Want To Wear Suit Jacket With Jeans? Yes You Can

For many, suit jackets are worn only for formal occasions such as going to work or attending events like weddings and paired with trousers that are part of the suits. Fashion rules are changing, and so are the preferences for men in dressing today. Why not wear a suit jacket with jeans? It is a question that would result in yes or nos even among the fashion experts and enthusiasts. Well, you can indeed put on suits jackets and jeans together. But there are some things which you must follow. We would tell you all in this post.

Choose A Suit Jacket With Plain Color

When wearing a suit jacket, you must keep in mind that it should be in plain color and should have no design such as pinstripes. A combo of pinstripe suit jacket with jeans would look terribly wrong. Instead, opt for a plain design and color such as navy blue, black or gray which would go nicely with blue or black jeans.

navy suit jacket with blue jeans

Choose A Jeans Of The Right Type

You must choose a right type of jeans when wearing a suit jacket. It should fit well and not too loose and not too tight. It should also have no signs of distress and should also be not stonewashed or ripped. Otherwise, it would tamper the ideal looks with a suit jacket. Have a look at the image below in which the right type of jeans with suit jacket is worn.

double breasted suit with jeans

Opt For A Rightly Fitting Jacket

When wearing a jacket with jeans, make sure that the jacket properly fits on you and should not be too big or small. It should also fit comfortably on shoulders. You must be able to move your arms with ease otherwise it would not match with the rightly fitting jeans as previously written.

grey suit jacket with blue jeans

The Jean’s color should balance with the Jacket’s color

Select a neutral color such as blue, black of a darker shade or pure white when wearing it with a suit jacket. It is important to follow this if you are to look incredible the smart casual way.

black suit jacket with jeans

How To Fold A Suit Jacket

Now that we have told on how to wear a suit jacket with jeans, we also tell you how to fold it so that you can easily store it for later use. Here’s how:

  1. Hold the jacket upright and put your hands in one of the shoulders and pull it inside out.
  2. Fold the edge of the opposite shoulder into the popped inside-out until the lapel’s entire length is lined up nicely.
  3. Fold the jacket vertically in a way that such that it is lined up to the width of a shoulder.
  4.  Fold it in a horizontal way in half in such a way that the shoulder’s top is lined up with the suit jacket’s bottom edge.
  5. The jacket can now be packed into a suitcase or anywhere you want to keep it safely.

And that is all we have got on this blog on how to wear a suit jacket with jeans. You can wear suit jackets especially in a smart casual way and the trendy business casual dress code. Just follow the guidelines we have provided, and you are ready to look elegant. Plus we have also told you on how to fold a suit jacket for easy and secure storage. Till then have a good time.

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