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Innovative and Eco-Friendly


We are proud of our craftsmanship because what we offer are made from the finest leather goods that are sustainable and highly durable. Our love for leather jackets directed us to create a company focused on budget-friendly fashion while following various ecological ways.

how is your leather jacket

sustainable & eco-friendly?

Much of our leather items are produced in warehouses located overseas. Our leathers are sustainable because we source these from local providers that treat their animals with care.

Plus, we minimized the impact on the environment by not using polluting materials. This includes plastic, wood items or any sort of hazardous chemical that creates industrial waste and pollutes the environment. Thus, making our leather outerwear more eco-friendly.

In other words, our leather jackets are contributing to your style but also polluting less.

Beyond just eco-friendly!

We go extra mile for our customers to ensure they get the best from our brand. Unlike other companies that depend on large machineries, our jackets are designed by in-house labor. This not only makes our stylish jackets affordable but also provides employment to low-income families.

At Angel Jackets, we are very proud that we can help these people and their families by providing in-house work, training, timely benefits and an ideal living wage. By buying from us, you are not only gifting yourself a vintage style but also supporting a great family!

A Good Business That Supports!

“We not only sell but also educate our customers about what they are buying from us and why.”

Our main office is in Chicago, but products are crafted overseas. Yes, what you see is a stylish jacket, but it has a story behind it.

Our design for the leather jacket had two goals. One was to make sure it is durable and lasting - that does not impact the environment. Second, concerns about poverty in South Asian countries.

In order to help poverty and climate, we set up production facilities there.


Our Leather Promise!


At Angel Jackets, we believe in making customers a part of our family and providing them with the best quality product that is visually beautiful and complements your existence.

What you will get from us is the most valuable fashion luxury that gets better with age. Plus, it’s sustainable, eco-friendly, stylish, and real!

This is what we strive for, and hope that you, as our customer, will become a part of our story.

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