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When it comes to spy movies, James Bond sequel has been the greatest of all times. James Bond fans include people of all ages and races due to his heroic actions for his country and also because of his unique and overwhelming apparels. In the movie “Goldfinger”, James Bond role was played by Sean Connery and he was tasked to stop a powerful tycoon and save the world’s economy. While performing his dangerous missions, James Bond can be seen in various apparels which include this James Bond grey three piece suit. The coat has a narrow notch collar, and a welt pocket very skillfully crafted to depict an elegant and classy look. The color of the vest color in matching with the coat and has a five button front closure. The entire suit along with the trouser is a masterpiece.

Standard notch collars are very classy and can boost anyone’s image to unprecedented levels. James Bond can be seen in a brown suit in the same movie “Goldfinger”, which has a three button front closure, and a welt pocket. His personality is enhanced by the white shirt he wore underneath his coat, and fastened with a tie. The brown trousers he wore made him more fashionable.



Since its inception, the James Bond role in the movies has been played by different people. They were chosen because of their remarkable personalities and outstanding performance. Just as the Bond is chosen with great care, the apparel they wear is also one of a kind; specially made for the Bond. The movie “Quantum of Solace” featured Daniel Craig as the Bond, and he can be seen in a midnight blue three piece suit. The coat has a wide notch collar with the classic flap pockets. The vest he wore has a two button front closure which gives him a nice style. White shirt beneath the vest is a perfect match with the coat and the blue tie.

Another fantastic suit that the Bond can be seen wearing is this remarkable three piece suit. It is grey in color and has a vertical lining style. The welt pocket is skillfully crafted to keep a handkerchief and the wide notch collar looks just perfect on the charming personality of the Bond. The five button vest has the same lining design that matches with the coat, and the blue tie has made this James bond pinstripe suit more fashionable.



Casino Royale is another movie released in the year 2006. This movie also has Daniel Craig starring as the British Spy, James Bond 007. The Bond, in this movie, has done a fantastic job, along with the display of his high tech gadgets and fashionable attire. Every Bond suit is distinct from one another, and same goes for this suit. It includes a wide notch collar with a wide lining design all over his coat, vest and trouser. The vest looks stunning with six front buttons that holds the vest firmly at its place makes the Bond feel relaxed. He has used a light blue shirt to match with the theme of the suit, and a darker tie to make it distinct on the shirt.

Just like the movie Casino Royale made a super hit at the box office, this attire worn by Daniel Craig in the movie stole millions of hearts. What makes this James Bond grey suit so distinct from others is its cool blue color that is soothing to the eyes. The coat has a wide notch collar and two flap pockets for a stylish look. The two button front closure lets the Bond feel easy and allows him to get the coat on and off very easily. This dressing with a white shirt is an eye-catching one.



“Skyfall” is another movie in which Daniel Craig can be seen as the James Bond. His charming personality has attracted thousands of viewers and that is not only because he has a bold and strong body, his attire is what makes him the best. Skyfall became a blockbuster as soon as it was released and Daniel Craig got a very positive response from his fans. The people not only like celebrities, they also like what celebrities wear. There is no doubt that the Bond attire is one of a kind, and one example of it can be seen in the movie, where he is wearing a two piece suit with a narrow lining design. This james bond charcoal suit has a slim fit coat with a standard notch collar and two classic style flap pockets. Its two button closure makes the suit very classy and elegant

In another scene from the movie “Skyfall” James Bond can be seen here with his astonishing Aston Martin and his favorite Smith & Wesson small firearm. The suit’s color is in matching with the color of the car which makes him look dashing. The james bond skyfall grey suit has a standard notch collar and has a unique lining design all over his suit that matches with his trouser. The tie also has a lining design to make the suit fashionable. The Bond has used a white shirt to make it distinct from the coat and give a neat look.



Like every other Bond movie, “Spectre” also stole the spotlight when it was released in the year 2015. The movie attracted fans all over the world and the demand for his merchandise rose drastically. It is because of the fact that the Bond attires are of above normal quality and style. This styling of this midnight blue sharkskin suit is matchless and being the Bond spectre suit it has all the qualities of being liked by anyone who gets a glimpse of it. It has a narrow notch collar along with two flap pockets. Three buttons on the cuffs are stitched for an increase in fashion. It can be seen that the suit along with its classy trouser is crafted very skillfully to depict the personality of this British spy.

Wide peak collars make a deep impression on the viewer and along with its other attire, it makes the person’s personality boom. This Bond suit is from the movie “Spectre”. The james bond three piece suit has a narrow lining design with a wide lapel collar, and double flap pockets on his right side of the coat. The vest of this three piece suit has a five button closure and the design is made just perfect to match with the coat. The bond has used a white shirt with a blue tie to give the viewers a notable stylish look.


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