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1920s Mens Suit

The 1920s Gatsby Attire For Male


Suits are unarguably the classiest outfit a man can wear. It isn’t merely about wearing a suit; there’s actually a lot more that goes into it. It’s all about the attention to the details, tailored fit and specific rules of thumb you MUST follow.

1)The seams should sit on top of the shoulder bone.

2)Keep the last button unfastened

3)Avoid baggy trouser

4)Avoid extra accessories

5)Light pocket square for a dark suit

6)Tie should contrast

Now that you know the importance of a suit lets go back to the classic roots of 1920s suit that were influenced by the popular jazz culture. The traditional costumes are a style staple even in the modern era due to the rising popularity of 20s style. Here are some vintage mens clothing combined with modern fit by Angel Jackets.

Roaring 1920s mens suits:

Checkered suit

Checkered 1920s Suits are a timeless fashion piece. When choosing a check for suit make sure you keep the shirt and tie plain. Here are some exclusives available at angeljackets.


Blue Check SuitGrey Check Suit

1920s gangster costume style

The 1920s gangsters were people who controlled illegal alcohol distribution. They controlled certain areas of large cities which resulted in territorial conflicts between gangs that resulted in an unpleasant outcome we are not promoting any negativity here, but the dressing style is worth copying. The mobs dressed up in dark suits like brown blue and grey never black, with matching waistcoat & pants, hat, and cigar. You can acquire the same look with these 1920 gangster suits.


Brown Gangster Suit Dark Blue Double Breasted

Mens Gatsby Costume

Credits to the fantastic movie for bringing back the Gatsby look from the early 20s into fashion, they serve as some of the best 1920s mens formal wear for wedding and proms here are some inspirations.


Tweed Wool SuitNavy three piece suit

All in all the 1920 outfits come with a totally different essence of style all you need to do is pair it with the correct shirt, tie, and other accessories

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