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Womens Shearling Leather Jackets

winter brown shearling coat
$368.00 $292.00
Women Shearling leather jacket
$368.00 $309.00
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black leather shearling coat for women
$355.00 $309.00
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bomber leather jacket shearling jacket
$355.00 $279.00
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black fur collar leather coat for women
$343.00 $289.00
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sherling leather coat womens
$343.00 $289.00
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Shearling leather jacket is one of the luxuries and most demanded pieces of women’s closet. It is super comfort and warmth but also a timelessly stylish piece. It’s best for unpredictable chill weather. You will find various shearling leather jackets and coats style to team up for a casual or formal outfit at Angel Jackets at affordable prices.


Styles of Shearling Coat Womens

Finding the right women's shearling coats and jackets is tricky because you need to first know which style is suitable for the cold weather. Let us share a few winter staples you will love to wear. 



Brown Shearling Jacket Women's

If you opt for elegancy, you need to try this brown fur jacket in biker style. Round it off with your favorite pair of boots, jeans and dress. It will add sleek casually awesome look to your appearance if paired with the right matching clothes



Brown Shearling Jacket Women's

Some styles will never leave the trend and this jacket is one of them. You don't have to put too much efforts when layering this An instant go-to jacket with faux fur that will put a different spin on your getup. 


Dark Brown Shearling Coat

Your life saver in winter needs to be a long coat. For the reason, you need to layer one of our dark brown coat with fur collar. It'll be your favorite coat once your style it. 

Our women's shearling leather jackets are made of lambskin in different colors and styles range. Our collection includes black and brown shearling jackets, jackets with hood, long coats, etc. You can underline your look by wearing these collections with a tee, sweater, top, dress, jeans, matching shoes, boots, sandals, and sneakers.

Angel jackets is striving for customer satisfaction and quality because we use high-quality leather comes from lambskin craft by highly professional to ensure the best quality and longevity. To achieve the super chic look, and make a smart investment, browse our fantastic collection and get your favorite one. We will provide the best quality winter jacket you will wear for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is shearling considered fur?

Yes, it's a fur made of lambskin or sheepskin. It is soft and skin-friendly which you can wear all year round only if it's not too hot. Fall and winter is the best season to style. 

How do I keep my shearling soft?

When done wearing, hang it inside your closet and give it plenty of room. Avoid hanging in direct heat exposure because it will dry the fur. You can also use hair dryer but avoid using to close to the fur. 

Are shearling coats heavy?

The heaviness is not because of the fur but the overall garment itself can put weight on the body. Fur can be extremely lightweight. A real fur may add heaviness to the body if it's made of bison or big animal furs. 

How do you repair or fix a fur?

You can use various options like glueing it back or take it to an expert who may use tools or creative ways to patch the fallen fur. 

How to clean fur? 

Fur is delicate which means it can be stained easily. Use light water or rub with alcohol then let it dry for a few hours. You can also use hair dryer or a brush to clean dust.

Why are shearling Jackets women so expensive?

Because it goes to various process to create a single fur jacket. First company searches for the right type fur then it goes through process of removing anything that causes rash to the skin. Then these skins are stitched to the jacket using hand work, tool and equipments. 

People Also Ask For

Are shearling jackets warm?

Undeniably, shearling jackets are amazingly warm outwears and are best for extremely cold climates. The outer surface is made out of shearling which looks like a furry fabric and the inside is lined with synthetic fleece or wool lining.

 Can you wear a shearling coat in the rain?

If it’s raining out, you shouldn’t choose to wear a shearling jacket. Although, if you get caught in the rain while wearing a shearling jacket. It won’t harm the quality of your jacket, so don’t worry.

What's the difference between sheepskin and shearling?

There’s a minor difference between a shearling and sheepskin. Sheepskin is the hide of a sheep, while a shearling is the hide of a lamb.

What temperature should you wear shearling?

Generally, a shearling jacket can be worn between 50 to 60 degrees. However, if the temperature even goes down to that, shearling will stand as the best option to keep your body warm and cozy.

Can you wash a shearling coat?

No. A trip through the washing machine and a dryer can easily kill an excellent quality shearling coat. So do not put your shearling coat in a machine or dryer.

What is faux shearling?

Faux shearling is a synthetic material that feels and looks like real lambskin. Unlike real shearling, you can even machine wash it.

Is faux fur more expensive than real fur?

Typically, faux fur is cheaper than real fur. But if you’re looking for a premium quality faux fur, it may cost you more.

How do you style a shearling jacket?

For a signature style during winter, you can throw your shearling jacket over a grey turtleneck and can pair it with skinny black jeans and ankle boots. 

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