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Hooded leather jacket Real Vs PU

Hooded leather jacket Real Vs PU

Hooded jackets are very common in colder areas. It is because of the fact that the hooded jackets provide additional protection from the cold. They are not only used as a shield from the cold weather, but some of them are used to show fashion. If you are wearing a nice leather jacket, you will get nice compliments from people around you, and this is the reason why most of the people opt for a hooded leather jacket. The problem in choosing the right leather hooded jacket arises because of the material used in it. They are commonly made in three type of materials, namely Real leather, PU leather, and suede leather. Genuine leather and PU leather are the most commonly used type that people prefer for making their appearance more attractive and impressive.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the jackets that are made of Real Leather and PU leather both. In addition to the jackets, we will also provide information that in what weather conditions the real leather is used, and where the PU made jacket can be your partner. Let’s have a look at some of the jackets made from real leather first.


Real leather is a material which is high in quality due to its originality. This mens leather jacket with fur hood is made from the animal skin which provides additional warmth and comfort. May it be any attire whether a wallet, shoe, or any other thing, real leather is very strong and can absorb high damage while keeping you and your belongings safe.


Where is it useful?

There are some regions in this world which are immensely cold, and to counter the immense cold, people require attire that could fight the harsh cold weather. A real leather jacket with hood works best in that environment. In places where the cold temperatures are below average for an ordinary jacket, shearling is used in different parts of the attire to make it cozier. You can have a look at some of the hooded leather bomber jacket that are made from real leather, and you can also shop for them if you are impressed with their astonishing looks.


A bit expensive…

Leather made from animal skins are very soft, supple and long-lasting, which makes them a bit expensive than the artificial one. Usually, the hooded Leather jackets possess some fashions and designs which add more prices to the apparel. This makes the attire difficult to reach for some people. That’s the fact that high quality comes at a price. If you intend to buy attire that looks nice and also provide extreme warmth, be ready to increase your budget.  

After looking at some of the real leather features let’s have a look at PU leather.


PU leather is made artificially to give a similar look as the real leather. It can also be soft and supple, but it is not that long-lasting. Another fact that makes it distinct from the real one is its strength. The red hood leather jacket made from PU leather is not that much resistant to external damages caused by physical harm. Such as people sometimes fell off their bike and their attire saves them from harm. PU leather jackets lack this quality, so most people prefer a real leather one.  


Where PU leather is used?

PU leather is mostly used in leather jackets that are used for showing good looks and fashion. People use PU leather for making attire that is more into fashion than cold and safety. It is also utilized by people who could not afford a real leather jacket, yet they need looks like the real one. Some of the Hooded PU leather jackets have shearling stitched on its hood, collar, or internally. High-quality shearling keeps the person warm while giving striking looks like the real leather one.

Jackets that are hooded tend to make a difference in their appearance and style. You can have different kinds of leather hooded jackets that are available in the market today. There are lots of fashions going on currently at the moment and acquiring a fashionable jacket has become a requisite to give a striking look.

Another thing that can be said about hooded jackets is that it can be used by men and women both. In regular clothing, women clothes tend to look more fashionable than men, and there is a huge difference in their clothing, but this is not the case for hooded jackets. Women also give a striking appearance with a minimal fashion.


Where can you use hooded Leather jackets whether Real or PU

Leather hooded jackets have a variety of usage. They are commonly used in snowy areas so that the snow does not land on the person and keeps him safe. Apart from the cold weather, these types of jackets can be your partner on your date and regular outings with your friends. Hooded jackets look fantastic because of their hooded appearance.

Now after viewing this blog, you may have a better knowledge of both types of clothes, and you can easily choose between them for your events.