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Gatsby Suit Collection

great gatsby suit
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Gatsby Style Men

We hear the word Gatsby Style tossed around very often, but what does it depict. The Great Gatsby Style signifies sophistication, symbolic imagery, and poetic language to trigger a sensitive nostalgia. You’ve certainly watched the movie “The Great Gatsby” it revied the interest in a classic 1920s men suits.

The 1920s style, even though being a century old, is seen as a sign of pure class and luxury. If you invited for a vintage theme party or as the matter of face, any grand event where you need to look at your best, the 1920 suit is the best choice. Here are some suiting inspirations from the movie available exclusively at Angel Jackets.

Leonardo Great Gatsby Off White Suit


Here you can see Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby wearing a white peak lapel three-button suit with brown waistcoat and walking cane. It’s a perfect depiction of classic 1920s fashion. The suit is available at Angel Jackets.

Tobey Maguire Great Gatsby Suit


In this scene, you can see Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway wearing a medium brown notch lapel suit with dark brown six-button waistcoat, brown bowtie, and a hat. The Tobey Maguire Gatsby suit style is traditional and the best way to grab attention for your next big event. 

These were only a couple of examples of how the classic gatsby suits can boost your dressing game. There are a lot more elegant suiting options inspired by the movie available with custom sizes only on Angel Jackets.

People Also Ask For

1. What should I wear to a Great Gatsby party?

A. You have got tons of choices for suits when it comes to attending a Great Gatsby party. Typically, you can try any vintage 1920s suit, but Leonardo DiCaprio's off-white three-piece suit is best for you if you want a more sophisticated look.

2. Where can I buy mens clothes in the 1920s?

A. With the massive demand for 1920s suits, almost all stores, including the brick-and-mortar and online stores, have them. But if you want to buy a 1920s suit without breaking the bank, you must check the Angel Jackets collection.  

3. What did 1920 gangster wear?

A. A 1920 gangster's ensemble consisted of a matching color wide pinstripe suit in neutral tones, a regular fit jacket, pleated style trousers, and a non-pinstripe vest. Additionally, the bend fedora hat and cigar were their symbol of identification.

4. Can I wear a Great Gatsby suit to wedding?

A. Yes, you can certainly wear a Gatsby suit to a wedding unless the theme is not modern. Also, the Great Gatsby Pink suit will look great compared to other suits because it is styled decent and doesn’t stress gangsterism.

5. What does Gatsby white suit symbolize?

A. For Gatsby, the white suit symbolizes his corruption and innocent boyish nature at some moments. But it doesn’t mean that people will portray you the same if you wear a similar suit. By the way, don’t forget that this story is just based on a novel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Great Gatsby dress code?

A. Great Gatsby's dress code represents the same 1920s vintage look. It consists of a pinstripe, plain, or houndstooth texture suit with matching pants but a plain color vest. The endpoints' accessories include a round hat, golden or brown cane stick, and two-tone brogue style shoes.

2. How should a Leonardo DiCaprio Great Gatsby suit fit?

A. Leonardo DiCaprio Gatsby suits fit regular. This fit is also called traditional, which is looser than the modern fit. In contrast to that, the modern fit fits roomier but accentuates the chest and tapers around the waist shaping the body elegantly.

3. What is a Gatsby wedding?

A. Gatsby's wedding is a wedding theme that replicates the similar 1920s nostalgic look. Nowadays, this theme is trending a lot, consequently increasing the demand for Gatsby's suits and dresses. If you want to attend such a wedding without breaking the bank, check out the Angel Jackets classics collections.

4. What shoes go with a Gatsby suits?

A. Cap toe leather boots, embossed patterns boxy toe shoes, wingtip shoes in brown, black, or white color go well with any Gatsby suit. In the 1920s, people also used to wear the same style of shoes in two tones colors with a casual outfit. Though, you can wear them with classic suits since this fashion rule is not common among people nowadays.  

5. Are Great Gatsby suits expensive?

A. There two types of stores that offer Gatsby suits; first, the leading brands that charge too much for their brand name, and second that charge very low but offers a costume-like outfit that you’ll embarrass to wear to any event. In contrast to both of them, Angel Jackets gives screen detail suit with custom-made options at an affordable price with free shipping.

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