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Choosing The Right Collar Lapel

Collars are a crucial part of a coat because of their prominent display in the dressing. There are various styles in which the collars can be set up. That surely depends on the type of gathering you are going to. In addition to the styles, there are also changes in the number of buttons that a collar holds.

Peak lapel collars are the best because suits with peak lapel collars can blend in every type of gathering. They show decency and elegance in their design. Peak lapel collar with a single button is also widely used in three-piece suits because they give a good exposure of the vest.


Collar Lapel For Formal Occasion

Business meetings are formal and require attire of the same class. Since there are collars of different types, like peak lapel, and a notch lapel collar. Buttons also vary from suit to suit according to the person’s desire.

If you have continuous business meetings and are regularly in office, then you should opt for a double button notched lapel suit. The double button holds the suit to its place, while the notched lapel collar portrays an image of a person with high class.


Right Measurement For Tie

All accessories should be in accordance with the suit. That includes the tie that you wear with your three piece suit. The tie not only should match with the rest of the suit but should also be in accordance with the collars.

The width of the tie must equal the width of the collar. This shows perfection in the dressing and will make you stand out from the crowd. With this perfection, you can walk into any formal gathering with confidence.


Appropriate Arm Lengths

Shirts in contrast with the suit show great fashion, and suit with a proper arm length makes a fitting perfect. Whenever you intend to buy a three piece suit, you should make sure that you have the right arm length size.

To get the suit in perfect fitting, you should make sure that you buy a suit that exposes a half inch of the shirt’s cuff. This displays the shirt which you have worn beneath the suit, and it surely will be in accordance with the suit so it will give a splendid look.


Double And Single Vents

The styling of a suit is very much important when it comes to a three piece suit. Suits are made with different fashions because every individual has its own taste and choice of fashion. Suits comprise of single and double vents at the back which can be chosen by the person according to his liking.

Most of the people prefer double vent suits due to the fact that they show elegance and class. Double vent suits are mostly preferred for weddings and formal meetings. People who are pragmatic regarding their attire should choose to wear a double vent suit for their official meeting.


Collar Gap; A Common, But Vital Issue

Suits need proper fitting so that they can depict your personality in the best possible way. When buying a three piece suit, you should look out some basic fitting flaws which are of immense importance. We can discuss it for your guidance.

The most common flaw that people miss out is the collar gap. The collar gap can ruin your image. It is due to the jacket collar being too large for the neck. A large collar size leads to a larger lapel which will pop up the collar when the buttons are closed. You can avoid this by choosing the right collar size.


Make Sure You Get The Right Fitting

People wear suits to show class, and more importantly to look good among other people. To comply with that, the presentation of your attire must be flawless. Silhouettes that appear on the suit give an awful impression and destroy the whole image.

When you are in a process of buying a three piece suit for yourself, you should look out for silhouettes that appear very commonly on the shoulders. You should make sure you buy the right size so that there is no flaw which could let your image down.


Color Combination Of Suit And Shoes

If you want to look just right, then managing colors of your apparel will do the trick. You have to look out for attires that match with the rest of your dressing. Such as your suit and your shoes, which are the most prominent, and vital items.

We are presenting some color combinations which you can opt for professional looks. You can wear a black shoe with a black suit while a charcoal colored suit will look good with glossy black shoes. Navy blue suit can look attractive with both, glossy black shoes and brown shoes while a grey suit will give a perfect look with grey and glossy brown shoes.


Matching Colors Of Belt And Shoes

Three piece suits require other apparels to be as perfect as the suit itself. It is because of the class and dignity it shows for the person wearing it, especially when wearing it for a formal meeting or a wedding. Appearance is made not only by single apparel but by the overall dress.

Most common and crucial requirement for a three piece suit is matching of the belt and shoes. These attires must be related in fashion and color. Just like most of the formal shoes are slim in design, the belt should also be in the same pattern. It should match the color of your shoes, and should be just thin enough to match with the shoes.


Socks; A Small But Vital Attire

Attire such as a pair of socks is also vital for a dressing. Negligence in proper suiting can ruin your whole image, and it can be disastrous when you are at a formal party or in a meeting. The length of the socks should be of appropriate size.

 Even the size of little things, such as socks does matter when it comes to proper dressing. When a person sits down, the hems of the trouser lifts up, and could expose your legs. This will be very inappropriate on a formal occasion. You should always buy socks which are large enough to cover your legs so that they don’t get exposed.

There are various types of suits stitched for people to wear for either their formal meeting or for their casual gatherings. Choosing the right suit depends on the occasion and taste of the individual. One type of suit which is given immense importance and is admired by a large number of people is a three piece suit. Three piece suit has a coat, vest, and a trouser which completes the dress. They are all part of one theme, which sometimes includes a tie. Three piece suits are mostly worn on special occasions and for formal meetings. 

There are many fashions available in three-piece suits. The coat can have different types of collars, such as peak lapel, notch lapel, and shawl lapel. In addition to the various types of collars, the coat can have a number of buttons. Some coats have two buttons, and some have three. These can be used in combination also with the collars. Most of the coats have three external pockets. Two on the waist, and one welt pocket. The waist pockets also have different types of fashion.

They can either be classic flap pockets, besom pockets and also jetted pockets. A coat can also be a single vent or a double vent at the back. Single and double vents can be chosen as per the occasion and fashion. Another prominent thing which can be of much importance in a three piece suit is its vest. The vest, which is an integral part of a three piece suit also comes in various fashions. It can be distinct in designs, and pockets that are stitched to it. The most prominent change which can be noted in any of the vests are the front buttons. These buttons can change in number, from three to six, according to the fashion of the overall suit. The trousers are made in similarity with the vest and the coat so that they can help show the good personality of the individual.