets to the next level.

Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Shirt, Rinsed Mid Wash Denim, Medium

Dickies Men’s Long-Sleeve Denim Shirt

T-shirts are good for casual wear but to look more preppy you can wear a denim shirt with the black jacket. It will give you more of a semi-formal look which is suitable for parties or concerts.


Straight-Fit Flat-Front Pant

With the denim shirt and black Letterman jacket, you can try something different like the khaki trouser; this color looks very nice with the dark blue denim shirt.


Men’s Vaughn Fashion Sneaker

Usually, your shoes can either match with the jacket or the pant but shoes like the one above can match both the pant and the jacket so if you want to look presentable shoes like this can add to your personality.

These are just a few examples of what you can wear with your varsity jackets; there are lots of different combinations you can try. All you need to do to be innovative and brave enough to try something new you might end up as the latest trendsetter.

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