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Dark Brown Leather Vest

Dark brown leather vests give a bold touch, just like the black, and a little bit of soberness and decency. Merchandise from movies are immensely desired by its fans, and who doesn’t know Jurassic World, which was a sequel from the Jurassic Park series. Just like the movie, the attire is also of high demand.

We have a leather vest from the film Jurassic World, which was released in the year 2015. This vest is made from PU leather and can be worn in the summer season. The viscose lining stitched inside will absorb all the sweat that is excreted during the summer heat. This V-neck, zipper front vest has six pockets at the front for your convenience, and two zippers for a fashionable look.

Black And Brown Leather Vest

All leather vests show utmost fashion and toughness, but the celebrity vests emphasis more on fashion than other factors. They are made to depict the personality of the character and are unique due to their custom made designs and stitching.

This vest has a state of the art look, because of the designs on the black leather patches. The high-quality PU leather used in this vest allows an individual to wear it in the spring season. This vest has black and brown colors that show its decency, and the zipper pockets are large enough to keep things handy.

Simple Brown Vest

Any vest that shows a gangster style look is a source of admiration for the viewers. The celebrity vests give a thrill to the person who wears them, and they feel more like the character from the movie or the series from which the attire is inspired from.

This vest is an ideal one for wearing it in the summer season because of the Polyurethane that is used to manufacture the vest. The brown color makes it a decent one, and the design on this vest is made as seen in the movie “The Warriors.”


Black Leather Vest

Wrestlers have a huge number of fans because of their gigantic muscular bodies that take head to head with their rivals. One of them is Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is famous for his bad attitude and short temper in and as well as outside the ring.

Fans who have a short temper just like the Stone Cold would love to get this vest. This black vest is made of real leather which you can wear in the spring season. The vest is simple, except for the name and time “3:16” written on the front.

Womens Light Brown Leather Vest 

Bomber vests are liked by people of all ages. This is because of its decent styling and comfort. They are also used by celebrities and people of great influence because of their fashion. The specialty of the bomber vest is the rib knit stitched to the cuffs, collar, and the bottom.

This splendid vest is brown in color and has two front flap pockets that are closed by a button tab. The erect collars give this superb attire a bold and heroic look, and front zipper is stitched for easy access. You can have this vest for the summer season.

Dark Brown Womens Vest

Women vests are more about fashion than other factors. Every woman has her own choice and more interestingly every one of them wants to look distinct from one another. Attire for women is made in a way that they can be suited to different kinds of dresses.

This vest has the ability to match with many clothes and can be a part of any dress whose color combination looks best with this brown vest. It is made from PU leather so that you can also wear it in summer. The shiny button tabs give this vest an increased fashion.

Biker Leather Vest For Womens

Bikers are fond of cruising on the highway, even in summers. They need stylish design vests so that they can look good along with their bike. The material they require to wear in the summer and spring season should be of a quality that can be comfortably worn for a long period.

This vest is a splendid piece of art due to the zippers and straps stitched perfectly to depict a street gangster look. This vest can be worn in both summer and spring season because of it sleeveless design and light material. This vest can also be used regularly while accompanying an informal gathering.

Leather vests are attire which is admired by people around the globe due to their designs and tough looks. The most prominent advantage of wearing a vest is that it provides looks and due to the absence of sleeves, it will not provide as much heat as jackets and coats. They can be easily worn in summer with an informal gathering. Vests can be manufactured with various types of materials which include, real leather, PU Leather, faux leather, and many more. Similarly, the inside of these vests can be used with many combinations as per the requirement. For example, a real leather vest can have viscose lining stitched inside. That keeps the person warm, and it can also have a shearling stitched to the collar for fashion and as well as warmth. There can be many combinations as per the requirement.  

All type of leather vests inspired from celebrities from old to new movies. Even from sports entertainment like of Stone Cold, Dave Batista and Roman Reigns. How about some superhero vest from Marvel and DC? Yes, you can check out Bane’s leather Vest and even Hawkeye Vest. If you still have the liking for old movies’ fashion then you can go for The Warrior Vest, which is made from high quality leather, and if new then you got the latest Jurassic World Vest of Chris Pratt and even In The Heart of Sea Vest of Chris Hemsworth. But there is also another thing for the purpose of creating your own fashion statement and making it your own apparel like how celebrities do, then feast your eyes on the Stand Up Collar Vest and Two Color Leather Vest. You can grab them easily and they are perfect to wear for all seasons. Go for it, place your order now.